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    Stop pretending and calling yourselves underdogs lol :). You guys were still in very good position to win even after TEN and SGR got together.

    You guys had a surplus of hammers that could have made a difference - chiefing WWK or maybe even stealing the UD/UA, but it never happened. That's on you guys. I was actually surprised by the amount of OP hammers turned WWKs that you guys threw, like why were these not used on WWK chiefings or zero attempts?

    yeah, even in that one Ops Vs did, the timings were superb(apart from lomo getting scouted at home) and considering Villains scout account on GZ and experinced players in those accounts contrast to SGR-TEN scout accounts which are almost around WW, its shocking how u guys calling yourself "UNDERDOGS" . This is not the Villains i encountered on server start.If you could have pulled out atleast 2/3 Ops(with those surplus of boots and Ops hammer near GZ) before construction plan release, i am sure the result might have varied.

    and this quantity over quality is plain BS.:wall:

    2. We didnt know Plato until very lately when darkorpse from derp said that he's a loyal member of his team on com29 (Odin) and ask if we can take him in. We offered our condition that unless he obeys all rules, cooperate and stop all spiking, we will not invite him. He ended up stopped spiking instantly and since then. I can't see how this can become an evidence of us supporting spiking. You can go ask Plato or darkorpse if this is true.

    im sorry yin, you wont imagine how this recruitment changed the prospect of this server from our side. c&A was blabbering that one of our newbs killed 150k def thru spiking but this person killed boat load of troops in the early game. there is no forgiving for anyone who doesnt matter he stopped spiking or not.if i were in your place, i would have sent additional catas to zero that nub. Thats why , all of our players were convinced you guys planted him in the SE because you provided sheleter for a spiker. i can even say,this event might have caused dragonborn and couple other noobs to spike.

    and as much as i respect you,your dual,i don't.he is just lies and ,im not kidding around here.sss123 incident is an embarrassement.

    I'm not sure if we're getting anywhere here, but the fact that there were more SGR&TEN spikers than 7&Vill spikers still stands.

    and Vs recruiting a notable spiker in SE will also stand;all talk about CT but how cool when u guys planted him in SE to spike then recruiting him later? sound cool. huh ? :)

    i dont care ur spikier killed just 10 or 100 . spiking is spiking and you lot encouraged this

    and speaking about the new guys who spiked. dude, this game is bigger than you. you cant control the new players. if they dont see their def troops in action,they will resort to this. you know that. what are we supposed to do? get all their pw?like you guys do?:asd:

    I don't think it's about "being nice", it's more that you have no idea what you're talking about and couldn't point out a single example.

    again re-read what ive posted above

    And don't bring the stupid "sgb spiked so we retaliated", sgb in total spiked around 24k troops, more than 5k of those were mine personally. So what did you decide to do? Get 3 defensive accounts to spike our quad, that killed in total more than 400k offensive troops. If anyone is a hypocrite, it's you.

    i didnt see anyone retaiated against sgb's spiking from TEN and cyrusIsy killed like 5k troops from mine keeping the NATAR chiefed village as XX/YY being the recent and a lot more defended natars by EXPERIENCED PLAYERS! unlike some from some newbies which we recruited from s1 who spiked out of boredom(we kicked em/deleted unlike you)

    and from those 400k troops,200k are ours...

    sss123 who spiked around week 1/2 and do i even want to say about NOBLE PLATO?

    talking about wolf(who was reported to MH by some TEN folks earlier,unlke you again), what about your pal , Impulse and his "friends" ?

    Of course I'll be proud of winning against a 500 (Well, closer to 332 now, but you started out with 450+, not counting the Cheat Throne private farms) account META, if it happens. Not sure what you want to tell me here?

    it was just a compliment8o. but "500 thing" coming from an alliance who made confeds between SW and NW on week one.

    Thats wat we call 'whinning' here....