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    Well, I for one will not congratulate you. It will not surprise anyone. This is what I think of you : all my villages are talking about IKEA alliance, and I don't give a damn about knowing who is responsible, because everyone in IKEA followed.

    With a half sized map, can we hope for a reduced Tournament Square speed ? Because 5x speed seems a bit too much. It already is much more difficult to organize defence now, so if the map is small, it will make it very difficult.

    Spend a fortune to buy gold, change it to silver and buy as many cages and ointments as you can, even a bucket or 2, no matter the price, so that your hero stays fit as long as possible.

    Get all of your friends and famlily to open an account to help you (those helping accounts are called "techs").

    Make lots of raiding troops

    Try to get a CP helmet, doesn't matter if it costs a fortune (like 1 million silver, or even more).

    Repeat the following as often as possible

    - Get those accounts to kill their heroes for you on oasis because you can't do it by yourself, then go with a few cages to get it cleared and ready to raid

    - Raid the oasis.

    you should be able to get your 2nd village very fast, and when your techs do, they can send you resources, provided that you get them in same alliance, or you can raid them if they are in another one.

    This is how most of top players do this today. I am not a top player and won't do this because there is nothing to be proud about doing so.

    I don't condone multiaccounting, yet all alliances hold the password of an account which has been abandoned, waiting for a new owner.

    I am more worried about all these "star" players who can only become "stars" by cheating, getting resources that they didn't earn themselves. Those are crap stars, just like some gold coin which is in reality crap with a golden color on the outside.

    But here, we are talking about punishment. I find it very disturbing that players cannot defend themselves. They are never given a chance to : TG found them guilty, so TG punishes them without providing the slightest shred of evidence.

    - TG bans

    - TG judges

    - TG punishes.

    In IRL, this would NEVER be tolerated, even in dictaturial countries

    As usual, the big time cheaters will go through the net and only smaller players will be punished. Among them some will be innocent too. TG is the first one to break the rules, since it is stated in their rules not to use a modified browser when TG themselves do modify the browser's behavior.

    For example,

    1) the auto-completion was enabled before last change, it is not anymore, hence everyone must type coords for villages when sitting an account without Gold Club if they want to ship res. to another village. Why is that, if not to urge players to buy the damn Gold Club?

    2) Before, it was possible to get out of BP and raid, hence losing BP. Now, it is not possible to choose to end BP, and the only things you can raid during this time are oasis, which require either big buying on auctions, or cheating with techs / multiaccounts.

    3) Before you got 500 CP holding a small celebration in townhall, now it is much less at start, and yet some players get their 2nd village faster than BP ends.

    So I'm wondering... Are those changes real changes or just enough changes from TG's strategy in order to quiet down those who are not happy with the way changes are performed ? Because do not wonder about it : those changes are actually performed as long as TG put your golds in their pockets, not in any way are they made to please you.

    you most certainly would not know about it.

    Say that I have been with The WILD on their 3 last servers, I know the new server tune. No tune for com2. But a The WILD alpha told me that there is no truth to this (oh yeah : I still am in contact with my old mates)

    So I can guarantee that any The WILD showing up as a team would not be tthe great one


    It strikes me that throughout the years, the number of players is less than it used to be, which in fine means less farms to raid.

    Could the raid income be raised a bit ?

    It will always puzzle me that, whenever there is an update, TG team (developers) are always able to bug something which used to work fine before.

    It will always puzzle me too that TG team (MH, support, and even mods) try to cover the developers by always minimizing the problems, if and when they are not denying it bluntly as if all the players were crazy or stupid

    I am all for the right for everyone to have his own opinion. Some in this thread seem to claim the right to their own facts though, that's stupid

    No, some here just said that you shouldn't call people clowns just because you are whining about too few attacks on you. Just read up the post you wrote yourself

    and my pinkie told me that people from the zerg didn't trust each other and that they had too many egos in their ranks too. Such a shame : you gave us some sweaty nights to start with, and then it fell down like a soufflé out of the oven too long

    How strange... We had the same kind of downtime and maintenance for over 24 hours not so long ago.

    As for the rest, it is the usual crap served by TG team. I'm sorry for those who have to use it against their thinking, but as employed (if they are free workers, I don't see why they stay, or do they like / love to serve people crap ?)

    Gift and not compensation : read the terms... We have never been customers, but mere "users" and "players". And this company advertising a free game is actually talking about money a lot for a free game. Just have a look at the so called terms : 8 pages out of 13 are talking about money !!!!