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    Now my question is, should I build any defensive troops in these support villages for protection against farming or just max resources and sending all resources to my hammer?

    Most farmers are generally careful about raiding active players and teams. Just keep them moving to the hub and spend. If your team has use of a rival's confusion artifact, you can also build a treasury and turn it on if no other recourse. If you have a cranny in the village, it will boost the cranny effect, preventing resources from being taken.

    Sorry didn't understood this, too advanced for me I guess, can you explain little bit? Anyway, thanks.

    TC20 is just short for treasury chamber level 20. Basically you need one to hold (or turn on in Birthday servers) a large account-wide artifact power. Let's say I'm on one of these Birthday servers, and my team is holding the Unique Confusion and the Large Eyes. To use these powers I build a tc20 in a village that has no troops, and is not going to be my capital. When the enemy attacks, I can turn on the Large Eyes to check the incomings. I see a chief in one of the attacks, so now I want to turn on Unique Confusion. Then I use a nearby chief set to rechief the tc20 village. This "turns off" the Eye effect. I can now turn on the Unique Confusion and wait for attacks to land.

    Hey all i have a question! For settling your 4th village, can you build a residence lvl10 and settlers in your spawn village that already had the 6 settlers, or does it have to be done in one of the other two villages? Thanks!

    One of the other two villages. The two sets of settlers come from your spawn slots. You do have a third slot in spawn if you choose to do a palace to 20, but it is not recommended to do until much later on, if ever. Should some of your settlers die initially, you will need to build a residence to 20 or a palace to 15 in your spawn to recover them, or else move on to a residence 10 in next village, so don't kill them.

    On any server, it's best you stick to pure off, or pure defense. What you build in each village will depend on your surroundings. For off players on birthday servers its often best to have multple medium-sized hammers as you'll find most action should be close quarters. Its also not unheard of to have an off hammer supported by one cluster of villages and a defense anvil supported by another cluster. You could support two noncaps with a proper Egyptian cap nearby. With hammer villages further away, you would need maybe 4 fully developed villages to the 1 hammer village at minimum, unless you have great raiding nearby. This advice is still the same if you choose to go anvil instead.

    I don't recommend building troops in every village, but yes, always have at least one scout village. You should ideally have a couple resource hub villas (high resource capacity filled with warehouses/grans,GW,GG) that can collect res via trade routes or raiding army. You would raid the attached oases with your main army or raid the villa directly to queue (don't forget to move troops out if necessary).

    Side note: Also build your TC20s in non-army, chiefable villages, so you can chief and re-chief if you need to switch arties. Don't build them in your cap.

    I've seen Egyptians raid quite well with just anhurs and resh. Of course, you're not going to get the raiding efficiency of steppes (Hun unit), EIs or clubs but raiding usually just comes down to activity. With the anti-spiking features, raiding is even easier and less risky than regular servers. If you intended to play offense, Egypt is just not the best suited for that role. Egyptians make good defenders and techs (if that's your game style). Their best unit is the slave despite its terrible stats, because they are so cheap and build quickly. Egyptians are also among the fastest to settle in early game due to the hero resource bonus. And lastly, a large hamvil of resh is pretty scary to offense players. No one wants to run into them, and it is unlikely you would get followed home anytime soon.

    I think the real question is: Are you including these tech accounts among the 60 accounts you claim to limit yourselves to, or is there going to be another ally of only techs that support your players but don’t fall under the official count?

    Build a crop hub villa near your hammer. Ideally you’d want it to be filled with GG/GWs but you can go with majority granaries and some warehouses if you can’t get your hands on a storage artifact. Set up trade routes from your supports to the crop hub, but only ship enough that you still have resources left in the villas to build more fields or buildings as needed. You can adjust the shipment amounts as your villages max out in production/cp. For newest villas I would set up trade routes out but disable them in order to let the villages develop. And yes, try to raid. You could use a raiding army to clear farms and collect resources for the crop hub without hurting your main army.

    Just a correction: I’m not from Vices, not even SGR, and never played for either team, although I’ve been in teams confed’d to SGR as Chaos or TEN for example. There are many on both sides I count as friends as well, so I try to remain neutral.

    My sense of morality does always hold up.

    Did never attack anyone but Juvenalis of my Baga neighbours.

    That was a joke, was using your own post of sad and sucks as a template ^^ Not that I remember any op of yours. The joke should however have been obvious.

    That made me choke however. Not kidding. Have you read your own post here? Plus you yourself did brag about your spy game to me once upon a time.

    Wow, where do I begin? First of all your sense of humor sucks and is sad. Apparently a lot of people missed your punchline. Secondly, I don’t do spy networks. That was something Syed liked to arrange. And thirdly, your harm came indirectly. Your team harmed directly. Yet you blamed me and/or TM. We didn’t attack your Baga neighbors either.

    Juvenalis being the worst abuse of a team by a planted spy

    Holy carp. How obtuse can you be? He was never a planted spy. If you can’t accept truth, why bother discussing anything with you? A planted spy is one prearranged to start in another quad with the mission to spy and disrupt enemies. Simply was not the case here.

    He really should. Even my rivals put trust in my moral values ;) To be fair, everyone knowing me trust my moral values and endless arguing abilities. Actually I would have thought Jer would vouch for both, till his post here. Just shows me that he really has no integrity.

    I know that for some any type of integrity is hard to imagine. But if you did look outside your normal play dates it would be easy to spot. Still, it is amusing to see SGR followers attempt to try to look better than Vices. As your dwindling membership lists shows, it isn´t working. And yeah, some of us are in Vices <3

    Well if you actually read and understood my post, I said your sense of morality doesn’t hold up in some cases, not that you’re immoral. I made the argument that your actions lead to as much pain as you think TM supposedly did, but that never crossed your radar, you placed it all on “spies”. Then you proceeded to misjudge me as some spymaster because of “previous server” even though I do not use spies as a strategy because I believe it undermines achievements. Then you went into insults, “you suck as OC”.. Great sign of morals there, btw. I “lack integrity”, when anyone who truly knew me knows I’m one of the most honest and open players out there. You say you either have morals or you don’t, but it is never such a black and white thing. It is grey, as everyone’s standard is different. And you see this in how people argue about topics like being for or against techs, being for or against spiking, being for or against spying.

    As somone who uses techs every TT server i can say this is very false, getting tech hit is a nightmare, takes ages to build up again :P
    Dont know about your techs but mine arent very active and thats why they are techs in the first place.

    Sure i don't use even close to the techs Zlo&Co uses so maybe one tech wont matter to him since they got so many.

    Well the experience I’ve had is that you hit them and while it is slow to build up, they are not likely to delete and just grow exponentially even with low gold. The main account then just switches to other techs or villages while you rebuild. Now when those techs got mass banned, then I would see hammers suiciding left and right because they lost their res source.

    Because you didn´t do any ops?

    But I did do ops lol. I think you’re confused... I didn’t plan Endgame hits, but i did do ops in mid game and such. ??? It’s like you’re coming way out of left field with this. We had to coordinate 3 quads, most of the time. Even cris was in the coordination room doing her part for Triremi and needed cover from the rest.