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    People making jokes about travian being pay to win is legit getting more and more true.

    It has always been true since T4 and auctions and silver. 100% pay to win game. One of the worst pay to win games out there imo.

    If you are going to add this wave builder, at least make it a PLUS feature or maybe even a Gold Club feature...

    100% this. It needs to be a gold club feature. Gold club is already a way for TG to pad their bank accounts every time a new server opens... I am curious how many people purchase gold club when a server opens and then does not play the server...

    Dear COM4ers of COM4,

    It comes with great pride and sadness that I must bring you the truth about something. Donald Trump is deleting from com4.

    The exposing part is that I was the Ghost Writer for the real Donald Trump. We were only able to play with him for a short time, but it was a good time. Reminiscent of the old days of the forums.

    I will have a spoiler tag below for all the recent battle reports except one, explained later. Yes, we are burned out and busy now IRL. A family emergency dropped the Trump account out of top 10 robbers and we were unable to make troops for the last 3 weeks. We, my dual and I, decided to smash hammers and delete. Some BRs got lost in the shuffle but the ones I kept are below.

    I hope I provided a bit of entertainment for some of you for a while. It was fun, good luck. :thumbsup:

    I don't see how this is such a hyped server. Yes, it only opened today and some more accounts will trickle in over the next week or so, but it only has the same population as us3 which has only been up for just under 2 weeks. Us3 is not a very populated server. Perhaps the skill level is being hyped, but for a server that is "known" for having multiple accounts and bots, it seems a bit low pop.