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    This is my last post here. Since this final I Said pass it’s not honest and fair from me to to give my opinion about attack actions, the situation on the Battlefield and so on.

    Sorry if I upset someone.

    Good Luck everyone, and Dacia wins!

    Same bad actions again and again and again. You never learn from mistakes and you are foolish. You have to learn that there are players that will have At every action big amount of defense and use this in your favor. But no, every time same mistakes. If there is a skilled player, there you go align one by one. If you will respect the procedure and nothing Tell me that is not like me, Medelin will be the new Tommy Gun.

    Sorry for the armies and the way that were used.

    I can’t believe that you hitman want to hear a complete story, equidistant from just a team that is involved in a war. I have more expectations from Dacia leaders. It is normal, everybody in travian and also in real life, when it’s a war try to present the good parts to their people for motivation, for support, for a big push, to increase defense/ofense, to be more active etc. It’s perfectly normal, and I am sure that in Dacia, the war with ita is presented in a positive way showing reports when you erased/conquered villages, catch armies, kill defense etc.
    So, if you want to have a complete story, put here your story (reports) ita their story (reports) and we, as observers to Say whose story is more beautiful.

    When arguments are missing, insults appear.


    Yes is it true, but that war in NW 80% was just between Dacia K, Dacia E and winter/mafia (150 vs 300). Just some Off villages was planted At the center by Dacia tm. After, from day 70-80 Dacia launched attacks from far Away to center and player propotion was in our favor, but not 1500 vs 300. And yes, we won easier because of that war from sw, but to Say, Dacia won just because of that is a stupidity.

    Deam, what a great curriculum!!!!

    You're a bit salty, you want a chamomile?

    It’s just a statistic. Do you have other? If yes, put it here.

    this guy is a clown, dacia had not win last finals, our meta was first before rollback, and dacia would not have won without our war against russians in 2017, this guy is clown like you, ok? ;)

    stop rosik and learn english, asino :osd:


    At least 10 levels we had in front of 2nd place before rollback and all wwk home.…-AA46-4-A3686-FB09-F8.png

    Come with arguments, prints that you was first just before rollback. We have Also war in quad with winter/mafia, so stop crying. Score At won finals between Dacia and ita is?

    Katarina banned for multyaccount :osd1::osd1:

    Yes, because on finals act some mhs that are not familiar with high activity in first days when you are farming to settle 2nd villa. But the ban was just for 1-2 hours, and the account was unbaned without penalties and some gold/resources compensations(travian team can confirm).

    But you no play this server Gabriel. Do you think Uollas no win this finals?

    Ciccio_Shady_IT ok, i write to what'sapp ;)

    I don’t know. I am totally absent on this finals. I have no acces, I gave all my codes to the others.

    I proposed them before the finals start to fight in the same quad just Dacia and just Italians Without other allies like smurfs,arabs etc. They just blabla At those posts. So there was no motivation for me to play this finals.

    Is that you, Sun Tzu?

    It is not important who am I, important is this statistic:

    Finals 2012-2013 ru team

    Finals 2013-2014 eu team

    Finals 2014-2015 ru team

    Finals 2015-2016 Dacia team

    Finals 2016-2017 ru team

    Finals 2017-2018 Dacia team

    Finals 2018-2019 Dacia team (before rollback)

    For someone who did nothing on finals, you have got a lot of guts on this forum. Win few finals and after that we can talk from the same level.


    Why do you give explanations?

    Enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    Regarding the attacking plans, I just hope to not waste armies in vain. Be Smart!

    You know how italians plays, and you know that their power is in medium players, players that make a small army with cheafs and try to conquer square by square. I don’t remember all this years an important attack villa conquer by them. At this level, to erase a capital is nothing, don’t risk big armies for nothing. Put pressure on medium/small players. Put Off villages in their squad, near BP, unique ART zone etc.

    Good Luck!

    Contrarywise, "who you are" is also important

    Let me explain something to you:

    To want something you must have the power to want it...


    Despite the fact that you are here every time without saying anything, you don't have power decision for italians ally. Despite the fact that I am here rarely, I have power decision for Dacia. And if I said that I want just you (italians) without arabs/greeks/germans etc in quad with us, just Dacia without our traditional allies is because I have power decision. Understand? Now go at your bosses and tell them if are agree with this.


    It's not important who am I. It's important what I want. And in this moment I want a final with Dacia and Italians in the same quad. It's the only motivation for me to play the final, otherwise I said pass.

    For sure I will find enough players just for you, if Exodus (100 players) managed to stay there among all your meta.


    What do you mean with dacia? Exodus are not dacia, "dacia" are others, They are very excellent players.

    Emerik was kicked out of dacia, and I know that other players abandoned him after this server...

    It seems that I'm not the onlyone I think he's not good leaders...

    Quals are something, final is something else. We played on group C under the Dacia name, there were people that played on .int in Exodus, so there is not any problem, much more keys for finals. I repeat once again, maybe this time you will understand: instead of stupid posts here regarding who is better, who is a bigger cheater etc. on finals (not quals) go in a quad just you (Italians) and just Dacia (Romanians) and let's dance.

    Rather than spamming here with irrelevant posts about who cheated more or who has a bigger one, no better get into the same quad just Dacia and just Italians? Without allies , without any other diplomacy, just Dacia and Italia. For sure there will be no time to came here with stupid posts, nobody will attack with his army scouts/clubs/slaves, nobody will be attacked with defense for manipulating the rankings etc. What about this?