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The blacksmith once again looked at the parchment a visitor had just given him.
There was nothing particularly unusual about this order – to decorate armor and a weapon with an emblem... ⚔️ #ShadowEmpires

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    I wonder when Penguin will show up ?

    Ah, having trouble? Take a seat. Have a drink. You look like a man who takes himself too seriously. You want my opinion? You need to.. lighten up.

    The several "staff" responders all seem to have a different opinion.

    Former =/= current. I'm as free to give my opinion as any other general poster within the bounds of the T&C's.

    I don't appreciate having the purpose of my words twisted to suit an alternative agenda.
    Wanting TG to implement tools and actions to better their product and prevent abuse of their system =/= wanting people to abuse the system as it currently stands. I thought I made that much clear in my opening statement in this thread...

    As some players mentioned in here, I also got a defense tool. Currently, it's using only legal means to communicate with Travian data (manual input by users, map.sql and hero_body).

    Then you did yourself a disservice in the way you presented yourself and harmed your case with your bias.
    Which is unfortunate because I actually do appreciate some of what you're campaigning. I.e. TG acknowledging what is publicly available making it easier for players and 3rd party operators.

    Moreover. And this is the MAIN ISSUE with the whole question of using dummy accounts. IF this is allowed, using the EXACT SAME technological approach, I could build the following features

    As other people have pointed out, this will get all the accounts using your tool banned. The account owner is responsible for the actions of sitters.

    You're now posting with a chip on your shoulder. Walk away and take a breath because you need to change the way you are currently presenting yourself. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

    I spoke with Peter last night. The feature will be removed, can't provide time frame at the moment.

    Thank you ELE for taking the initiative. The community should be grateful for your action.

    Whilst I'm former staff myself and am among the first to report misdoings or misgivings within even my own alliance, this argument tends to run itself in circles.

    So, the tool itself is illegal but is currently highly used. The suggestion that points to all those using the tool being banned is untenable as there is no way to know who is actually using the tool. The tool is public and it only takes 1 player to set up a tool for an alliance. Suddenly, 1 player can get entire alliances banned from anywhere on the map even if those individual players have never touched the tool to begin with. Banning all players who are registered on the tool opens the tool to more harmful abuse than what is happening currently against the player base that is playing legally.

    It's a similar situation to alliances who will reinforce individual accounts with end game hammers and have that account get itself banned. The only negative impact occurs to the account that got itself banned. The players who actually benefit are those the MH has no recourse to do anything about (i.e. those accounts storing the troops in the banned account and that can recall them at any time) which is the entire point of the exercise.

    Do I like that rules have been broken? No. Is there anything that can be done about it from a player or even a MH perspective? Realistically, no. Is it highly likely a 3rd party tool will change how it operates when there is no potential recourse enforcing them to do so? I wouldn't particularly think so myself.

    The solution has to come from within TG and be coded into the game itself. Players are smart and will find any advantage they can even to the extent of bending the very rules to their own whim. They'll create their own meta where everything about the game is a tool to be used and exploited against others.

    I know it's a bleak outlook I hold but it is realistic and represents what I believe to be the truth of the matter.