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    fnx you said that you didn't want to kick cheaters because other metas cheat. That is what I got from reading your forum post. I can have misunderstand,That is fine.

    but what is not fine is you calling spiking toxic, and thinking that spiking is worse than cheating, again me reading into your post. But you have the chance to correct me.

    so fnx can we agree that spiking is ok and cheating is bad?

    how the hell you reached that conclusion of Spiking is ok cheating is not from Spiking is worse than Cheating? Of course spiking is worse, you make the game unbearable for players who do not cheat and are raiding inactives to build up their hammers. Spiking's survivors are the ones who cheat - the ones whose game is not affected by it - the storage users and the tech users. If i ever anywhere said Spiking is better than cheating, it was a mistake. One is punishing the fair players while the other one still does what he's doing....

    Also - reading my posts I call both tech and storage users as cheaters - but TG doesn't call either of those cheaters rather than calls both as Team Players. So - again, go get your facts right. In my book they're cheating, not based on mods and Multihunters to whom we've repeatedly reportedly such players.

    You're the ones that turned the forums into a toxic place, don't act surprised when nobody wants to bother with replying to your made up bullshit.

    Kid, you're the ones who blames others for doing the same thing as you're doing and yet you still believe that it's others who make the forums toxic and not you. I'd love to search for a server without Villains to avoid all this headache you give from your hypocritical statements.

    we do it because we think people should be able to play as they chose whit in the rules. And we want travian not only to be a sim game where you mindless send raid list out every 10 min.

    Based on your definition, raiding techs is legal - it's playing within the rules. Also storing hammers is legal. Then why exactly are you calling others cheaters? If it's only the bots - go take up your stance with the travian-market please.

    fnx You told before you found a player in Grande NE who was 100% Lowlands ... don't know if I should be happy with a sorry from someone who lied before

    Who said that was a lie? It wasn't. You might not know it, but you got sneaky members on your side. Both those facts were true - but back then there was 2 possibility, now I've narrowed it down to Eatie's team doing dirty job for Villains.

    so fun you are talking about rules in this server. Spiking is legal strategy, but having bots to farm is not. Calling spiking toxic but doesn't care about botting in your team. care to explain that fnx. My opinion is clear better to spike than to bot.

    lol? Nobody on our side bots - there's 100s of bots banned in all 4 quadrants - so either all 4 sides bots or, if this is not your first server, it is travian-market that bots to sell its resources to all 4 sides. And bots spawn in every server - even in finals from what i've heard. So please go get your facts right first.

    I mean if you do not know this much - I believe you're just enjoying the attention then. A random noob being noticed by biggies? Just because a bunch of idiots run TG who code anti-spiking policies based on the demands of .com Legend servers, and then excludes the damn Legends from these updates... And if they'd not, you'd have remained a nobody to us.

    I hope more players will take up spiking, so we can make travian a better game. Me and some friends startet this server to spike, while we wait for our normal server to start. I dont think it is the best time to start spiking, but love that some are during it.

    hmm... some people who're waiting for a new server to start? Yep, that'd be eatie and his Slayers co if i recall correctly from our chats. Nice new forum account you created btw.

    Anyways, sorry to lowlands - on behalf of spike accusations. I'm sure their leaders are not behind it. Just had to preform a small experiment, If it had been Lowlands - the blame on lowlands would result into two either of the two possible outcomes:
    1. If it's lowlands, they'd most likely stop it or lower it while denying it.

    2. If it's not lowlands, due to the accusation on lowlands and a rift being created among SGR and lowlands - they'd increase the spikes to make sure no future offers between SGR and Lowlands is possible. To put some bad blood among them. And the spikes did get worse since yesterday.

    And further, this post I quoted above. Also, I do remember back then talking to eatie and chemicalweapon and their allies are waiting for a new server. That's one clue.

    2nd - After having offered to Eatie to join us in NE before the server started, , he goes and makes another post in forums Looking for Large PREMADE. Why? To get an offer from an opposition and work with someone else to disrupt our game.

    3rd and most solid proof that I got - After this happened - someone mentioned (with proofs that I cannot disclose) that there are players that want to disrupt NE quardant by getting over the center for Villains to help them with unique arties. But back then I assumed Villains was too small to matter at all. Well ,CW aka Chemical Weapons name was in that list. And since then I stopped talking to both those guys and we kept watch. Also the reason, we captured our central croppers asap instead of having to fight for Gz. But Of course, Eatie, his dual CW and their coterie of noobs didn't have enough skills to get anything at the center - so this is now what they're resorting on. Spikes! Spikes NE - and mention on profile we'll spike this quadrant. Damn amateurs.

