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    Lol cry us a river. Honor? Special treatment?Really?

    All you guys been doing is beating your chests, saying everyone sucks, disrespecting people and now you cry when being given your just desserts

    erm, pardon me, what we have done? It was thc who break the pon, not web, it was THC who attacked us first. Are you in clear mind lol? I have no idea what kind of information is spreading among your members, but this is a blatant lie. Or i am reading this incorrect.

    you rly should think twice before answering to some one. bedlam is leading in vps vs web only because you got 3 allies helping you to do that lol. Bedlam literally didnt take a single region from web for the whole server by them self. Cmon man Bedlam did capture its first town of ours couple of weeks ago, its like end of the server lol. You got couple good players like crocodile and ElE- but thats it. For example Disney and beerhunters are useless accounts as for me, just wasted potential, they could do much more, but they didnt, could be lack of skills, or online like in beeerhunters case (its seems his duals left him or something like that?) Dont overrate your team, or your self pls:) The main problem of bedlam and heathens players on forum - that all of those who are typing here on forum, are most likely are useless players in game. I do talk much here, because i do like trolling and action on forum, but hey i am 1 man army in game as well lol:) So pls know your place, stop acting like YOU, Final word, are any good, you are just lucky that you were carried out by better players and mostly by our mistake with THC nap:)

    P.S even now under constant attacks from bedlam, basta, heathens and thc we are holding our grounds and progressing in regions, where you didnt even try to progress, cause your leaders thought its impossible. Hell, i wish to replay some things, but i am fine how this server ends, because i am as a player reached all goals i put for my self. When they will link all servers, so you will face all ru teams on the server, and not just 10 guys, i will see how you gonna perform there:) (if you will play travian ofc by that time:)

    I see you still like talking out of ignorance. "Know my place". Such tough talk from an arrogant person who thinks he's good 'cause he spends the gdp of a small nation on Travian. Wow.

    Lol. Nice change of heart from pre-NAP. You guys didn’t seem to care so much about leading VP when facing Bedlam in 3rd VP and Heathens not placing. But THC passes you and then it’s all about showing everyone their place, but need our help. You’re just speaking from both corners of your mouth.

    How does any small artifact get stolen? Guy with 31 scouts too, probably got scouted undetected. Not to mention the lack of siege on almost every report (whey.. really?) except Bambuck. Kudos to him/her. Glad I’m not on com2 leading anyone, probably would have had a coronary by now if so.

    Okay this got confusing fast? Arent we all allying against the russians in the end anyway ? Whats the point of all these bickering.

    :P Guess Carbon just mad he can only afford two t-shirts playing so much Travian, and Dacians are mad 'cause they may have to split an iPhone 60+ ways again.

    I need something in return, lets say my wallet for your women? :D So we can keep them as royal prisoners :)

    Thought you were married to your right hand?

    show me any single msg about some one exposing my tech account where i do play through pass share liar. And when you do play on account via password its not tech account, you better study some words before using them.

    ismokeweed is ruling through pass share thats obvious for every one. full warehouse, attacks only through raids, and some one using thor once for a while to save the sitter options. all last towns were settled by sitters etc:)

    So show me any evidence of My mult accounts or tech accounts that you chiffed lol. we got 0 chiffed town in whole ally neither from u or bedlam, well bedlam did chif 1 town tho for 100 euro:) and 2 days ago when we captured innactive town and the attacks were already at the gate from them.

    Mate, you need to count beyond just "1".

    All the while, smaller alliances like NOLA and U.R.A are fighting for every inch of territory. I think they deserve a round of applause for not giving up.

    *stares at the hundreds of deletions between the two alliances* Not sure it's about "not giving up" than like fighting a jungle of trees with a weedwacker.

    Bedlam couldn't win in Travian, at least won Forums war against THC heh. Fun times!

    You sound like a broken record: Bedlam, Bedlam, Bedlam, Bedlam, Bedlam, *breathe* Bedlam, Bedlam, Bedlam, Bedlam, Bedlam.

    P.S. I literally pay no attention to likes or dislikes, so Raelag you can be upset as much as you want and dislike my every comment, I'm honored that you are paying attention to my every comment and proving that you are triggered for your lack of knowledge! Thank you for your hard work! And yes heroes and chiefs can indeed be used for fakes when real attack comes without them LOL, guy that plays for 'ages' doesn't know that and totally confirms that heroes and chiefs MUST be in real attacks. Are you aware that real attacks are coming in form of an 'attack', not 'raid' and you need to aim to residence or any other building that's in a village in case you are trying to chief the village? #TheMoreYouKnow #Travians101

    When someone can't understand sarcasm... #readingcomprehensionfail


    I’m not particularly friends with any mods. I’ve only been banned I think once on forum for a day, and had a couple warnings over the course of 12 years. So take that how you will.

    Correction: it was 1 and 2 not attacking each other and 3 and 4 coordinating due to 1 and 2 not attacking each other. If you can’t see how that might be “tilting” then I can’t help you. As for beneficial relationship, it’s a bit apples and oranges: Heathens and Bedlam don’t have overlapping regions save for Caledonia (which was arranged) and some spawn regions. Heathens was “out of the race” long before a confed. Meanwhile THC and Web do have some overlap, and their relationship is more self preservation for one, and I suppose convenience for the other.

    I’ve said before and will say it again: your “discussions” are never discussions, just attempts at belittling Bedlam (and Heathens), or giving veiled insults. There are ways to have such discussions in a mature manner, yet you fail often at this. I know I personally should take the high road, but I’m one who tends to answer in kind to what we receive. Anyone not blind can see you have intense dislike for Bedlam, and even with your previous post you keep hoping for some punishment to be meted out, yet disregard your own behavior.