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    My today picture is a bit sad and made in 2017. But still it's an image I am looking at currently. Notre Dame, my visit to Paris in January 2017. France, my heart is with you today.


    Hey here.

    Not sure whether similar thread already exists, if yes, poke me and I'll merge it with the existing one. But I recently thought about nicknames. Some choose nicknames by chance (because all other fancier were occupied), others choose it deliberately. But this name (especially forum one) - normally means something.

    My name - as many guessed - comes from the song of Era which I really loved ~13 years ago when I started playing Travian. So, I had same name ingame and on forum. That was a name I didn't intend to use for long, but it turned out to be quite a long history.

    And the current Discord (and often ingame one) comes from one of my fafourite wild cats - Manul aka Pallas' Cat.
    Normally Manuls in all the zoos look like that: (you see cat anywhere else but the sign? No? Well, that's the plan!).

    But recently the one that was born in Novosibirsk zoo and fed by domestic cat was caught on camera when he was playing outside. And it's cutest video ever!

    So, what's the story behind your Travian name? Share it.:)

    Hi. About that points.

    • Actions leading to an overload of the servers and/or can considerably adversely affect the game play for other users.

    This rule refers to some deliberate actions that can result in breaking the game to other users up to unplayable level (server crash etc). If we apply that to spiking, then on that matter why not apply that to killing someone's WWK at home. This action would definitely "adversely affect the game play" for the WWK owner and their team.

    Back to the spiking issue and more serious note - devs are currently discussing it, as I mentioned in another thread dedicated to that shortly before. I will come back to you in the nearest future with more information about it. Some time within next 10 days or so (can't say more presicely due to upcoming bank holidays).

    Dear Community,

    We are happy to inform you that you will be able to use, if you want, the Gold transfer links generated at the end of the Tournament 2018 Finals, also in the Tournament 2019 Qualification and/or Finals.

    Your Travian: Legends Team

    Dear players,

    Due to technical and routing issues with few Internet Service Providers, some of you might have faced trouble connecting our services (website, game, ...). All the technical issues are by now solved and servers are back to normal. Thanks for your understanding and sorry for the inconvenience!

    Your Travian Team

    Dear players,

    Due to unforeseen technical issue the unbanning process of those accounts that have requested chargeback might take a bit longer than 24 hours. The process involves manual check and fix of each account separately, and it can happen that some of players who requested chargeback need to wait until Monday, 11.03.2018.

    We are very sorry for the inconvenience it created. Our aim is to solve every case the fastest possible way.

    Your Travian: Legends team

    Just to make it clear I give you 2 examples how the system works.

    So, let's say player bought 300 gold during the server (or received in vouchers).

    • He had 50 gold on their account by the time of rollback.
    • He should receive 500 (all-players-compensation) and 150 gold (50% of purchased)
    • So, it would be 50 + 150 + 500 = 700 gold in total on his account by now.
    • All purchased gold - in this case 300 - is transferable.

    Player bought 1200 gold during the server (or received in vouchers).

    • He had 50 gold on their account by the time of the rollback.
    • He should receive 500 (all-players-compensation) and 600 gold (50% of purchased)
    • So, it would be 50 + 500 + 600 = 1150 gold in total on his account by now.
    • 1150 < 1200.
    • All 1150 gold is transferable.

    It's same as on any other server.

    If there is something different on given accounts, the owners need to contact support.

    Only purchased gold is transferrable. From what I see on those screenshots (might be wrong, but looks that way) most likely players purchased 200 and 630 gold respectively (or received it as vouchers) during game round, and they can transfer that amount. If it's not the case please, advise them to contact Support.

    Hi. Server is closed to fix issue with Plus. If you still have Plus missing after server is back online, please, write ticket to Support.

    Upd. And it's opened again.

    About using gold for the next Tournament.

    Usually the Gold transfer links are disabled for Qualification and Finals, therefore we cannot promise - yet - that they will be usable on the next finals. However, due to the current situation we need to rework completely the T&C for the Tournament, and also we received multiple requests on that and we will keep that in mind. I will (as usual) come back to you with every piece of news about that (myself or via Community Managers) in the following weeks.

    Dear players,

    we would like to inform you about our decision regarding the chargebacks and disputes we received on the Finals-Server between February 22nd (date of the backup) and yesterday, March 05th.

    The usual handling is that a player gets banned after a chargeback and can free his account after paying the amount of the chargeback plus a chargeback-fee (5€). This is the amount of money we must pay to the payment provider when a chargeback is issued.

    As the circumstances are exceptional, we decided to treat all the player that requested a chargeback between February 22nd and March 5th differently than usual. This is a ONE-TIME exception, due to the current situation.

    So far this is the regular process:

    1. The players, who triggered a chargeback will be banned and will receive a message about the reasons and how to get their account back.

