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    You are lucky that this time there are only 2 such centre-forwards, which are ready to score goals from any position. Previous server, in my opinion, Web had a stronger line-up.

    Cool story bro. I think most premade teams on this server can say they had previously stronger lineups in past.

    Oh right, I'm totally worse than guys who are raiding with tarans, catas and chiefs.... Or chiefing while attacking random buildings instead of residences! Ty for feedback.

    Correct. Now you got something to aspire to...

    So you knew that he will swap the cap and you did send chifs on his cap, because it was chifed after 1 hour he did swap the cap, while you need 8+ hours to come

    Ok, I’m done trying to explain anything to you. Biorobots must’ve scared him so bad with that one chiefing he immediately offered villas to us. That’s sarcasm by the way for the slow ones out there.

    And Racism? Really? Your definition of racism certainly isn’t mine. It means the stuff you constantly accuse us of is par for the course in .ru servers.….com/Player/18268-eddz423

    This account was swaping his cap to let your players take his ex cap. Any comments?:) I love how you dont see cheating and mult accounts in your "tribe" but trying to accuse others in the bad play. I dont understand why its bad when Nola player giving away his towns to us, he must give it to you or what? What is the point of your accusations?

    No one here is talking about bedlam. You lost this server already. It was you who were talking, jiio just answering.

    The guy swapped cap to stop a chiefing. Then we chiefed rest. I love that you immediately go to the shady accusation because that’s all you guys are used to doing amongst yourselves or in Ru community.

    Actually I think you must be one of those guys who plays medieval games with replica sword and shield, maybe a Viking helmet on your head as you pound out tough words on your keyboard. Your “do anything to win” style is fine, just makes it all the more sweeter when you lose.

    Commends to THC for starting the capture of Jerusalem!

    Finally we can observe tangible results from the only alliance that we have a NAP with. Good job!

    And confeds with NOLA, and confeds with TheNorth, when it suited you. Basically you guys are pathetic.

    1) and 2)Guy accidentally deleted logs, so yea, no defense shown. Sorry.

    3)and 4 ) and 5) are true, though with 5) you were accusing Heathens more, and Ele once again explained already.

    and 6) Where did we say this? Seems you like to make stuff up.

    7) Ele was saying this tongue-in-cheek. As in, you guys apparently have no sense of humor.

    Save your breath, save your threats. I get that you guys regularly play on servers with techs and multies, so maybe you can’t tell the difference, but we try to play clean.

    I am pretty sure the plan was to have a cheifing rather than a clear i guess... failed i guess. Guess Web wins this one.Well i guess you should expect the opposition to make fun of the attacks or downplay them, is this not common on all servers ? rarely do we see the opponents praising the enemies attack unless its a game changer.

    It’s not about praise, just that every other comment is “you’re stupid” or “we’re so great”. You can be critical without insulting or belittling. Kazah apparently hasn’t learned social etiquette.

    Here is a nice example of such crappy battle report.

    Another recent problem is very slow update for top10 of the week stats. It could take up to half an hour for top10 stats to update. Its really annoying, when after good operation you couldn't check fresh results for top10 attackers and defenders of the week and need to wait.

    You forgot to circle the whole "wounded" line for Roman troops: It shows the bandage but nothing is listed as wounded :D

    if NAP and Confederacy is same thing for you, i think it will be a waste of time explaing the difference :/

    actually its a very wice decision, to make Heathens works on Bedlam:thumbup:

    You forgot zaraza, zapaza, zarara, zapa.. whatever.. and TH's K-RiF, NOLA, ONES, etc, etc more Alphabet soup. So yea, my point still stands.

    Heathens were too weak to play on their own, Bedlam is not that strong to play on their own, so no surprises here. It was obvious after Corinium that this confederacy is inevitable.

    Its interesting what kind of dirty laundry Bedlam have prepared for Heathens.

    Not sure what your logic is... let me finish it for you: Web and TH not strong to play on their own...