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    The problem of trying to looks smart is that you end up looking dumb. In my previous post I asked a hypothetical question of had they been a confed and here you go ... well done trying to put words into my mouth.

    Guess that's what you are used to, putting things in people's mouths

    LOL. Nice insult - on yourself.

    +10 drama points for you

    You argue from a weak position. NAP with #1 VP at the time, then you think somehow THC will cause deletions because you're so big and bad?

    That's some funny shite.

    The drama on this thread is amazing, bedlam+heathens challenged the server to show they are the best. Seems they are better at crying about losing vs web. I wonder if web and THC came together how many bedlam and heathens accounts would get deleted.

    Oh, 5 points, 1 post. Guess we got a nobody here, folks.


    1) we did splat only once

    2) no you did not, liar, you did splat every single time u made opera on us

    3) and what?! Heathens killed your armies, we killed your armies!!!@

    Dude, do you need phone of a good psychiatrist?

    For all your jibber-jabber, it means diddly squat. You're still losing, Heathens still losing, and Bedlam still losing.


    P.S. Typical retort from one who is losing but needs to find some way to save face. "I didn't come to win." ZZZZZZzzzz

    P.S. Who needs psychiatrist? We're called Bedlam for a reason :/

    P.S. Just want to be like Kazah and P.S. some more

    erm tell that to bonkers and disney, they were both killed before, and we kiiled 2-3 hammers every single opera you did on us on the price of couple hundreds pop here and there. You wana tell me we got all our defrate from 1 of your opera, are you really that dumb or you just act like one? You keep splating all your mini hammers every single time you try to attack our regions even now, what the hell are you talking about lol?

    And? Heathens killed your armies, Bedlam killed your armies. For all your jibber-jabber, it means diddly squat. You're still losing, Heathens still losing, and Bedlam still losing.

    you did that whole server, and when u did try same on us you died constantly. It seems that being a hypocrite is one of the main requirements to join bedlam lol

    We mass splat one time. Kudos. But I don't remember dying constantly on Web, nor bragging about hitting these guys who just happened to be in our way. Being a distortionist of the truth must be a main requirement for joining Web lol.

    LOL... Well, I mean I know migas, if he knows me I'm not sure... But who makes you to think that he supports me just because we both see that Bedlam is bunch of "people" who are obsessed with egoism and other stuff.

    How Bedlam people still don't get the point that they are themselves on some kind of "delusional" point that they are trying to defend... Whatever they do is OK, if there is a single person who says something against them is instantly "A TROLL", "Complainer" or the term Raelag used to call me (totally not toxic btw and not biased that mods bothered deleting it almost after whole day), not that they have their point, which might be correct in most of the cases..

    But once again, who am I to judge when I'm not playing the server itself XDXDXDXDXD (Sarcasm, that Bedlam people would understand and not consider it as PERSONAL INSULTS since they are some kind of internet weaklings)

    Oh no, "Internet weaklings", guess I better hit up my totally biased Mod friend to ban Mindfreak so we can all have a moment of peace from the complaining troll....

    Or at least, that's what Mindfreak would think we do.

    If you’re actually sticking up for Mindfreak then you’re standing on bad foundation already.

    We had to/chose to share those logs because Web was crying that we weren’t sharing any. I guess you forgot that too. And of course on occasion you were happy to show some of those logs too. You just keep coming here running your mouth whenever you think you got some time to paint Bedlam as horrible, probably because we rejected your application at some point or trashed your cap, then left for Finals where you can be equally as terrible, yet the hate remains. Just let it go, Elsa.

    That's hilarious, once again... When ELE or his friends are accusing Web then it's fine, talk about ELE it's completely bad... Majestic biased moderating!

    Seemed a general statement to me, or is your reading comprehension that poor?

    Playing without spies it means you allied everyone, or most. I prefer to play the spy game, have action and fun. Withoit spies and action, the game looses it’s “war” part.

    Other prefer to play the “we ally all” game. Probably is more efficient if you want to win, as you don’t have to fight anyone. But the down side is ... boring.

    Congrats to everyone for the artefact planning. Is no easy job, so well done all.

    Don't see how you equate "we don't like to use spies" to "we like to huggle". I mean, the two are not even mutually exclusive. It's almost like you're saying you can't win as a team unless you have spies? Can make same argument regarding effort and high-level spies: Don't need to analyze attacks if you know where the reals are going. Don't need to capture arties if the arti holder is going to switch sides, don't need to scout and attack if you know everyone's online times and activity. Sounds like great fun.

    For PTP servers merging is "ok" option becouse deffers have it's own counter-argument. And only money don't help you make big hammers.

    Never said only money makes big hammers. All things being equal (two accounts can train on trainer/GB/GS/use hospital and run them in multiple towns) but one has a blank check and other has strict budget, you really think then that money isn't as big an advantage?

    Let's speak about money. Your players like to speak about that

    What about it? that it obviously needs a limit in some form? Don't know how you feel about it, but casual player has no chance in an arena where money can make big hammers/anvils quickly. Regardless of the side one is on, you can't say this improves the game. Dare I say it, maybe TG needs to remove the merge option completely?