    But sure - I see you guys have liked the post of that guy about war game. So, do you want to remove all the laws and rules and play the server like warriors? And make the server so toxic without rules and laws so that only chaos and anarchy will survive and all the good players and raiders will quit the game and let noobs like eatie to flourish, and of course - that would only leave the cheaters with storage and techs to survive the game and so Villains will become the unstoppable force of .com servers till players from finals join that server and beat them with more techs...

    But I have to say, 24k (so far) of our Troops died while trying to feed the mouths of their family. Now, their widows and children sit hungry and we have to feed them without having the income. And So, I really getting inclined to equip them and send them to avenge their warriors in a gorilla warfare. Travian doesn't listen to us to implement a stupid feature which they've stupidly already programmed and all it requires is a stupid update. But then so be it - if they want to cause more quits then let's make this server even more toxic than how it already is?

    @Fnx> It is an aggravating amount of time to identify the little toads that spike but there is something very satisfying about hunting and squishing accounts like that.

    Finding who spiked the farms is quite easy. Specially with the updated def points system. Smashing them is also easy. However, the issue that remains would be if some other quad is behind it to support those accounts when you are getting rid of those X/

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    I'd have thought this was a local spiker - but that status clearly shows that this is a plant. "I'd defend every farm in the 'Quadrant'"... Analyze it however you want, and you'd come to the conclusion that this is a foreign plant. One of the reasons is that we've been attacking Grand NE players. So his claim is complete bs.

    Anyways, dear lowlands, you might think you guys are oversmarting others by spiking their farms. But there's been some agreements among the com1 players to mutually demolish such players - and to not spike each other. I have two reasons to believe this is lowlands.

    firstly, we do know one player 100% from Grand NE to belong to lowlands - and there are some others in doubts too. So we've not ruled out that Grand NE Is Lowlands themselves. And 2ndly, there was that last time I pasted another screen shot in this forums of spikes in 40mins through the new week - I checked all those players, and they all belonged to NE/NW and SE. I refreshed the page some minutes later, some new names popped up, still no SW. I didn't want to bring it up back then since I wasn't raiding myself but this time we've felt the losses. But you guys should know that - we do not do sneaky stuffs like this, last time we got spiked from an enemy account, we spiked their quadrants from our own accounts. So, that they know who's behind it. I hate toxic servers - If i have to spend a year with you lot i'd rather enjoy the competition rather than have a headache. So, please warn your players - if your leaders do not know about this. And if you believe it's all fair in love and war, let us know your official stance so that we also show you some love too.


    Majority of veterans of .com Legends 1x server are playing on com1 server. And all of us I'm sure agree that this mechanic should be added to the Legends 1x servers. We do not care about finals, if they prefer living in stone age then give them their own servers. But please in regular com1x, we ask for that change.

    mods please :| In 2 years it'll be a decade that I'm begging for this stupid change to happen. Or this is a propaganda to promote ROA with us Legends player? :rolleyes:

    Regarding the reports, these are what was sent in MM

    HIMO vs [SGR] Killstreak / cleared def

    [VICES W] Dark Thoughts vs [SGR] Killstreak x 8 waves

    [VICES G] Criminal Minds vs [SGR] Killstreak

    [VICES W] Dark Thoughts vs. [SGR] Killstreak x 8 waves

    [VICES G] Smut Addict vs [SGR] Killstreak

    [VICES G] HIMO vs. [SGR] Killstreak x 1 wave

    [VICES G] Tasmanian Devil vs [SGR] Killstreak

    [VICES G] Super Soaker vs [SGR] Killstreak

    [VICES W] Dark Thoughts vs. [SGR] Killstreak x 16 waves

    It was big of Hb to accept an invitation to sgr and share his farms with other sgr players, he really has nothing to hide.

    hb has a good ban records in past so i won't overrule the possibility of him not repeating the history again. And I will not say, this year, we do not have any team work utilizers either.