    2. The gold that was purchased with the transaction that is now affected from the chargeback, will be deducted from the account

    What are we instead going to do, exceptionally, this one time:

    1. We will look manually into each account and unban the account manually within 24hrs

    2. We will take over the cost of the chargeback-fee for unbanning the account (those 5€ mentioned above), meaning we will pay for that to the payment provider.

    3. The Gold-compensation that the accounts get – calculated upon the amount they purchased so far – will be lowered by the Gold-amount that the chargeback includes

    4. We will send a message (IGM or system message) to the specific accounts, informing them what happened and with a link to a general announcement to the forum including an example-calculation (see below).

    Chargeback explaination

    We want to remark that this is an exception, all chargebacks started from today’s rollback on, will be treated like in the past. Players must pay the Gold and the chargeback-fee to get their account unbanned.

    Your Travian: Legends Team

    Dear players,

    as mentioned in yesterday announcements we have some additional important information for you regarding the 2018 Tournament Finals rollback.

    Additional compensation:

    • after checking the technical feasibility we are ready to announce that we are going to grant an additional compensation of 500 Gold (on top of what mentioned above) to each Tournament Finals account, regardless whether the player bought Gold or not in the past.

    Gameplay information:

    • all troop movements that were "on the way" at the time of the rollback will still be "on the way".
    • the "Fool's Artefact" will change its effect immediately when the server is restored and this new time will be kept for future changes.
    • we will try to make sure that your trade routes work correctly, but we suggest you check that they leave your village as planned. Should this not happen, the fastest fix will be to disable and re-enable them again.
    • The no-starvation will be enabled for 4 hours after server is back online.

    Prevention measures:

    • every attack to Wonder of the World or Artefacts with less than 20.000 units will turn home right before to arrive at the target. This will not apply for attacks including heroes and chiefs. This amount was requested by the alliance leaders we talked with. The exception for Heroes and chiefs ensures that players can still move and/or chief the Artefacts.

    We apologize again for all the inconvenience. Thanks for your understanding,

    Your Travian: Legends Team

    Dear players,

    as you know, the Tournament Finals game world is struggling due to the disruptive behavior of a group of players who deliberately decided to sabotage it. Until around the 22nd of February, the Tournament was proceeding very well, with a lot of fun and incredible battles organized by the biggest alliances in the world. Our aim has always been to provide a platform that gives the opportunity to compete with and against the best players. Unfortunately, a group of players decided to deliberately exploit a technical gap to destroy the game world, making it unstable and generating a bad gameplay experience for all players.

    Even if in the recent years we have managed to significantly increase the technical quality and to decrease sources of error as much as possible, we (as the team behind Travian: Legends) also expect the community not to exploit game issues with the sole purpose of disrupting the experience of other players.

    To make sure we could take the best possible decision regarding the current state of the game world, last week on Friday we have met with some of the representatives of the major alliances / metas of the Tournament Finals to discuss how to proceed (you can read all information here).

    Most of the leaders asked us to end the Finals immediately and make the Natars win the game world. On the other hand, we received a lot of feedback from individual players who asked us to continue the Finals.

    As our Tournament T&C do not give clear guidance on how to handle the present situation, we have met with our lawyers this morning. Our lawyers advised us to deal with this regulatory gap by applying the principle of good faith. This means that a fair compromise has to be found which considers the interests of all players involved.

    After evaluating additional options, reviewing the chat with the alliance leader and the feedback we received via our support system and forum during the weekend, we have decided to proceed as follow:

    • The Tournament Finals game world will be set to maintenance mode, tomorrow 05/03/2019 at 10:30 UTC+1
    • The server will get a rollback. Everything will be reverted and set to the status of 22nd February 2019 from 19:00 UTC+1.
    • The Travian: Legends Finals will reopen on Wednesday the 06/03/2019 at 14:00 UTC+1
    • Some prevention measures will be taken to reduce the mass-starvation exploit by players. These measures will be announced separately.
    • Every player will have 50% of the Gold bought until 22nd February added up to his/her account.
    • The Gold Transfer link feature will be activated on the 2018 Tournament Finals game world, so that you will be able to receive the remaining available Gold at the end of the server, or after deletion, to use it on any game world of your choice globally.
    • An email will be sent to all participants, to inform them about the happenings, so that they will know their account is still there, and there is still the need of their help to win the race!

    We know this solution is not everyone’s favorite and we are sorry for it, but there are many aspects to be taken into consideration in such cases.

    We will do our best to make sure things go as smooth as possible, and we hope you can still have an exciting end-game phase on the Tournament Finals.

    Your Travian: Legends Team

    Hi Safiren and _Lyli_. Thanks for posting cleaned version of skype conversation and for the proposal.

    On Monday we'll discuss options / possibilities for Tournament Finals. I will deliver collected feedback as well and will keep you informed.