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    server: com4

    Name: mist1321

    Answer: There was no way for theif to run through that door since it need to be pulled but theres a bunch of books lieing right there so opening require to pull them aside.

    extra: why did the theif steal a book when there is some jewlery on the right side of the book shelfes? the theif is clearly the librarian who took a book made a mess and wanted to make it look like a robbery but it backfired.

    Name mist1321

    Server Com4

    During the start of the server, ignore doing all fields to level 2 and all fields to level 5 untill you have a level 7 warehouse and a grainmill level 1. (of course you can build one of each to level 2 for the mission)

    Ignore the level 10 residence, build only a level 1 residence. start making it level 10 when you have 1500 or more resources per hour (or an army you have income of 1500 per hour combine with resources in village). that will take you 3 days to make a second village.

    all resources to level 5 and 5 resources fields (non iron fields) to level 6 is a priority before making a level 10 residence.

    with this you have a great start, with gold or without it should take 2 days to complete if your active to make all fields to 5

    after those 2 days pick what you want to do

    you are wrong its not after beginners protection. its AFTER SERVER START most likely since if you attack an oasis from a capital and someone join the game 3months into server he would still have beginner protction. meaning the oasis will never respawn because there is always people with BP.