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    Well.. maybe the dutchies were afraid of some other 'large' groups and decided to mass join comx.. Overwhelming it is..
    Isn't it just still 1 pre-made but just too much players to fit in 1 alliance?

    Well if you count The Originals proxy's as well.. thats like + 20 players..

    +20? And still not in top 10. The Originals must be horrible players or Carrot is talking out of his leafy arse. I'm going to go with the latter.

    You do not see any difference? Seriously?
    You actually think The Originals would have stopped cheating even without this thread? Riiiight.
    Then answer me that:
    If this thread did not have any influence, how come that he started with you guys (pre-made) and obviously cheated from day 1. In a really audacious manner. But instead of telling him to stop it, nothing happened. He continued cheating.
    Until we put a spotlight on his behavior, explained why it's an embarrassment for the whole alliance if their biggest player cheats that obviously and that there is a lot of not existing backbone if they let them continue to do this unchecked. Explain my, if this conviction not to play with cheaters, what there from day1, why did you only do something once we intensively talked in this thread about it?
    I think it's obvious for everyone, that N&C felt embarrassed (that's a good thing!) after the realized that everyone caught them cheating and only then they acted.

    Oh how little you know... :roll:

    Wow, even when they're not in the top 10, The Originals are still in conversation, AND they finished 3rd last week. Oh.My.God. Yet apparently any other raider gets a free pass because Enti doesn't think you can get 60k from an oasis unless you'e cheating or had a, you know, a team of players sending heroes to clean oases for you - otherwise known as teamwork.

    I can only conclude Enti has an immense hard-on for The Originals or he's a huge fan of the show. They should've gone with Gossip Girls.

    No comments I guess on Turks or Hodor or number of SW teams that apparently like to raid by bot every 10m, 10s.. :roll:

    P.S. Spikers are losers. Sad. (yes, say it in your best Trump impression).

    Seems Enti refuses to address the reasons why his alliance was banned on ROA last round. Since he refuses, I'll tell you why. Irsinn got banned for whatever reason, probably multi-ing, botting, or something stupid, and somehow convinced his other teammates he wasn't cheating. So the others decided to write some sarcastic note to the MH and got banned as well.

    So in short, Enti will preach about others cleaning up their ally, but he won't do the same for his, even when a member lies to him, to save face and all.

    He won't address it 'cause he knows it to be true.

    This guy still going on about cheating when his entire team got banned..granted it was over one guy who got banned, but he must've been cheating to be banned ;)

    Before we introduce a new tribe, can we please at least tweak gauls to have something that benefits them the entire server? Teuts have brewery; romans have hdt, and both give a server long benefit. Meanwhile gauls have trappers that become obsolete by midgame.

    Have pity on us Gaul players.