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    this achievement comes with an hard work from the whole team when Brezzok planned non-stop any kind of ops to kill and clear enemies all around . Since there is nothing left to kill in our quad we moved to the next and still very efficient . Yes there was enemies but they didn't survive at all to Goat. That's why it looks so easy right now.

    Francois / Dj and a song

    This is the Christmas Message from Sandra on DJ and a Song of GOAT alliance on com4. I would like to nominate her, my dual, and her MMs for keeping the team entertained in 2018-2019. Her forum name is Galaxysong_COM

    Twas the Night

    Twas the night before Christmas and BAD is a wreck

    They know that GOATS are giving them heck

    The players no longer log in to see

    They know they are farms, with nowhere to flee

    The Goat Kids are nestled all snug in their beds

    While visions of victory danced in their heads

    With Marleen in her kerchief, and Oscar in his cap

    Have just settled down for a long winter's nap

    The Animals are hiding back in their caves

    While BadGaul and Dark Lord, are digging their graves

    What horrible leaders, plotting and seeking

    A way to beat Goat hammers, who are always attacking.

    When what to our wandering eyes should appear

    But enemies marching and coming too near

    More rapid than eagles, the catas they came

    Looking for their brief moment of fame

    The enemy rumbled into our quad with a bound

    Oscar and Marlene must bring them down

    They call up the praets and add on the spears

    Go Talon, go Force, go Golem – No Fears

    Animal eyes how they pulsate

    So blood shot and gory

    This blasphemous NTO creature

    So filthy and hoary

    They came at Goat throats with their grim claws extended

    But the anvils were there, and saved its victim intended

    They screamed with a fiendish sound, as hammers splatted

    And slunk back to their quads whipped and wounded

    And I heard Goats exclaim as they fled out of sight

    "You've done it now, get ready to fight !

    Goat anvils are strong, but our hammers are too

    Peter is on the job, “We are coming for you."


    To all Who celebrate Christmas, we wish you a joyful holiday

    And to all Goats everywhere, we wish a blessed day with cheerful hearts

    From Sandra & Francois

    DJ and a Song

    you view of the game was and still is totally right mate...part of warriors success was due to the OCs that took over and did very well. It is very easy to tell we were going to win once the server is tribute go to all the team players in Warriors who contribute to this victory once again. This game is getting harder to be nice to play since there is less players months after months...very sad but true.

    thanks for the good fight !

    the drop

    LOOOOOOOOOL are such a kid and now you are stepping away and cannot fight and be a man?
    All i can see from your account is an arrogant OC shooting with a water gun...yes because you are faking non-stop with a pea soup.
    If you want respect from others you should start to look at yourself.

    Well, there's nothing wrong with your arrogance. I could smell it before even logging in to the forum.
    Who's the zerg here anyway? You have been a 4 wing block since almost day 1, the other side is loose sand disguised as a coalition. The zergs are you yourself. If Warriors do not win this server.... now THAT would be shameful.

    pignouf arrogant.LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL what a joke Frisian,,,is she is I am santa clauss

    The trainers, which you failed to take during their release, were almost gifted to you by Samkiller and players sleeping on them. Is it your fault that players did not care enough to move or defend them? No. Of course you would be happy with that :D but is it a thing to boast about? I don't think so...
    You may be perfectly happy with your strategy and the way that you are planning to move the server forward. You have won the previous TS4, no? So to say it is a failure of a strategy is wrong. However, is it a strategy that your opponents or neutrals will respect? I don't think so... does it make the server fun? no. Does it inspire players to go inactive? Yes.

    I played 2009/2010/2011 servers and I remember seeing the name of Warriors/CWL/Immortals back then even. Who knows if any of these original players still play with you, but would they play like this back then? Of course not and the server level back then would not allow it :) but now its very easy to play it safe unfortunately. Some of your players deleted due to boredom, no? Like DEXTEX who I knew since 2009 when he played with WBBP (The best alliance Ive ever seen). Im sure he deleted because of your strategy because to play with an alliance like that (who dominated offensively like no other) and to move to a strategy like yours would be very boring.

    If I were you 2 ex i would stop to tell things like this, you have totally no idea of what we are doing here.
    Samkiller never gave us any arti and our brilliant players stole them. if there is 10 teams then you will find 10 strategies and they are changing though the servers because we need to manage issues but i guess you are bright enough to know this since you are leading.

    For your info I am playing since over 10 years and i was part of IM and played with cwl and warriors....what you said made no sense at all since we have many veterans from the 3 teams.


    can you stop to tell bullcrap ....if you have any problems...fix that on the battlefield
    who ever everyone is...have respect for each other...that is just a game !!!