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    Hi there. Thanks for your feedback, I've forwarded it and Customer Service promised to have a close look into the situation. Please, keep in mind, that other domain forum is not the fastest and optimal way to sort out situation with ingame bans. Please, contact your Customer Service Representative (by writing ingame to Admin) to solve it.

    Hi there. Will add my 2 cents.

    What do you like about the server (if anything)?

    I like the idea of more instant communication with the players, the lively (and so far quite polite) atmosphere in there. And that I am not official representative there, so I can talk with the others as regular user (but at the same time can help with some tricky questions).

    If you could implement 1 thing, what would it be?

    Hmmm, I have many ideas, not sure if they can be implemented. But something like automatic information about important events ingame (downtimes, promo, month calendar) can be quite useful for everyone, I think.

    1 thing that I would change is _______.

    I probably like it as it is. :)

    Describe your experience with the server, if you used the server.

    I spend there a lot of time :) Was one of the first members to join by invite of the channel creator, and I still find it nice place to chat. :)

    The idea was to have 2 english-speaking domains.

    1) COM as international
    2) All native english speaking countries (not limited only to UK, US and AU). That's why Anglosphere actually perfectly fits what we wanted to achieve.

    Dear community,

    you all know that for quite a long time we have been looking the new Community Manager for UK, US, AU domains. And now I am happy to announce, that the search is over.

    Meet new Community Managers!

    Yes, this is not a mistake. Instead of one person, we'll give you 2, and you already know them quite well.

    @Stellamini and @sommerfuglen_NO have helped me a lot for the past months in managing the UK, US forums, keeping it clean from bots, updating you with information and running contests. You could often see them in different threads. You can always contact them if something is needed.

    Some technical details:

    @Stellamini and @sommerfuglen_NO become UK, US and AU Community Managers effective immediately. @dario will help them with their duties till October, 29th, when the first merged server starts.

    @Ameno (me) will still be around but will focus on my main duties as Senior Community Manager.

    Thank you very much for your support and good luck on the Travian: Legends battlefields!

    Yours, Ameno.

    Dear Community,

    Over the past few weeks and months we have monitored the activity on the .au/.uk/.us worlds and we have collected your feedback. Based on the feedback, there is a need to make the game play more challenging and exciting. There was also feedback that merging the three domains into one would accomplish this. We did run a test run on the Path to Pandora game world, on both the technical and community side. Based on the results there, it seems to have worked. We have seen an increase in the activity in game and from your comments both on the forum and on social media. It does seem like that players have really loved it.

    The decision was made to take this test and make it permanent. So the .au, .uk, and .us domains will be combined as a permanent solution.

    Starting from October 2018 onwards, all new game worlds will include players from the United States, Australia and United Kingdom together. What are the technical changes?

    • The new starting game worlds will have a different numbering so that it will be easier to recognize them.
    • The new starting game worlds will be available on the main page. You can register from or or and you will be redirected to the same game world to be able to play together
    • The game world start time will be at 12:00 pm UTC+1. (UK)

    • The old gold transfer links or GTLs of both former separated countries will work for the combined servers. What does that mean for you? You will be able to transfer gold from .au/.uk/.us freely to the new combined game world.

    What about the forum?

    • For the moment nothing will change on the forums until the new game world is up and running on the new separated domains
    • If you want to follow the conversation opened in both languages, you can select both languages in your profile and remember to pick properly the target language when starting a new thread.
    • As soon as the existing game worlds end, we will set up a new language pack and move all threads/post and users setting to this language. This will allow to simplify the communication within all the participants to the same game world.
    • What about the name of the server?
    • Well, here is where we need your support. We are not happy with the name “English” that we used for Path to Pandora. Please, help us find cool name for the merged domain! You can submit your suggestions here (the names will be accepted till October, 08, 9:00 am UTC) and then we'll create a poll where we include best ideas.

    When will the first combined Travian: Legends server start?

    The first combined game world will start on October, 29th, the community calendar will be updated shortly. Due to this change we will cancel temporary the AU speed server that was supposed to start in October and we will reschedule it for a later moment.

    Sharpen your swords and string your bows, the battle is about to start!

    Your Travian Team

    Hi. Can't give certain date still. On the topic. My apologies once again for being it so long but I need one final confirmation.

    Dear players!

    Have you ever interested in real history of our Travian tribes? Time to show your erudition!

    Gauls, Romans and Teutons were neighbours in ancient times. And, just like it happens in Travian, they often fought with each other.
    On pictures below you can see 2 plans of famous battles between those tribes that happened in the past.
    Look at the plans and answer the following questions:

    • Which “Travian” tribes took part in those battles from each side?
    • When and where did each battle happen?
    • Which tribe won in this battle?

