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    Congratulations THC.

    Bedlam decided that they’d rather see you as victors.

    I would even prefer to see Trump create a Travian account and win the server before seeing web win.

    Nothing but insults, unethical behavior and poor sportsmanship from the first day. Great players with great leaders but terrible people.

    A good dose of reaping what you sow. Hopefully you dont come back to .com realm.

    Listen to the ego on this Kazah pos.

    Im sitting here laughing that you are such a loser that this game is so important to you.

    You have 1 town in the middle of 20. If 1 single account of those 20 were willing to gold up 4x GGs. Bedlam would have enough defense stored to be safe. If only 1 of those was willing to spend the amount that you are they would merge in a hammer and take your town. Nobody else is that desperate (read pathetic) to waste so much. Your life must be so sad to play this so seriously. Everyone else is spending time and money on families for xmas. You are going all in to win a browser game. And even if you do you have done it the weakest way possible. Nothing at all to be proud of. :D:D

    Kazah - :rolleyes: but we have only one confed ;(;(. Yeah mate, good one. Buddies with everyone that will talk to you and here pretending like you have done it in any way tough. Please.

    Get over yourself.


    Using 150 dollars to merge a huge hammer, and then splat it. Is that wise.

    Always hated this feature, but its in the rules and its fair play. Would I do it, no chance. Personally I wouldn't (my wife would kick my ass if I wasted that on a game) but we've had our team do it (Girix merging 90k axes twice for example) and people on all teams blow a wad of cash on the auctions. Always thought it bizarre, but legal. So if you are so wealthy or this game in your life means that much to you all then go ahead.

    Thanks for the motivation , however two dislikes from Web.... Cheering us up for Jerusalem , but downvoting our chance to win.... :(

    Pretty obvious you are just their lackeys. 1st and 2nd place uniting against 3rd place. Would never have thought to see it.

    we were playing 50-57 whole server lol.

    Yet web is always a full 59/60. Nothing suspicious there.

    We are very transparent with our diplomacy.

    Except the NAP with THC was only discovered when left temporarily on THC page for a short time.

    We are very transparent with our diplomacy.

    Except for the confed with NOLA. Which was never listed anywhere, and still isnt.

    We are very transparent with our diplomacy.

    Except for the deal (whatever it is/was) with The North. Does very transparent mean something different where you are from?

    About the other alliances. We only have real diplomatic relationships with THC, and the alliances that are part of THC confederacy.

    So allied to THC, Basta, Company, NOLA, The North and zaraza. And formerly K-Rif before THC dumped them (how humiliating for K-Rif btw, used all server and then dumped. How cold.

    When web wins. You should be so so proud.

    almost all best hammers on server are stil bedlam

    I always tell myself its not the size of the appendage its how you use it.

    I then cry myself to sleep every night.

    But oh well, you do believe that you are going to win.

    I don't think many in Bedlam expect to win. We'll try but its highly unlikely. Way behind in VP as it is, and we fully expect that if we get even remotely close web and TH and K-Rif and company and basta will all fully unite to guarantee they wont get caught.

    We will see, but I don't expect to win.

    Honestly , in this past two weeks Bedlam has been working and playing like hell to close in the gap of VP production. Impressive. Only by looking at top 10 attackers of this week.

    This is a very interesting server.

    Thank you. A lot of work is going on behind the scenes. Everybody with set tasks and quietly working at it. We don't expect any credit for anything so its nice to hear some encouragement. Will probably tick over 500k off points for the week with only one splat that I can think of.

    As a Bedlam player no doubt would prefer to be involved in more meaningful skirmishes.

    However we do have this issue to deal with:

    GRU (formerly PFU) - 56 accounts

    K-Rif - 59

    NOLA - 58

    ONES - 24

    !BE! -38 (was 60 a week ago)

    PFU HR - 49

    The North - 60

    And there used to be AUKE before they crumbled first. Why does there have to be just so many in our area!!

    Thats 350 accounts to deal with to go, at least 100 have deleted or quit so far. Yes a good lot of them are minor, or not the most experienced. But thats a lot of cata trips, ops, chief runs. We decided not to initially take the cowards way like TH of simply allying everything around us. We would be easily 10000 VP more by now if we had. But that's boring and easy and Id rather lose than play the weak style of TH. If those accounts are ignored 350 can sim far quicker than our 60 and we lose zones. Choice is either keep working through them, or make deals. Pretty simply choice imo.

