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    lol the "state of bedlam"? like thats a negative thing?

    never had more fun with a group of players. there has been non stop action for us this entire server, never once felt abandoned, insulted, or unwanted by my teammates or leadership, and have made friends that i hope to continue to play with in the future. To me that sounds like a win :)

    Not sure if the alliance that is currently "winning" on points can say that? like robrob said, its a game. I have enjoyed this server thouroughly, and will enjoy it until the last day. A vp victory would be awesome as well, and i know we won't give up even if it seems the lead is insurmountable

    I won't disagree with you on that one, my best server wasnt one I've won...

    But it was clear that by the "state of bedlam" i was pointing to where you have arrived due to strategic decisions that could have been different. Not questioning the amount of fun, or the amount of action you have seen.

    Like robrob, I must pay my respects to the allies that hold together till now, specially the smaller ones...

    Worth? I wonder if every person on THC will say the same.

    Prepare yourselves, THC. Philippopolis is just the beginning.

    Peace and Love my friend

    you are right robrob

    I apologise

    I was nervous yesterday. Real Life keep giving me lemons and I really hate lemonade... If I want an overdose of sugar, I prefer a Coke and a tablet of vitamin c

    Sorry to all fellows here (I'm training for real apologies to loved ones!)... really a great server. And yes THC played low profile but it was worth the waiting process

    The state of bedlam is a direct result of their tactic choices and Op organization. Everyone can see they are the biggest more well organized group since server start. Yet, ....

    Tactic of bedlam at server start: lets recruit some good players and close our ally and clean/farm/chief our surroundings. Achieved: Nothing

    After a couple of months: lets see if heathens can weaken down web while we keep hitting noobs. Achieved: Disaster

    One month later: lets kick web's ass. Result: Shameful beating

    6 weeks later: Oh shit web is too strong for us, lets change to THC. And what have you achieved so far?

    1. THC 60 28 99953 1310
    2. Web 58 17 95126 1010
    3. Bedlam 60 23 82620 1090

    Surely hope you guys have something up ur sleeve...

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    for sure you know the definition better..

    im just a fool pretending to be a good guy, sorry to have offended you

    Interesting point. As much as I don't agree with the tactics used by Web, at least they worked for a win. The "superior" strategy of hiding under a rock doesn't deserve a win.

    long run till finish line

    yes the path is important, as is the finish line, in different ways. and as we say in my country, the harvest is only over when the baskets are clean. well i cannot translate it properly...

    but... independent of who wins, what it really matters is to win your approval mate 8o

    now for real, and not trying to be a troll, everyone plays with the cards they have. for sure war is funnier and more demanding than diplomacy, I get your point, but we did a valid job and bedlam played their part as rock very well


    I get it, but don't let them pull you down :) just ignore them and do your thing! that's what we have been doing.

    I do understand the server fatigue though, especially if theres internal drama to deal with. And you have done very well if you really have been solo this server, lm greatful for my duals and not sure if I would have been able to make an account like this on my own. Thats my favorite thing about playing with this crew at bedlam, internal drama is pretty mild and everyone really does seem to get along...for the most part.

    You carried thc on your back, and wreaked havoc with your ghosts! if it is the end, you had a good server.

    Have something to say about this...

    Been "questioning" Aurora's decisions from the start, the first time about a player I wanted to "recruit", and she disagreed... I won that debate, but it wasn't me who finally convinced her...

    After that, I think I probably lost all arguments, and just started to follow what a better mindset had to offer, all the while trying to provide some of my "weaker noobish" views...

    Biggest point in favour of THC was its clear view of where to settle when the server started and a somewhat free map with no quality opposition. Not its diplomacy. Yes we had a lot of confeds but they were just on paper and caused more damage, by "stealing farms from us" than good, which was none.

    Biggest point against us was the lack of a good team of leaders. And here Aurora played a majour role, avoiding some people with even more noobish visions than mine (I think!) to take control of the ally. Not without some internal fights and dramas which always take their toll. And most of all, assuming a lot on her shoulders.

    And then diplomacy started to be important. No one liked the strategy of opening regions that Web used, everyone called them cheetahs, but she had the courage of choosing the right path: they were the only serious opposition against bedlam. Yes when we started working together, we were the two teams with most VPs, but everyone could see who was the strongest team of the server. So it was the right decision for everyone to have a good fun and good battles. Also the right decision for THC of course.

    And so I'm seeing Aurora more and more tired and with less and less patience. Yes she has no duals, which by itseld is a daunting task. Yes THC is hard to lead with only some help from other players in leadership and organization work. Yes we did a great work so far all considered, Aurora helped us a whole lot, although no one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes... but we are very far from infamous, TM or others with whom I played in the past.. but its a good journey nonetheless.