    But either ways, what I mean is - one should always know which fellow cheaters you got on your sides before you try to divert all the attentions by pointing that one player who's been known for it in past. A team that cheats the most - who's entire wwks come through "team work", shouldn't have the biggest mouth really :|

    Last year, when we had just the one "tech farmer" - i stopped bringing up any cheatings or as they like to call it, "team work". And then even last year it was VIllains who had the audacity to bring up that wolf's using techs, blaming him for raiding 100mill+ per week (even though at least 3/4th was the local farms) while completely overlooking that their players are using over 250k per hour resources by parking their troops elsewhere (actually lot more than 250k - 250k was parked at just one account). And on top of that, wolf was punished by spiking too, unlike the storage users who can chill and make the biggest wwks with the least sweat and a little more gold X/

    And it's always fun to know that Villains had failed to recruit the very same wolf from us. (Also, someone pointed out that their "leadership" never approached wolf, but then I do believe Bkk was part of their leadership - and he did approach him.)

    Seals Guild

    Bruh?! please... SGR stands for Slackers Guild and RÖnin. Seal is just a skype's emoji fever like (monkey) had on the time of release

    Good analysis :P would've been a lot better if you could maybe dig out the representatives of alliances in the top 100s too :P also if someone had some more time, check which players has how many oasis and how many players with 4 villages with 5 villages or more in alliances to compare the quality too.

    This was literally posted 10hrs ago...

    :rolleyes: We can't discuss the reasons, but we can at least point out that they were banned right? So I'll just go ahead and point out that two top raiders from Villains and few of their surrounding Villains players that we noticed were banned too.

    Lol, your launches on our WW were so so baroque - and we were soo tired - that we did a call on a fake :D. I wonder why you made the guy launched a fake landing at the exact time of the planned real though.

    we didn't make him, he sent on his own - but he had boots being activated, which meant he could beat that timing to land earlier which he as matter of fact did - and you gave a lot of thoughts to that ops. almost James words, " we didn't want to miss the all in call" - so if you see ops landing at 9, you'd not give an all in call at 10:30 - when our unlaunched wwRs and wwks landing time started from 10:45 and onwards based no our gt.

    That was discussed before - and pretty sure it'll keep coming up again X/ Somehow I'm glad that it was not our final train - for which we hit lvl 100 paranoia and not even the meta leaders knew the landing times.

    spreading lies? Since when have you guys ever talked the truth for me to ask you this time? You guys still claim that last year in a game turning defensive decision, you gave an all in ww def call 2hrs later than our ops timer, based on seeing the first "ww fake" that was timed 2 hours after our ops :) An all in call earlier was possible, later was not. Specially when the later all-in call somehow was exactly 15 mins earlier than the gettertools plan for our rammer hits.

    But then, you might not know about that if you're not in inner circle of Villains.

    Either ways, Andy, caller, fake, zetton from Villains are also banned. And them located in locality of those two raiders is also probably another coincidence... X/

    sadly I'm too lazy to dig the previous posts on Villains continuous reactions to HB, but it seems like 2 of their top raiders are banned for that same reason they accused HB of :) Again I'm also too lazy to dig more information on who else is banned - but these two were prominent ones

    Awesome21 who had on his profile something like, "if you're good, you'll always get blamed for cheating" and this other guy, MZY1994

    Your entitled to your opinion, personally I find memes more entertaining when taken in a more fun and unique way. I find many memes get boring quickly especially when you just recycle them with the same old deliberate refrences.

    solid point regarding the way that joker meme was used. Didn't look misused to me at all, even though it didn't have the usual meaning associated to it being portrayed here too ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ So it's a point for creativity there

    no proof lol . told here earlier about SGR's nature and how much they care to save self interest over fair play . let the cheaters cheat , if the mh dont care about such matter of cleaning multiple friendly farms nor should we can do much about just talking . so let us just compete with our integrity and hardwork .

    1 month in forums, 2 weeks in com1 - and you already an expert of SGR's nature? i've already discussed this issue enough times. HB might not be playing fair, but so does a lot other players on the server. As long as a player does not cause harm to the alliance, I'll not boot them or tell them how to run their accounts. You guys could report him if you believe he's cheating. But unless, If all 4 sides in server guarantees to boot the cheaters on their sides - do not expect me to be the only one taking the high road of ethics here. And cheating includes techs/storage/multies and whoever that's not playing for his own benefit. And again a reminder, storing def is for your own benefit, storing off is for someone else's benefit. In the end we'll just lose 1 account and in return others will be throwing peanuts at our wonder.

    What the edited have I done?

    Just ignore all the posts by Eatie - there's no team that claims his loyalty and it saves a great deal of time. He's just anti-SGR since he believes it stands for Seal something something. Also the reason he believes c9 is with us - since they're called 9th seals xD