    I get the NAP between web and TH. Strategically it potentially makes sense. Keep the nap for x more days/months. Get so far in front that you eliminate a serious VP contender in Bedlam then fight it out and the end. I don't get why anyone is surprised. TH has no pride or self respect, ofc they would do it. web are win at any cost, ofc they would do it. TH allying everyone they possibly can and then taking shots at the most under fire team in the game, strategically it makes sense, easy hits and softer zones to clear/steal. I feel for Heathens, we've been on the end of gangbangs in every server we've been on.

    Good gaming everyone. Off to search for some noob beginner player to catapult.

    How the hell Pagans will fight vs Heathens when they are the same ally lol? Its a huge zerg.

    Heathens (60) + Pagans (39) = 99

    Web (60) + zaraza (30) = 90

    Its a huge zerg.

    Its a huge zerg.

    Today on the forum I learned that 99 accounts in travian is a "huge zerg", but 90 is perfectly appropriate.

    Would love to hear your description of TH + Company + Basta + K-Rif with indirect NAPs to !BE! + ONES + NOLA. Gotta be at least a 'huge huge huge huge mega super dooper zerg', just based off that scale.


    So COM and TH the first of the big teams to join up.

    So now in that conglomerate we have TH + COM + K-RIF with a NAP with NOLA and ONES

    Hooray for your bravery.

    Thank you for the review.

    Genuinely a server that for a change could go in so many directions, with multiple teams having a potential shot at winning.

    Bedlam with a lot of attack points and big accounts but little secured regions, not close in many and falling behind in VP. Will they be able to get the regions and catch up?

    Web out infront showing they'll do anything required to get the VP. Can they hold onto the lead for the whole round?

    COM the 3rd ranked ally, I dont know much about them, waiting for their profile page to load to learn a bit about them. Definitely another contender.

    LzMz unit with 4 times the amount of accounts of most teams. Do they have the leadership and organisation to mobilize their masses and have a genuine shot?

    Heathens with prior credentials and a good looking squad working hard at it. Will their choice of starting quad be their biggest challenge?

    TH quietly working away. Already 6 secured regions, the most daily VP. 120 allied accounts and the unique boots already. With everyone else occupied could TH storm ahead down in Africa?

    AUKE with a smaller squad size but 4 secured regions already. Can they find their own spaces on the map?

    Much more interesting than many servers. Will a team give in to making deals for easy regions? Will a team try to fight everyone and win through force alone and will that overconfidence cost them?

    Hopefully we can keep it civil and have a good round.

    If Bedlam were participating in cheating or shady tactics I would quit the game immediately. Winning is not overly that important to me.

    Kazah you are far too stupid and ignorant to comprehend that there is a good team here playing for fun. With leaders with morals and spirit of fair play.

    You may win, congrats. You wont earn any respect in doing so. But I feel you love yourself so much you couldn't care.

    Accounts start with 3 towns you surely can understand. Many lower level players send settlers a long way to tiles adjacent a cropper they think they could take, only to be beaten to such croppers by Bedlam players with an earlier start, better team support and more skill. Often these accounts supports gets chiefed, they failed to get the cropper they wanted and then they quit. Its fairly logical.

    Our account recently chiefed a village of trashpoint. It was next to our capital. I cleared all his troops, he tried to save the town by building residence however was unsuccessful. Ill probably shortly zero his other support by our capital. This is a common scenario. Nobody other that your own self and teammates are stupid enough to view this as 'multis'. To simply further justify your own shady tactics.

    I wish you all the suffering in the world.

    So.... I see quite a few of Web are banned..

    Including vitimin, who bought 900k helmet..

    Does CP accumulate when you are banned? Legit question. Never been banned before.

    Honestly, it’s a bit sad, that some of our opponents have to write complaints to the administration, just because we outmatched them at the early stages of the game. (Notice, I don’t point fingers at anyone specifically).

    MultiHunter wrote:

    That is my job you moron. Its what I do every day. Please stop wasting my time.




    FMD wrote:

    Dear MH,

    Can you please investigate every player on the server for cheating.

    Thank you.


    You can point fingers now at me if you want. I just reported everyone :P

    i am aware of 10%-30% players cheating even tho they call it a legit play but in reality multies and bots are just normal these days, so don't get surprised..

    If I was aware of a single person cheating they would be out of my team and I would report them myself. I always play hard to win but its not that important to me and I feel sorry for anyone that this game means that much to.

    I could easily get my wife to create a farm account, I could make an account from my work email and access exclusively on work computers. But I have never and I wont. Lets be honest this isnt that exciting to go to those lengths surely.

    Hi Templar.