    General contest information:

    Start date/time: October, 02, 2018 – 09:00 am (UTC+1)
    End date/time: October 08, 2018 – 09:00 am (UTC+1)
    Winners announced on: October 08, 2018
    Winners chosen: 3 winners will be chosen randomly among all participants that gave correct answer
    Prizes: 3 x 75 Gold
    Gold voucher valid only in: UK community
    Gold voucher valid until: December 31, 2019
    To be eligible to win, you need to: Specify your nickname and server played when giving the answer to the riddle

    Important: Each player can take part in this contest only once and only on one domain!

    BATTLE 1

    BATTLE 2

    Hello Travian Warriors!

    A FLASH Promo that gives 30% more gold with each purchase will soon start on all UK servers.
    You need to be quick because this lasts for 4 hours only.

    Start Date: 25 September 2018 - Start Time: 20:00 UTC+1 - End Time: 00:00 UTC+1

    You will get additional 30% of Gold for FREE on top of your purchase.
    The bonus is reflected by the larger package sizes, e.g. 130 instead of 100 Gold.

    Please note that this promotion is only active if the "+30%" image is displayed.

    Vouchers, pay by phone and SMS are excluded from the promo.

    Your Travian: Legends team

    Hi there. There will be an update installed on Travian worlds soon

    with downtime (~5 to ~20 Minutes)

    20.09.2018 ~09:20 am UTC+1 Path to Pandora server
    01.10.2018 ~09:00 GMT+1 (all gameworlds)

    T4.4 (hotdog) Release 141 (3654)

    Fixed bugs:

    TRAIVBXXIV-6162 Alliance bonus culture points are now displayed separately in the statistics.
    TRAIVBXXIV-6019 If players forward reinforcements, the game will no longer stay on the same page (filter or page are not reset).
    TRAIVBXXIV-6195 New building images have been added.
    TRAIVBXXIV-6315 The incorrect behavior of items when being equipped on a hero has been fixed.
    TRAIVBXXIV-5779 Rally Point, Marketplace, Map: It is now possible to paste both coordinates together again.
    TRAIVBXXIV-6301 Alliance medal images are now displayed again.
    TRAIVBXXIV-6304 The quest to train 3 settlers is now correctly marked as finished when you settle before it is shown as finished.
    TRAIVBXXIV-6255 Mobile: Village or oasis info page can now be opened in high resolution again through the map.
    TRAIVBXXIV-6210 Map: Confederacy or NAP markings are now displayed correctly.
    TRAIVBXXIV-5754 Misaligned buttons in Firefox have been fixed.
    TRAIVBXXIV-6207 Town Hall: Small celebrations now show the right amount of CP.
    TRAIVBXXIV-6201 Marketplace: Error when exchanging resources has been fixed.
    TRAIVBXXIV-6223 IE11: Win7: Dorf2: Buildings are clickable again.

    epic-TRAIVBXXIV-5154 190.1 (3658) (Path To Pandora Release)

    TRAIVBXXIV-6150 - Edge cases when report says that loyalty was lowered from lower to higher number should be prevented.
    TRAIVBXXIV-6301 - Alliance Medals images are now being displayed again.
    TRAIVBXXIV-6304 - Train 3 settler Quest will now be correctly marked as finished when you settle before it is shown as available quest.
    TRAIVBXXIV-6309 - Statistics 2.0: Icons can be misaligned for translated text.
    TRAIVBXXIV-6314 - Village statistics: Troops: Own troops: if player has more than one village, the order of the villages changes when refresh.
    TRAIVBXXIV-6313 - Overloaded database causes lagging on game server.
    TRAIVBXXIV-6321 - AS2018: Incorrect troop speed in the conquered villages.
    TRAIVBXXIV-6258 - Confederacy: Forum: invited alliance doesn't see the confederacy forum (Forum tab)
    TRAIVBXXIV-6266 - Statistics: Opening Alliance tab will show an empty page, even if there are several alliances in the server
    TRAIVBXXIV-6273 - AS2018: Marketplace: Trade routes: Wrong estimation of needed merchants
    TRAIVBXXIV-6275 - AS2018: Village overview: Troops change tribe depending which village is selected
    TRAIVBXXIV-6255 - Mobile: Cannot open village or oasis info page through map in high res

    Dear community,

    Most of you noticed and probably were affected one way or another by Townhall celebration bug that occurred on almost all our game worlds recently. Yesterday our technical specialists installed hotfix that solved the issue.
    We understand inconvenience this bug created to you and sincerely apologize for it. Therefore, decision has been made also to grant small compensation to the players that has already been delivered.

    • All players who are currently playing on the servers that started before 05.09.2018 received 20 gold compensation.
    • Players of the Closed beta server received 50 gold each.

    In addition, currently our Customer Support Team is working on the list of players worldwide who gained big unfair advantage by abusing this bug and appropriate measures will be taken.
    We promise, that the issue will be given further thorough consideration to find out what caused it and how it can be prevented in the future. We will do our best to make sure the bug won't happen I the future.
    Thank you for your understanding and good luck on Travian battlefields!

    Your Travian: Legends Team

    Dear players! New release will soon be installed on all Travian: Legends gameworlds.

