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    Yeah, you are right, Ele : this has been a request for years and still nothing has change on that matter...

    "Our defenders" aka PD? Maybe. I'm talking from the point of view defenders who are equal partners of offensive accounts in an alliance, not support accounts. Would be nice to hear from defenders themselves anyway, I assume you are not one of such?

    Well, I am (Wild Fire) and really, I'm not so sure it is a good idea :roll:. I didn't know that we got points on RoA. It is true : I came in the game very late, though

    In my opinion, and even though I strongly agree that defensive players should in some way get more recognition, defensive players are anonymous, and because of that, they are less attacked (mostly less fakes and less attacks on them) than offensive players. I am not sure that drawing attention to them is a good idea.

    It could lead to more attacks on them and thus entice some of them to keep their troops to themselves, even though they most probably wouldn't have enough to kill the incoming hammer(s).