    Putting out some early feedback for the beta. Ill also send this to support as requested.

    In this round there is no troop forwarding (existed in last 2 birthday rounds). There is no troops merge (same). Is this an error? Are they deliberately removed? Will they be included in main round?
    The locked regions (need 10k pop to unlock neighboring) made sense (I guess) in previous rounds. In this round with a much smaller map it does not work. Right now people are settling 2nd villages (not me im just a noob) and not one zone is yet at 10k pop (some are close). If you spawn for example in Lilybaeum (as 15 accounts have) there is not 1 single cropper in that zone. Not a 9c or a 15c. You cannot move East to Syracusae (its locked), you cannot move south to Carthago (its also locked), cannot move north to Brundisium (same) or west to Caralis (same). Your only option if you want a cropper is to move to one of the initial zones (ravenna, pisae etc) where you would battle accounts with a 1.5 day head start (plus settler travel time) assuming that the few croppers are not already taken by the time you get there (which is also likely). 50% of the map is already populated, either drop the requirement down to 3k or remove it entirely would be my suggestion. Alalie is a decent sized zone and has 1x 0% 15c only as another example.

    The auctions are terrible and would love to see them removed (wishful thinking I know). So few croppers around, benefits those with $$ far too much. Maybe make it so you cant use the auction whilst in beginners protection? Scale down the benefits of dropping 700 gold to buy a CP helmet?

    But my main request is whatever rules are in/out for main round. Whatever changes you decide to make PLEASE inform us all PRIOR to the server start.

    The def point system in RoA (def points go to defending troops) is PERFECT. Best new travian feature (along with forwarding) in a long time.

    - Spikers can be found out
    - Hidden deffers can be found out

    Its perfect, I would support this system on all servers.

    The alliance bonus is good but could now use some tweaks/improvements. Add merchant speed, look at resources required per level and adjust a little bit. A promising feature with potential.

    - Only accounts in the wing of 60 get the benefits, it discourages having many wings. People in 2nd, 3rd wing etc would make donations to their wing from scratch. Then if they get promoted (or the wing shuts down) then all resources donated are wasted.
    - Hidden deffers/multis are less effective. Their troops are weaker, their merchants are less effective.
    - Multis cant donate to bonus unless they are in the ally of 60. Taking someones spot and making it clear who they support.

    Any feature that makes multis, hidden accounts and major sized alliances less effective has my support. Its also a good way to get rid of excess resources when you are about to be hit. So the attacker gets nothing.

    I had every intention of waiting until the finish to post. But reading forum I can see some monkeys (whether just trolling or genuine) saying some things I do not believe to be true or reasonable.

    First of all i'll talk about Murx. For the record. If TM had not made a deal with Murx to cease attacks we would have lost the server. No doubt about it. Did I want to have to do it? Certainly not, communicating with murx would have to be the least enjoyable experience I had this round. Some TM'ers (such as Fiki) would have been ok with losing a 3rd straight server. Another 'honorable loss', against overwhelming numbers so to speak. Dont get me wrong I am happy with TMs past performances but I was sick of having the least deserving side win, through nothing but sheer numbers.

    Anyone who believes TM could have 'survived (which is the correct word to apply btw)' are mistaken. Murx took from us Treverorum, Carthago, Argentorate, Tarraco and had started work on Nemasus. What I do is analyse the numbers, the trends and the zones. It was looking bad for TM, very bad. Despite reaching a 10k VP lead at one point it would not have mattered.

    In regards to the 'war' against murx. It would have been nice to have been in a position to properly duke it out. 60 of TM Vs 23 of Murx would have been far closer than it unfolded without the distractions of BA and Lords every 3rd day. On dual landing days we had 60 hammers landing in a max 2-hour window. On murx only landing days (which was every single day) it was 20-25 odd hammers. Time and time again we made major walls only to see the hammer we were chasing land somewhere else. We had many times where we built 5 major walls specifically to catch an attacker only to see the real land on a player who could not be bothered to report the incomings. Murx attacking variation was great, their timings were great, a truly gifted offensive output.

    In regards to the bans/vacation. I can see the reasons for vacation and can respect that. I do believe however that you were all well aware of the rules that travian must be played with an unmodified browser and any deliberate changes deserves to be dealt with. I do believe most players agree with you that 1 single person should not have the power to be investigator, jury, judge, punisher and appeals judge all together. The seemingly mandatory 23 hour wait per reply is simply ludicrous. The only way to deal with a ban (which is so wrong its laughable) is to put together a ridiculous reply like this one.

