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The applications for the 🔥 Legends on Tour 2020 - Summit 🔥 are open.

If you think you would be a good fit to represent one of these communities Anglosphere, Balkans, France, Germany, International COM, Italy, Lusobrasilero or Russia, read all the details and submit your application.

➡️ More information here ⬅️

If your community is not between the selected one, but you still want to provide your input for the event, feel free to visit and participate in the discussion on the International forum.

    We have no idea how to play this. What is unique diet? Are you calling us fat?

    There is plenty of time to learn, we all want to progress. Aparently you guys might win by doing nothing, but I trust Kazah's wallet :)

    I haven't seen THC's armies, where are they ? You guys sim for 4 months with unique diet and boots while Bedlam and Web lost troops every week.

    No, because imagine, how dumb system is - that if blocked person quotes you, you still get a freaking notification. That's how perfect this system is. I can ignore you, ban you, block you... and you would still appear for me in the notifications. That's annoying af.

    This means, the universe wants us to be friends.

    If you would not care, you would not press left click to show it, I know you ignored me so my posts do not appear to you unless you click. :/

    What you doing man ? Let's be friends

    Why you doing this and hurting my feelings ? ;(
    Teach me how to play this game, it's only my first server.

    You can fake 100 villages, if you send hero + chiefs it's obvious, considering your last attacks on this server, also your attacks on previous servers.

    Sad you are deleting. It was official statement, so if I don't see you deleted in 2 weeks we will call you a liar.

    So far Web proved to be the better alliance. But considering only 25-30 members of Bedlam are pre-formed our bounds are not tied as when full TM were playing and devastating every server.
    Also, it DOES NOT matter who is the winner in the end, those VP proves nothing, it's important the journey.
    Same goes on WW servers, getting a WW 100 is boring and shows nothing . If you are playing only to see a screen at the end then you played for nothing.

    I like your level of trolling, keep this way and you'll catch me, Queen :D , THC is close to win and you quit, yeah sure.