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    It strikes me that throughout the years, the number of players is less than it used to be, which in fine means less farms to raid.

    Could the raid income be raised a bit ?

    It will always puzzle me that, whenever there is an update, TG team (developers) are always able to bug something which used to work fine before.

    It will always puzzle me too that TG team (MH, support, and even mods) try to cover the developers by always minimizing the problems, if and when they are not denying it bluntly as if all the players were crazy or stupid

    I am all for the right for everyone to have his own opinion. Some in this thread seem to claim the right to their own facts though, that's stupid

    No, some here just said that you shouldn't call people clowns just because you are whining about too few attacks on you. Just read up the post you wrote yourself

    and my pinkie told me that people from the zerg didn't trust each other and that they had too many egos in their ranks too. Such a shame : you gave us some sweaty nights to start with, and then it fell down like a soufflé out of the oven too long

    How strange... We had the same kind of downtime and maintenance for over 24 hours not so long ago.

    As for the rest, it is the usual crap served by TG team. I'm sorry for those who have to use it against their thinking, but as employed (if they are free workers, I don't see why they stay, or do they like / love to serve people crap ?)

    Gift and not compensation : read the terms... We have never been customers, but mere "users" and "players". And this company advertising a free game is actually talking about money a lot for a free game. Just have a look at the so called terms : 8 pages out of 13 are talking about money !!!!

    "Sure !" ! would you try to make us believe that elfs are working with Santa Claus in the north Pole too ? Why... You might as well have invited us to come and get them, and also destroy the treasury, to make is so much easier for us !

    Well, at least, now I know who was "slightly lucky". Really really "slightly lucky" that a hero died when there were still living hammer left. Or his arti would have poofed away like so many others did.

    But he is the one who is playing chicken now.

    LOOOOOOOOOL are such a kid and now you are stepping away and cannot fight and be a man?
    All i can see from your account is an arrogant OC shooting with a water gun...yes because you are faking non-stop with a pea soup.
    If you want respect from others you should start to look at yourself.

    Actually, I don't totally agree with you : his off rank is high enough to have hit something else than oasis and Natars. But for the rest, I agree :D


    Still no comment about that LB you lost from the "slighly lucky" guy ?

    Again you judge without knowing people... Have a good look in a mirror, and tell yourself what you just wrote on #1 as if you were saying it to someone else... What would that other person think of you, really ? Have a better look : you should see it pretty well.

    It would never cross my mind to write a post just to bash at someone. For me, the war is not won before the server is over. We may win, we may lose, but at least we can do this with dignity.

    And according to my long and various experience, sore losers are the ones bashing at people, just the way you are doing : you are giving yourself excuses for not succeeding as well as you thought you would. Strange thing that you didn't (yet... at least) accuse us of cheating ! Sore losers end up doing it, since they need an excuse for losing.

    But for now, you are no winner, no loser, just dismayed at our gameplay. Well, it is our gameplay. It is a consequence of RL and we had to accomodate, like it or not. And if you don't like it, I don't care.

    Me ? Arrogant ? Well Mister "I believe I'm the only one to be honourfull and right, since only what I say is true" : before seeing a straw in your neighbour's eyes, you should better take care of the beam you have in yours.

    What do you call someone going on the forum and making a post to provoke the other side by calling it ugly names ? ... mhhh... let me think... Arrogant, perhaps ? Let me check in the dictionnary : in the Cambridge dictionnary :

    Arrogant : believing you are better than others

    Sounds like it fits you perfectly, Mr Straighter than an i !

    I thought you were referring to the boots rip. Not sure where your 3 times come from. Elaborate

    I thought that the zerg communicate, but apparently it is not the case. Mind you, I can understand : it is pretty shameful to say that 1 player alone managed to steal not once, but twice from the same ally.

    Miley Cyrus stole 2 small trainers, before he stole the small boots. All by himself. He made his own ops. This is why I say that it was not luck. He fooled everyone :D

    Well, I ain't no chicken. I'm an old hen. And since the server start, I only attacked capitals, mostly alone too, except for 2 ops.

    But really, you should reply to MetAlien. I'm really looking forward to your reply to him

    Well, it is a war game. What is important is that it should be efficient. I'm not judging people attacking small players whom the op maker knows that there won't be any def there, so it is "stupid" too, no ? yet I won't say it is stupid, since it is efficient.

    Are you looking for someone to booh at ? someone to blame ? I'm not a leader, and I know why I don't want to be one. Simple player, having (or not) fun.
    I have nothing more to add to your sorry blahblah.

    Who gives a damn about who respects what ? Who will remember who won or lost after say... 3 or 4 servers ? It is a game, remember ? So there is no reason to be as sour as a lime. There is no real life or death threat here. The worst thing that can happen is to have a white night now and then.

    Play your game, and let this boring server get over with.