    Dear MH,

    I see that I am banned and I would like to apologise and plead guilty on all counts. Although I do not know what I have done wrong, I plead guilty regardless. I would like to request any form of explanation or evidence, however I know that none will be provided and I apologise for being silly enough to request it. Despite not knowing what I have done wrong I promise to never do it again and again I accept all responsibility and punishment.

    We have no other option.
    Everyone who has to deal with MH.

    In a word. Lazy. Lords 'threw in the towel' not even a third of the way through the game. At the point they conceeded they could not compete for the win they had over 220 accounts more than anyone else with 8 more controlled zones than anyone else. All it would have taken is 2 hours of genuine planning. Pick a main wing, shuffle players, zero or chief own ally towns that needed to be handled to shift regional control where it needed to be. BA would have fought TM. TM would have continued to fight BA. Murx would have also fought TM. You could have been a genuine contender to win this and actually achieve something to be proud of. Only yesterday did your sides even bother to officially confed up. Lords W still lists confeds that do not exist anymore. I see no pride when I look at Lords, simply a collective of lazy players, trying to make big hammers and win the easiest way possible. It takes some sacrifice to be able to compete for a win and clearly nobody in Lords was prepared to do so. Sacrifice some time to plan. Sacrifice settling/chiefing yet another village in Aqueila/Segestia etc where you already have over 120k pop to move to a zone where you need the pop. Lords no doubt have a lot of good people, a lot of good players. They simply had no good leaders and it showed.

    Take away Golderon and the mighty Lions become barely more than kittens. Having to resort to leadership endorsed use of multis to boost zones. Having to resort to being gifted zone after zone after zone by allying up with more and more accounts. Having to resort to getting defense shipped in from far away safe NE and SE regions to defend. BA are a very good side. Their best players I have said many times are very very good. BA were just beaten by a better prepared side this time. Another server with a different set of circumstances could well have seen the opposite outcomes. Ive always said TM core and BA core about even and still believe it to be so.

    Congrats to TM, you win this server and most of you deserve respect.

    Only some of BA truly deserve respect. Just not the leaders who endorsed cheating. Just not your number 1 pop player who was banned and punished for multi-ing. Much respect to all of the rest who fought within the rules until the end and never gave up. Who continued on hit after hit after hit.

    Will talk about TM another time.


    Ill wait until its over to say my piece. But for now you have more defense kills than the entire Lords W wing. More defense kills than the entire Lords D wing. Maybe after 5 more days you might even have more defense kills than what Lords A does. My hero wont catch yours, and it doesn't deserve to. Your hero deserves to be number 1 and your account deserves to be MVP of the server. Awesome effort.

    I might bite and reply to this desperate for attention troll.

    The basic premise of this whole reply is that it is not our job to provide your entertainment.

    We have said we might consider going after murx when the game is locked down. I still do not think that is the case and I certainly do not wish to barely win by a few hundred VP trailing by 200VP/day.

    Imagine a monty python theme, maybe GoT, something medieval with strategists around the map on the table. In comes a scout running into the tent barely able to breath.

    Scout - My Lords, we have discovered a huge enemy trap, its over the hills to the SE. So many troops waiting for us.

    Silly advisor #1 - We must attack, full force into the trap. We have no other option.

    TM leader 1 - Wouldnt that be exactly what the enemy wants? Do you know the meaning of a trap?

    Silly advisor #1 - But my Lord, we must attack, if we do not the enemy might call us mean names and write about us on the forums.

    Silly advisor #2 - I agree with advisor 1, they could say that we are scared, that we are angry. We must attack head-on with full force

    TM leader 2 - Calm my friends. We are already evenly matched in the West alone, with double our forces attacking us from the NE. We cannot charge into a trap whilst against such numbers already.

    Etc etc.

    Your continual assumption that BA and Lords are no threat is just one of the dozens of continual reminders of your extreme arrogence. So what you won some early battles in Ravenna against some BA recruits. Thats not really enough to write off the whole ally. As said many times BA won last round against a stronger TM outfit that we have on this server.

    Its disrespectful, lazy and dumb to retrospectively judge an outcome. Its like after a game of football saying "well team A never had a chance really". Thats rubbish, they did have an equal chance. Just on the day the other team executed better. TM and BA both started West, both started with about the same numbers, both started with RoA and birthday server experience. There were some KEY choices and events that gave us the upper hand, including:

    1 - We had accounts start the russian RoA round (starting 1 week prior to .com) to check if siege merge was removed. Which it was. I have heard (could be mistaken) that BA did not know this. And planned to merge siege into Augustodunum from spawns. We got the key croppers a big part due to us not building siege in spawns.