    Rollout: with downtime (~5 to ~20 Minutes)
    Date: [b]August, 23rd, ~09:00 am UTC+1[/b]

    T4.4 (deadcat) Release 116.1 (3588)

    Bugs that had been fixed:

    TRAIVBXXIV-6168 - Sitters will now have a tooltip over greyed out "Accept" button in T&C to be informed that only the main player can accept T&C.
    TRAIVBXXIV-5650 - In the Player profile the Backslash will not longer be displayed as ?92 when used in village name
    TRAIVBXXIV-5724 - Long village name no longer break layout of Hero's Mansion
    TRAIVBXXIV-5296 - Interface help: Text does not overlap anymore with other element when width is decreased
    TRAIVBXXIV-5623 - Map: Mobile: On IOS touch screen devices, whole page doesn't moves with scrolling anymore
    TRAIVBXXIV-5896 - fixed a tiny layout issue about the quest masters
    TRAIVBXXIV-5662 - RTL: Tutorial: Red outline misaligned for hero image button
    TRAIVBXXIV-6189 - Troops: Settler's speed is now correct for Egyptians, Teutons and Romans
    TRAIVBXXIV-6080 - IGM: Changing language settings does now impact the language of payment messages
    TRAIVBXXIV-5371 - Tabs are now clickable close to the edge

    Dear players!

    We're happy to announce that Travian: Path to Pandora server will not only feature new chiefing mechanics. To make server more entertaining, we decided to combine 3 domains - UK, US and AU and make a mutual server for those countries.

    • Server start is planned on September, 17th, 2018
    • Map size - 401x401

    More information coming soon.

    Your Travian: Legends team

    Dear players!
    This time 2 updates are planned to be installed on all servers soon.

    Rollout: with downtime (~5 to ~20 Minutes)
    Date: August, 16th, ~09:00 am UTC+1

    T4.4 (fatcat) Hotfix 48.7 (3535)

    Fixed bugs:
    TRAIVBXXIV-5514 Exchanging Gold and Silver will no longer break the tool-tip display
    TRAIVBXXIV-6074 It is no longer possible to break the internal info page of an alliance
    TRAIVBXXIV-6098 The incorrect tab order in live world statistics has been fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-5936 Data is now loaded correctly when switching between farm lists
    TRAIVBXXIV-5937 The attack option is now disabled for sitters when opening a Natar village from the map
    TRAIVBXXIV-5922 A bug that prevented players from receiving a new invitation from the same alliance has been fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-5980 Trying to leave an alliance and entering an incorrect password no longer opens a new pop-up
    TRAIVBXXIV-6072 Entries are no longer duplicated after editing raids in the farm list
    TRAIVBXXIV-5649 Repeat attack coordinates are now pre-filled after selecting a different village in reports
    TRAIVBXXIV-5447 Farm list error messages are now displayed as pop-ups
    TRAIVBXXIV-5965 Training 3 Settlers before the quest appears will now also complete it

    T4.4 (deadcat) Release 102 (3542)

    TRAIVBXXIV-6010 A player can see alliance invitations in the embassy, even if they already belong to an alliance.

    Fixed bugs:
    TRAIVBXXIV-5572 A bug has been fixed regarding misbehavior when refreshing the alliance bonus box expansion
    TRAIVBXXIV-5484 Map: The screen would move when the mouse cursor was dragged toward the south east of the map
    TRAIVBXXIV-5779 Rally Point, Marketplace, Map: It was not possible to paste both coordinates together
    TRAIVBXXIV-5312 Statistics: Players with the same values appeared at different ranking positions in different tabs
    TRAIVBXXIV-5504 Alliance: Assign to position: Player names were cut short in RTL
    TRAIVBXXIV-5893 Marketplace: Send resources: The number of merchants was not checked between deliveries
    TRAIVBXXIV-5877 Regions: Accounts in deletion started by Multihunter were included in regional population

    Dear Community,

    Some of you might not know what a postcard is, but long time ago it was a nice way to send memories of your trip to your friends.

    Why not send us a postcard connected with Travian: Legends (a palace, a residence, a castle, a grainmill, or …) from your holidays or your home town:

    Travian: Legends
    c/o Travian Games GmbH
    Wilhelm-Wagenfeld-Straße 22
    80807 München

    Below here you see an example:

    Do not forget to write your forum account name and your domain in your postcard, so that we can assign you the prize! And what will be this prize?

    Every participant will receive 100 Gold.

    This map shows you where we have received postcards from so far.

    Note: the postcards should reach us latest on 1st October 2018.

    We can’t wait to see your postcards and hang them in the Travian: Legends office!

    Your Travian Team

    Dear players!

    We're happy to announce that UK2 server will be restarted on 07.08.2018 at 07:00 UTC+1

    General information about the game world:



    Artefacts setup


    Construction plans setup



    T4.4 (3 Tribes)

    Map size


    All upcoming events at one glance in our montly calendar! August Calendar