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    Nothing stopping deffers from utilizing hospitals. They're good cp too.

    The downside to having merch speed increase as a regional power is that I'm not so sure people will select it among the slew of other options available. Might be more interesting if TG made it an individual choice under Commerce bonus to either increase carry, or increase speed, like how you can divvy up hero points. Or make it an either/or choice for some time duration.

    The mess is near the door which looks to open only inward. If the thief had opened the door after creating a mess, the books should be shifted to the left, which is not the case. Instead it looks more like the mess was planted after the door was already shut, and the only person in the room who could have done it was the librarian.

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    Yep. You’re definitely salty.

    Hello everybody

    i have a question about hero xp

    Does me hero need to survive a battle to gain experience?

    No, and should you level up when hero is supposed to die, you'll also find the hp is replenished.

    Oh, so now you have to disparage someone you clearly know nothing about all because you perhaps got rejected for a trip to Munich? Maybe if you worked on your spoken English and stopped saying vaguely racist or stereotypical stuff in forum, you might get a chance to be noticed. Not to mention your entire post is dripping with jealousy.

    Life changes.. I've never celebrated someone elses victory, but this time I may do it freely. Heh.

    P.S. Bedlam and Heathens still suck, be happy that you ended up in TOP5 bunch of egocentric wannabes.

    lol. you talk too much. show up next round with your team and put your money where your mouth is.

    Druid Circle or Sacred Grove


    • The Druid Circle utilizes a set of runes that a player can choose to activate but only one rune, once per day that affects the account. Maybe 3-5 runes available by level 20.
      Just for an example:
      • L5: Rune of Vitality - Boosts healing rate/reduces healing time in Hospital. (Hospital building would be required to run this rune)
      • L10: Rune of Fidelity/Fealty - Boosts resistance to conquers (Residence or Palace required)
      • L15: Rune of Alacrity/Velocity - Boosts speed of cavalry (Stables and TS required for this rune)
      • L20: Rune of Fortitude - Boosts def % of troops similar to Teuton Brewery, though I'm debating if the bonus should only apply to own account, with the effect like a boosted wall.
      • Other possibilities: Rune of Commerce - Boost merchant speeds (requires Marketplace)

      The "power" increases 1% per level with exception of Rune of Fidelity which should probably be a boost similar to running great celebration.

    • Building can be built in capital village. Note: If player changes capital, the current Druid Circle is destroyed.
    • In addition to pre-reqs to activate the runes themselves, the Druid Circle would need MB L10 and RP L10

    • Building Costs/CP:
      • Same as for Waterworks but with greater CP:
      Level Wood Clay Iron Crop Total Resource Cost
      Build Time
      1 910 945 910 340 3105 1 5
      2 1190 1240 1190 445 4065 1 6
      3 1560 1620 1560 585 5325 1 7
      4 2045 2125 2045 765 6980 1 8
      5 2680 2785 2680
      1000 9145 1 10
      6 3510 3645 3510 1310 11975 1 12
      7 4600 4775 4600 1720 15695 1 14
      8 6025 6255 6025 2250 20555 1 17
      9 7890 8195 7890 2950 26925 1 21
      10 10340 10735
      10340 3865 35280 1 25
      11 13545 14065 13545 5060 46215 2 30
      12 17745 18425 17745 6630 60545 2 36
      13 23245 24135 23245 8685 79310 2 43
      14 30450 31620 30450 11375 103895 2 51
      15 39890 41420 39890 14905 136105 2 62
      16 52255 54265 52255 19525 178300 2 74
      17 68450 71085 68450 25575 233560 2 89
      18 89670 93120 89670 33505 305965 2 106
      19 117470 121985 117470 43890 400815 2 128
      20 153885 159805 153885 57495 525070 2 153

    And this just how the debate about techs dies? just cause you consider that TG doesn't want to hear of it and look to another place pretending as nothing is happening?

    No way, just the "techers" protect the use of techs and either I stop playing or keep fighting against it, and I'm quite sure I'm not the only one here that thinks like me.

    I'm a pragmatist. It's been argued extensively for two LoTs at least. They made a decision and I'm assuming this will be end of it, or given even less time to debate overall this year. That is why I said trying to change 1.1 at all will be moot. You can holler all day, everyday, but in the end TG makes the decisions. I personally don't like techs myself, but have had to accept it is increasingly part of the game. I feel time can be better spent on things that can be changed rather than dealing with same topic year after year.

    I agree with randomizing BP locations (as they are literally fixed)...but again there is a discrepancy between Finals and non-Finals here.

    Why Uniques? I mean, why specifically Uniques as opposed to Larges/Smalls? Again, its obviously very different for Finals, but I believe the Unique spawnings are random/erratic enough (remember Com3?) to warrant them not changing it. Cata villages from accounts under beginner's protection is a different problem (who's solution may requires changes to server registration instead).

    Randomization of Uniques isn't necessarily my own idea, but something read on forum elsewhere. It may be random enough as you say, or make it truly random (not always in center) just to change things up. And the location of other arts (small, large) are tied to location of the uniques with the current formulas they use.

    I hope this is the thread for taking topics to Munich. I know they will ask reps to limit their topics to only a few, so maybe a poll would be nice?

    So far the discussion is techs and IWWKs. I doubt TG will entertain yet another long discussion on Rule 1.1. Think it is put to bed at this point, whether we support tech use or not.

    I guess I can volunteer what I've seen thus far from COM forums or something I think needs addressed (in no order of importance):


    • IWWKs - Many players are complaining about the increasing tactic of making one-village accounts that can't have troops killed offensively by zeroing the village or chiefed since it is automatically a capital.


    • False Positive Bans and lack of compensation (from VP/artifact loss)
    • Balancing Res/Gold Merge
    • Wavebuilder Adjustments - Button placement, etc (feedback from French forum is pretty extensive on this)
    • New Unique Building (for Gaul) - Something useful all round like every other tribe building
    • Improving Hospital - Troop queues get ridiculous when all troop types are queued
    • Improving Merchant Speeds - TS or Commerce should affect merchants
    • Pop Limits for regions - Teams were unlocking regions with spawned accounts, then deleting said accounts to gain regions (with as little as 2 pop) far in advance of what is typical. Note: May already be fixed
    • New or More Winning Conditions
    • New or Varied Map/Arties/VP counts. Balancing Regions.

    Regular Servers:

    • 5 Tribes or no 5 Tribes
    • Adding Merge/Forward or Not
    • Randomizing BP/Uniques locations

    Travian in General:

    • Domain Merges - need more info: how many servers, what countries, what costs.. etc.
    • False Positive Bans/Improving Customer Relations
    • Enforcing Closed Registration sooner.
    • Marketing
    • New Player Incentives
    • App improvements
    • Graphic Packs for Buildings/Weather
    • Lobby/Centralized Accounts - For example, players are registered to one main account but will have their server info/in game accounts tied to the main account. (Similar to Kingdoms)

    I find it Ironic that a lot argued for this server to be less than 200 days long because "servers are decided long before that date"

    yet, the difference between 180 days and 200 days here could have meant a completely different victor based on current VP leads, and the current rate of regions changing hands and such.

    Yea, we probably would win given another 20 days. Or Web/THC would have had a NAP for 20 days longer.. who knows.