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    Guys, this is a strategic game. Why would you want to tell the truth in a game where you build your steps logically?! It is quite clear from what has been written above, it is up to everyone to decide for themselves what it means to them for their own benefit. From now on, let’s try not to determine what is a scam or not. I have friends, whom we used to play with for years, and then they retired since they didn’t have time to play. Now they are given a chance to play and even be useful.

    The problem is rather with the bot accounts, which are quite plentiful on the servers, and that’s what’s strikingly annoying. It’s also irritating when someone abuses the opportunity and has 1,000 tech accounts that they can’t take full advantage of anyway, only to further increase the anger of other players.

    Tech accounts have a place in the game, that’s clear. Most servers have very few players and the server duration is also limited. Anyone active, experienced, and even spends money on the game - will want more than starting 6,000 farm lists every 10 minutes but with zero profit & producing a small army because 70 days was only enough for that. I don’t understand why it bothers a smaller, inexperienced player that someone who has been playing for 10 years wants more?! Why would anyone use “friendly farming”... (rhetorical)

    * It does not change anything in the gameplay. There has been fraud so far, and it would be still there if they were deprived of the right to use tech accounts. We didn’t win our last server because external users were registered by the opponent and all 13 of the construction plans were stolen from those users (since they have a fixed location). It was just as fair as we feel it is.

    Tech accounts do NOT determine the output of the server. Despite the plethora of plus accounts, the better strategy will win the server. 9 out of 10 cases justify this - so I think "why was tech accounts enabled" is an unnecessary question. Travian Games made the game equal, I think that’s what happened.

    Now I remember you, from dex :D They guy loaded with multies, parking on multies with bots attached that alerted incoming attacks. I dont recall if you ever used the troops though or did you just pop? :yy::osd:

    Ohh, I thought you could find more things as if you knew it.... typical loser player 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Next time... 🤣 and sorry, but I don't remember you.... and we know why... 😉🔫

    You would like to see this, so simple, but this is not. I do not think, someone plays in an ally, who enjoys that is shit. You can lie to the people, and tell beautiful things about errors, but this has nothing to do with the fact i wrote.

    Lemon, you are the biggest shadow in the server. Only good in that. If you are not a key player, you can be a clown here in the forum.

    [2018.11.18. 12:04:54] Yoonha ~~: can you send me reso also? :$(Angel):D

    When you came to me for ress, I was not cheater !? I can copy more, but I will not. I like Yoonha and I do not want to hurt her. Enough to know what is her opinion about you. I am still a gentleman, but we only mention you when we talk about the bad game.... :)

    Sicario was still being deffed while he was outside ally, so id call that a partial failure xDDDDDDDD

    Kicking out of us, there really was no trick. We have been threatened to get rid of the clan several times and they have described how this will have negative effects. I replied that I did not care if my own clan was against me, they could kick me off us for sure. Then one day it happened. Blucey swore to not change anything, to be with them, let's not be enemies. Of course, since she fired us from the clan, it was immaterial to talk about anything. Our mood went away from the game, we no longer felt the motivation at the beginning of the server. From there it was a straight road down, and we were slowly started the deletion (had to wait several days because of the gold) . Of course, we will not fight for a clan who is not at all friendly to us, but because they were called us to the server, we did not want to play against them either. We have described this to both parties and we have chosen the deletion instead. So it was fair to us, even though Disney deserved to go against them .....

    Well, Disney is the worst clan I've ever seen in recent years. The best place for good players to hate Travian. Blucey only plays for herself, this is clearly visible. He often disappears for days, and no one knows anything. Leaders are offline, they are not helpful at all and are often reproached. A leader can not do it for not answering someone, just because he is insulted. He took responsibility for his players, which he must undertake in all circumstances. I had to beg for days to get defenders, and we did not even get half the agreed defense. It was ridiculous. Many times nobody knew what was happening in the clan, because we did not receive a message for a month and a half, just the clan bonus. Nobody said anything. If we ask, we're just ignored. Many of my companions feel the same, but they are not as stubborn as I am to describe or delete from the server. But I'm sure they will not play more in this clan.

    I'm sorry to say, but that's the truth

    Your team got stroke on the dex server. But we were just a few players on the server from GOLD Co. clan. Then, at the end of the server, your clan wrote letters to me "come next comx and we show you how strong we are". I can not see the HEROES clan! The forum is yours, as always..... toy soldiers!