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    Dear community,

    In order to be able to have all languages available in all gameworlds we will need to change the structure of the gameworlds a bit by having all of them under the same domain.

    The first idea we had, which is NOT the final idea, is to use the same approach other games like League of Legends have regarding servers. To have regional servers, where the region could be something like Europe, Asia, America (still having all languages available everywhere and servers on the same domain) .

    i remember how not well travian can create regional servers in the past.

    When my national server was merged into newly created regional server which operates multi-language, we were given mirror login pages to create account in national language environment. While logged in from national mirror, and having set the language to national, the welcome message was sent by travian in different language.

    Being unable to read system messages without using external translator was one of the reasons making players quit. The player base shrinked notably in the region.

    Unless you can make system messages match the selected UI language, do not add multiple languages!

    Absolutely irrelevant even if I had posted it after that update.

    thread topic: issue after the latest update

    added comment: issue existed also before update

    Comment is relevant as it specifies that the issue did not first occur with the update

    The comment helps to pinpoint the reason of the issue.

    if the solution of the issue is not important then it can be considered a bit irrelevant indeed

    username: tavikas

    server: TT finals (


    clay costs 25 and second plan is in long term more useful for the worker.


    the second formula tells us that three times iron is 120. therefore iron is 40. Now retuning to first formula we get that crop plus 40 is 50. That means crop represents 10. And then the third formula says 10 plus clay is 35. Clay costs 35-10 = 25

    First gold payment plan after being raised 3 times gives 165 gold a year.

    Second gold payment plan after the same period produces 90 gold in half-year. that makes with preceding half-year 175 gold a year, which makes second option more profitable for the worker.

    on my account PLUS was not active after restart, but it successfully activated after first click on "activate".

    After maintenance, the PLUS i bought between rollback and maintenance was not added but the gold paid for it was deducted from acc.

    The server time will be correct. Rollback to 19:00 means that when server is restarted, it will take data (troops, events etc) from the backup that has been made at 19-00 UTC 24.02. It's not possible to make rollback to any random time spot in the past, only to the time of backup.

    the problem that was pointed out is that people have their daily routine (at least some does). Enforcing backup from 19 to 13..15 desynchronizes ingame clock and ingame events. Like merchants from village A might be occupied, carrying resources to village X at 19, but at the same time they are required to launch toward village Y at 15..

    just my few thoughts...

    Is this a joke?

    Players at tournament servers are excluded to receive prize they might of have earned from quizzes, events, contests where they must put in specific effort before being eligible to receive a prize. even a 30 gold to very limited players is too much and makes the game unfair.

    But then randomly selected 5k players can get 300 gold for free as a surprize even for themselves and that gold can be used in tournament servers. And that is considered a fair play on the grounds that "The amount is not significant enough to make a big difference".

    Dear travian games, you have lost me here. I would say 300 to 5k is much more significant than 30 or even 300 to a few..

    mm.. there is another visual glitch in the new layout. in the map, when checking location details, some of the text doesnt fit to their allocated area, exceeding them heavily. (see 'surrounding')
    Also in several pages, hoover texts carry on even when mouse has been moved away long distances/time intervals. Instead dissapearing on mouse move, they move along with the mouse cursor (see 'centre map')

    It is the same for my mobile android Chrome or Firefox; and for my windows PC Chrome, Firefox or IE

    PS! The game is MUCH SLOWER than it was using the old interface!

    So you ask us to give 30,000 resources to get either 16,254 or 20,000 or 16,000 resources. Obviously none of the players will decide to give more stuff to get fewer by 10,000-14,000.

    obviously they do. it is not only the daily task bonus you get from donating, but it is the ally bonus as well - some effects you won't reach any other way.

    We also ask you to give 60,990 resources to get max of 20k res back (will need to hold 3 celebrations to get less than one small celebration worth CP back).

    The amounts required are actually so small it isnt even important.
    By the time i reached 6x5k requirements, my capital alone produced 60k resources - so it is 30 min of capital village income without getting task bonus OR raids.
    At the same time holding 3x celebrations a day requires 3x 20'330 res, which is more than an hour of my capital income at that time. (could also be replaced by artworks/paintings)

    PS! 100 points requires all tasks done, so...

    PS! donating to ally can refrain you from using gold, as you can choose which resource to use - so you can reduce what you have too much...

    It´s hiding behind the mass. It´s unheard of in any form. Good and elite players do not form mass noob alliances. If any one of you were elite, they woukd even get rid of the 300 pop single village players thatt have not settled in 2 weeks. Not kicking them shows that mass and not skill is important to Warriors. Cause mass can win while their average skill cannot.

    I remember one of my recent com1 server where i had to deal with set of 3..5 village players at opposite side. A well-developed accounts with ever-increasing troops and no mass of villages behind them. Having less villages actually made them stronger and they still managed to keep resource flowing in. They likely were playing according to the rules (i have no tools to complete check, but didnt notice anything myself), which means they were elite. Unortunately i am not that skilled yet and still tend to get new villages too ealry :mad:
    Going fast for new villages is not always the best choice. A good player can read local and global situation and make decisions based on observations.
    One can play successful without mass of villages, but one cannot definitely succeed making wrong decisions throughout the server. Kicking teammates who are working for a team i call a wrong decision.

    Mass can overcome temporary issues, but it definitely cannot win over skill! Pop is for sure not the most important approach to assess/judge an account's size, strength, skill; or whatever.

    May the best strategy win (choosing a group to play with - or go alone - is one part of the strategy)!