    And what to say about her ghost attacks? sure a lot of people won't mind that she quits the server, it gets much safer and predictable..

    So im making a public announcement, change your mind, assume your public announcement was a mistake! we will help more, I will take care of defense, and do a lousy job at it, and you can then kick me so that I can finally join Heathens which I still think is the team who will win this server.

    #neverdoubtheathenscapacitytowinthis ;)

    wow the war of words and eventual strategies against THC continues. They must be doing something really good!

    In the end of it, this is a Math game, but strategy plays a majour role, and you guys are only taking math into ur analisys.

    in my not so humble opinion, bedlam can only win this server if they destroy web's moral, something they are trying to do for more than a month and failing miserably, either by their mistakes or web's organization, i wont judge as i dont know.

    because the minute bedlam turns against THC, apart from probably getting a surprise from an ally that is quietly simming hammers and anvils, they immediately abdicate their objectives to win: even if they win that war, web will immediately return to what they did SO WELL till now, conquer important new regions and defending them like hell.

    so all these arguments from this apparently impartial observers who no one believes they really are (like myself) are only trying to create a valid reason for bedlam to get out honourably from a war it is losing from day one, and not finding a way to do a proper off op.

    congratulations on those who read so far and understood what I meant. im a bit sick and hanging in airports desperate to get home for christmas.

    merry christmas to all


    sunday is day for THC awareness??

    VP means really little if they can't maitain it... its easy to see just by top 10 stats and size of the majour accounts, and ally history, that they are the least cohesive of the 4 main allies... the fact they are running ahead right now only reflects the fact that they are the one the other majour 3 allies is least worried...

    but suddently comes sunday and you guys decide that THC has the better chance! and ridiculously trying to turn it against its NAP???

    please you guys can do better than this!

    just to add some info, im playing defensive so not huge amount of farming, settled my capital around the same date, less than 800 pop and half of my cropfields are level 15... and it could be much higher but i have a noob tendency of doing more troops than I should...

    level 13 cropfields.... so what, he had level 17 wood/clay/iron?

    bedlam is lowing their standards...

    kazah made an honest question of what level were the cropfields... if u dont want him to know just say it.


    Chill mate... very little of what you say makes sense, and that says a lot. I will try to address why, but first lets just say I was thinking about this Nap everyone is talking and imagining its effects on bedlam... and from ur post I see I was right, it is affecting you greatly: now u finally made an agreement with heathens, one month after u had the opportunity to strike web after they lost a whole lot of defense, but then u preferred to keep raiding the noob accounts around you and grow ur hammers instead of thinking the bigger picture.. and now you are starting to wonder if it is too late to recover the VP gap, with web showing some defensive and off skills....

    About ur ranting against TH (maybe a bit scared to rant against web!!), Bedlam is not better or worse to have choosen the solo way. TH did what it needed for a not preformed group to survive, and despite some flaws and mistakes, so far they did it greatly and better than anyone else. Comparing Bedlam game philosophy to TH is just proof that you have no arguments, but still want to throw a rock to see if it hurts someone...

    Second, complaining that you have 350 accounts to chief and raid in your area is just... well I lack the adjectives... you could have created a wing and beat them by recruiting 5 of the best players of each of those groups, u decided you wanted to beat them without any recruitment. it is a valid strategy but not too effective in the short term. it was your choice, dont complain, nor use it to feel good about urself. time will tell if it was smart or not.

    third, i dont see how TH is benefited with this NAP... till now Web as proved more organized and focused, TH are not match for them. imho i would still think, like one month ago, their only chance would be to have bedlam fight web and heathens and try to not get involved in it... as it is, TH just bought a War with Bedlam, and Web is getting their stocks up of confettis and popcorn to celebrate this server victory...

    and that is getting in bedlam's nerves...:thumbsup:

    So COM and TH the first of the big teams to join up.

    So now in that conglomerate we have TH + COM + K-RIF with a NAP with NOLA and ONES

    Hooray for your bravery.

    COM is heathens mistake...

    heathens should have teamed up with Web so that they could have a better chance against bedlam. instead they decided the other way.

    but doing so, they should have secured that their neighbours were on the same page. instead they attacked COM, who is too spread out in the map to be able to defend and forced them to negotiate with TH who were fighting them for africa. COM made the right choice and now will have access to more arties. the mistake was from heathens, who remains with the boots only.

    and at the same time, pushing them to africa means one less enemy for web. really poor strategy.

    And see who is talking about numbers. How many accounts Web leadership controls?

    victory by knock out! he is not moving, he looks in bad bad shape


    come on ELE, I know you are eager to send some hammers too, dont need to be too much, just a couple or two to help out the party... maybe everyone could join? COM, TH, are u there?