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    Hi all. I updated my post about known workaround for most pressing issues. The rest has been forwarded.

    Hi all. I want to inform that our developers are working on the hardware issue, that currently causes number of disruptions ingame and they promise that it will get fixed soon.

    So far known (most frequent) issues they are working on:

    Contextual help cannot be closed -> workaround: temporarily disable contextual help in game options

    Second and third village do not give expected production despite resource fields lvl 5 -> devs currently working on that. Suggested (and confirmed) workaround from players: transfer your hero to those villages. The additional resources from the hero triggers the change.

    Аpplying resource rewards from hero inventory can overflow storage, and thus result in losing resources -> workaround: please check thoroughly how many resources you want to move before performing action.

    Sorry for inconvenience. We'll keep you posted.

    Dear community,

    our Support Team is receiving quite some requests about how to change the in-game language interface on the Tournament Qualification gameworlds. Below here you can find the short instruction:

    • Go to the game settings (the gear icon on the top right of the page)
    • Choose the first tab called "Game"
    • Scroll down to the Language settings
    • Select a different language in the drop down menu
    • Click "Save"

    Your Travian: Legends Team

    Couldn't find it with Google how it should look when it's new :) (But have to admit - I didn't search that deep). But the logo on the front panel is also Lamborghini, yes. The bull.

    And another image. Tractor with a paper behind the front glass, saying this is in fact Lamborghini, that was used for painting the benches in the park. I am not sure if it's a joke or Lamborghini does really manufactres also tractors, but I found that quite amusing :)

    I have another riddle for you, there is nothing really interesing on that picture just a small shop, located in quite a rundown area, that sells some Asian food. Still almost every person in Russia will recognize which city the picture has been made of from a first glance. Guesses what is so revealing in that image? (Hint - there is no city name on that image, it would have been too easy then)

    My today picture is a bit sad and made in 2017. But still it's an image I am looking at currently. Notre Dame, my visit to Paris in January 2017. France, my heart is with you today.


    Hey here.

    Not sure whether similar thread already exists, if yes, poke me and I'll merge it with the existing one. But I recently thought about nicknames. Some choose nicknames by chance (because all other fancier were occupied), others choose it deliberately. But this name (especially forum one) - normally means something.

    My name - as many guessed - comes from the song of Era which I really loved ~13 years ago when I started playing Travian. So, I had same name ingame and on forum. That was a name I didn't intend to use for long, but it turned out to be quite a long history.

    And the current Discord (and often ingame one) comes from one of my fafourite wild cats - Manul aka Pallas' Cat.
    Normally Manuls in all the zoos look like that: (you see cat anywhere else but the sign? No? Well, that's the plan!).

    But recently the one that was born in Novosibirsk zoo and fed by domestic cat was caught on camera when he was playing outside. And it's cutest video ever!

    So, what's the story behind your Travian name? Share it.:)

    Hi. About that points.

    • Actions leading to an overload of the servers and/or can considerably adversely affect the game play for other users.

    This rule refers to some deliberate actions that can result in breaking the game to other users up to unplayable level (server crash etc). If we apply that to spiking, then on that matter why not apply that to killing someone's WWK at home. This action would definitely "adversely affect the game play" for the WWK owner and their team.

    Back to the spiking issue and more serious note - devs are currently discussing it, as I mentioned in another thread dedicated to that shortly before. I will come back to you in the nearest future with more information about it. Some time within next 10 days or so (can't say more presicely due to upcoming bank holidays).

    Dear Community,

    We are happy to inform you that you will be able to use, if you want, the Gold transfer links generated at the end of the Tournament 2018 Finals, also in the Tournament 2019 Qualification and/or Finals.

    Your Travian: Legends Team