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    You sure it's me that has no idea how the game works? I mean there's also the option to not micro farm? I mean if you broke down the #7 top raiders raiding income its around 43,056 resources/hr. You take anyone who has a 100% cropper, at 10 your producing the same amount as he is. 1 village player, your spawn and third vil (assuming since you know how to play and all you have a 3rd already), puts you even moreso ahead. Everyone knows building the foundation is the way to go, if you're relying that heavily on raiding this early, you're even more pathetic than your last post.

    I think it's hilarious. We've only complained about this for how long now? They already have a half-broken system that would remedy this. But implementing the system wont bring them in money so theres no rush to do something about it. So yeah, I'll sit here and laugh at 26 noobs break a comx server who's probably not spending a dime on gold, and chasing golders off, making a server very hard to play.

    I mean lets be realistic.. You want them gone? Go cat them down. Cant cat them down? kinda looks like their kicking your ass then right? and you call THEM noobs.

    i don't condone their tactics,they are making entire server unplayable. there are better ways to make TG listen than to ruin other people's game.

    i lost around 100 imps so far,and thank god i reduced my farming radius on time,or i would suffer even more loses to trollers.

    I don't think them creating a spiking alliance will speed up the release of the results

    Condone or not, and rather it speeds up the release of the results or not doesn't really matter at this point. There's 26 of them, and none are the biggest players on the server or anything, and yet have already killed more than any other alliance offense/defense combined for the week. First few days of the server and everyone is already griping about these 26 or 27 players, and they have grabbed the attention of the entire server.. Servers not even really started and they got the attention they've set out to grab.

    Oh yay another server we wont want to farm on. TG needs to fix this this issue, now there's dedicated alliances even. smdh

    Now lets be realistic here for a moment. IDTS! had EVERY intention on going single embassy through the game, and we've done a HELLUVA job staying competitive. We knocked out what everyone kept considering as "the only team who stood a chance against AV" with very small effort. IDTS fell to far below 60 players (active) and was still putting up a helluva fight with roughly 35 active players. The final nail in the coffin was the Kebab merger. Had AV/Kebab not merged for a powerhouse meta in terms of VP IDTS never woulda merged with DSC. It would still be a 3-way race AV Meta vs. IDTS! vs. Kebab/DSC. nd even then you're still only talking about 90 accounts of which 70 or so are active.

    This was a definite force of hand, that bit AV right in the arse. Sadly it doesn't even end there with AV all over STRATEGO's junk asking them for a secret confed. Saying IDTS is a 3 alliance sum is also laughable, cheers = 1 acct, the dsc-IDTS wing = 1/2 alliance. Last account check I did was like 90 accts vs 212. But yes point at us and talk about no respect because we merged once we were left no choice but to do -something-.. You can only corner a dog so much until it bites, and this one finally bit. The only people who really reserve the right to be pissed about our merge is the Keknob crew, I'd be pissed at myself too if I made a poor choice like selling out my team to merge with AV.

    Funny thing is we're being talked about as the alliance that will do anything for a win... when comparing us to the Meta who did such... while I am sitting here reading literally 15+ igm's of AV members asking to switch sides...

    Under this same philosophy I guess final/tourney servers aren't very serious either since not everyone gets keys.

    I actually feel strongly the opposite because it wasn't as advertised as most, the keys weren't exactly hard to get, and if you wanted to play it it required effort. With the amount of registered accounts and the auction prices, apparently many took it serious.

    Now to argue how serious could it be, because about 33% of the server dropped off when P2P released.. would be a valid argument, but even then thats mostly the people who were beat up or made whatever mistakes they didin the first month or 2 of the beta.

    What team are you playing on? "AV has a similar issue Some of their members they cant swap around because they will lose another region to gain the other" I do not see this?

    IDTS! ofc.

    AV-I influence =


    The main ally cant take Burgundi from their wing too much pop to even consider it. Athens they would need to bring in roughly 2750pop (from athens) to their main. which is probably doable by cutting some real tight corners. Maybe chiefing off their wing would be the better option.

    AV-II influence =






    The only region they could really take off their AV-II wing would be hyperborea, which would be around 3k pop there they would need to bring in. all 4 of the other regions would require way too much pop for them to take those regions back away from their wings. you can only have 60 people in the alliance, they do not get the vp their wings are producing as well. No way AV gets Bergundi, Venedae, Vandali, Mursa, or Bastarnae from their wings, without losing other regions they are controlling.

    Great Analysis,

    It's going to be a real interesting shake up from what I can tell in the next couple weeks. Just from looking at what regions are left and to be unlocked, what allies will unlock regions sooner than others. From pure stats I completely agree with the analysis. I do disagree with STRATEGO being the only ones who can compete with AV however, esp since we are pwning STRATEGO left and right down here in the SW. Utkebab I believe is under rated, they have good vp potential and will pass AV up in VP/day, same with IDTS.

    A huge problem with Meta's on ROA is that they region lock themselves, which is precisely what is happening right now with STRATEGO, they only have a couple regions they can easily get now. AV has a similar issue Some of their members they cant swap around because they will lose another region to gain the other. AV has played a decent game in terms of VP, but they are running out of option sooner than later. UTkebab and IDTS both have several options ahead of them at this point with IDTS at a slight advantage with more choices. I say that trying to be as unbiased as possible. There's still a lot of server left and plenty to change.

    Just glad we are finally done with the region simming almost and rdy to start the 2nd half wit combat.