    2 - We waited 3 hours after server start to spawn. And spawned accounts 1 at a time to judge likelihood of spawning in Mediolanum instead of Aquileia. Aquileia was dead pop to us. And longer travel times to key locations west. Due to our proximity we landed many towns first, causing BA settlers to bounce and giving us huge advantage.

    3 - The Nuts defense. This really really hurt BA. Their first major offensive was in my view a total success for BA. We caught nothing, they had hero and chief fakes all over Spain and achieved significant damage. With Nuts chiefing (by accident early) a town in Carthago BA went hard at it losing many hammers. We landed 200k defense twice within a 60 second window. This really turned the war against BA in our favour.

    Since at that time they were like 4 or 5 times bigger than we were

    Rubbish statement. Twice as big at best. Thats including second wing.

    Since we are here to have fun, we just couldn't fathom how such a big, strong alliance could NOT accept our challenge.
    And we did challenge them. But either they did not attack because it "could jeopardize their victory points" or they were just afraid that they'd embarrass themselves.
    Personally I think they actually are a bit afraid of attacking us

    that TM might be willing to fight now, since they already had the victory in the bag

    Lets run some basic numbers. If TM stopped on BA/Lords 4 weeks ago, we would not hold:
    Alalie (30VP), Caralis (30VP) or Emporae (50VP). We would not have taken back Londinium (10VP), Treverorum (10VP) or Carthago (10VP) and BA would never have lost Hippo Regius (50VP). All of a sudden instead of leading by roughly 100VP/day TM are behind 90VP day with plenty of time left in the game. We would also then not have any offensive force left, and would have to limp to the end hoping to scrape over the line. No thank you.

    What do you think, why we were so disappointed when you decided to start in the Northwest - as far away from us as possible?

    Yeah sorry, again not here for your entertainment. We made maps and studied them. Calculated total potential VP and pathways to desired early artifacts. East and West pathways were very similar. Both had 2 zone steps to small boots, both almost equal in total VP potential. It was discussed at length and decision made to go west. Due to UA, massive VP potential in Spain and yes, we chose West in significant part to avoid murx. If we had have went East, BA would mostly likely have won.

    But if we had known then, what we know now - we'd have never started here in the first place.

    Still time to delete and go away. You wont be missed.

    As I said before, our motivation to start here was to find a worthy opponent, someone who fights because they consider it FUN. We were hoping to find someone who likes the excitement of a real, evenly-matched fight!

    Same, BA is an equal foe. Regardless of your opinion. More so when joined with Lords. Right now (even after many deletions) they have over 3x our numbers. And significantly more offensive firepower remaining. I see our Trooptool and I see the 40-60 hammers hitting TM most days. Our offense remaining is a fraction of what we are facing in BA/Lords combined. Without even adding murx hits on top.

    What can I say. It's sad. This is supposed to be a war game.

    Its a strategy game.

    Your hateful comments and behavior

    This I find to be just about your funniest line of all. 95% of the insults and disrespect come from Murx to EVERYONE. Nothing but bullies, vile trolls and arrogance on a daily basis. I have huge respect for Murx gameplay, skill and execution but NO RESPECT for any of you as people (apart from Lotte, and whoever Schmitz' Katze is (could be Lotte aswell).

    Not sure what we should do now. A first step would be to get rid of all this saltiness between us. Your "victory" really is secured.

    I have a suggestion of what you could do. But I reckon you most likely already have 12 tabs of your own reports open and are doing it anyway.

    You can waste our capitals. Continue to chief natar towns. It doesnt matter. I might not have a capital in 5 hours who knows. You could even try to make up the 4k deficit and not finish last. Either way it doesnt matter what you do. We will continue to fight BA right until the end. Just like we always have been.

    My last 2 reports to share - seeing as you shared I will too.

    Good question. I love to see TG asking for feedback.

    I voted RoA. Scattered Empires had nothing that was better than what RoA does. The map is still the same (surprisingly) and they both have the good features of forwarding, artifact use and push towards smaller team-play. The worst aspect of WW servers was the continued push to bigger and bigger alliances. Here, having 200-400 accounts united does not offer the same degree of benefit as the same amount would in WW servers. Just look at how Lords are travelling for example.

    Better points in RoA.

    - No hero items.
    - No cata merge
    - No golderon.
    - Locked regions. Stop teams moving out on mass to the boonies and simming.

    As User Name said. What about Ancient Europe? Its been forgotten about and had some good features also.