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    Essentially, some players don't raid, and others are unlucky in that they constantly manage to send their hero to fake rather than real defences. These players rely on WW Natar attacks to level up their hero during endgame.

    I am sure you have played alongside a few of those kind of players in your time.

    It helps explain the weird results recently. But it doesn't explain why TG has once again screwed some players in the middle of a server with no notice.

    I do wish they wouldn't make major changes like this in the middle of a round. It is like playing a game of rugby and having the scoring rules changed at 10 minutes after half time.

    It seems that TG have changed the way XP is distributed between the heroes in a village and it is no longer distributed evenly between them all. I can't find on the forum where and when it was changed. Can someone help me, please?

    How is it distributed now? Is it a function of the amount of troops one has defending, or is it a function of the number of troops from the village where the hero was launched, or something else entirely?

    I was pleased when I saw all of the new threads in the Guides section. Then I tried to find the guides I used to frequently refer to from the US forum. The front end summary is here, but the links don't work.

    Specifically, this thread: Updating Wren's Table of Contents
    needs the links to the guides referred to turned on, and, in some instances, the guide imported. I was looking for the ones on artefacts to help someone to understand how to transfer an artefact (this information isn't anywhere else that I can find) since he is struggling to understand my explanation.

    If you mean Sir Jenkins, then it looks like he cleared, then moved his hero to the village with the Treasury. A little delay, but not enough for someone to ssteal it on him.

    I am told that HmB took the first artefact. Looks like being small isn't necessarily a bad thing on this server. They regularly top the attackers and robbers lists too. Or so my informants tell me.

    Only two people who noticed this post, and one of them a mod. Server 5 forum is truly dead.

    It may be some weeks before I can put together a coherent analysis. Never done one before, so need someone to teach me what is interesting to people, most of whom will not bother noticing that someone has provided something for their entertainment.


    Except, I asked myself if it was worth putting time into an analysis if no one wants to read it? It takes a lot of effort, and if this forum is going to remain dead because no one is interested, then it isn't worth mine or anyone else's time.

    I hope to be proven wrong and people playing s5 will log in and comment. If there is no interest, in an analysis or any other topic, then I might as well go back to sleep, or slink off into the sunset.

    Server 5 has been going for 7 weeks, and there is only one post of any note.

    Is there no one interested in doing some sort of analysis?

    Is there no one who can get some sort of banter going? Nothing that could create interest for the rest of us?

    What about the ridiculous situation with the auction system - one day a week there are items for sale and then it goes back to being empty and prices skyrocket again. Is this because TG is banning players only interested in silver, and finding those players as soon as they spawn? Or, is there another reason? Any thoughts as to what could be done to fix it so there are a reasonable number of items for sale at a reasonable price all of the time?

    There must be other topics of interest to players on s5.