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    I did read this on another forum yesterday, and It doesn't really seem to change anything in regards to teching though.
    I hear you guys have something in the works, and was expecting a bigger bump in regards to changes.

    These changes just looks like it was actually possible to raid confeds unlimited, and therefor an oversight to begin with.

    Or is this just another thing i am not able to understand due to "unnecessary" complexity :D


    what you want, is pretty much to sustain your health.

    Light scale armour is pretty much the best for sustained adventurering. less damage taken, and sustained regeneration of health.
    Some nice spores, just for traveling faster around.
    and if you don't need to use a standard to reach battles, just have a shield on.
    Any weapon is usable, since all that matters is the overall hero str.

    best is, if low gold, to keep some points on str. on the hero. and then as many points on ressources that you feel comfortable with.
    A nice xp helmet is good to lvl the hero faster.
    But just try and control the hero health. Regain health when you are about to lvl him up. so don't lvl him up at 90% health just after using your ointments. Try to time it for when he becomes low at health after a few adventures.

    yeah. i just sit and rename my towns.

    00T (for Traderoutes)
    01R (for Residence)

    And so forth. just so i can see what i should be building on in that town. just to get an overview sometimes. Ofc anyone can see it. but at the same time, it doesn't matter. But yeah you don't really want to show which are off and def-towns. :D
    but def and off you can always see from the village overview panel, so that has never really been much of an issue. Otherwise rename your village names once in a while through the server, so all deftowns are from 01 to 10. and then sups on 20 to 30 or something. Just so you get a better overview of things.

    Simple sim start.

    1. Do tasks, mostly storage related, into res tasks. (gives space and all the res you need to build up fields to lvl 3)
    2. Sim fields: clays to 4, wood to 4, iron to 3, grain to 4 + 1x5 for the mill task.
    3. complete residence. (use your adventure units to raid oasis that people clear around you)
    4. make settlers. Use 1st settler to raid an oasis that you clean next you (buy cages, easy to remove animals with hero that you time before your adventure troops and the settler, you can probably raid a 50% oasis, and perhaps a 25% oasis. depends on travel-time and what has been cleaned around you.
    5. Settle.

    Raiders can settle faster, so pick a safe cropper to go for.

    *Extra: Possibly use hero to clean oasis around your cropper settlement and build cheap raiding units to boost up your cropper production. since after oasis are cleaned they don't spawn units for the first 3 days, so it helps you grow your cropper well.

    Some people add an oasis to their farmlist from their own account. So if if you make sure it has a traveltime of 10 min to that oasis, then you have a red sword on your account working as a countdown for your next sending of your farmlist :)

    Just a workaround, if you want a time indicator presently. :)

    Thanks for sharing in everybody. :)

    We are glad to receive some further understanding of the changes.
    I guess we are a little old within our team, and we don't play that often, and perhaps a bit different from everyone else. But it's the first time we have experienced it.
    Maybe it's a bit rare to bump into, and we are pretty sure we traded with people that we raided last server, but i think a few new interesting points have been made as to how it could effect gameplay, and we are looking forward to a further insightful clarification of the impact it has to gameplay. :)

    fnx I hadn't even considered that it would have that effect as well. I hope it's not inforced within the boundaries on the alliance, but i think we can kinda bet that it is. :S

    Yes it's very standard to move large amounts of res around for trainer boosting and what ever players need res for boosting up.

    This is gonna have some very crazy impacts.

    On the tech note, then yes it has no effect. The only thing it does is to prevent players from boosting the techs. Let's say you complete your own cap at lvl 18 crops before arties, and then you use main off and the def accounts to boost up the techs if their production is not high enough.
    But the way many build their techs they just have them simming on their own anyways through proxy.
    And isn't this also the reason why the 1h production limit was added so many years ago, so you couldn't do these bigger pushes anyways.

    I really have no idea why this has been forced into the game.

    Ok because in the original post you talked about 2 accounts and now you are mentioning a 3rd, can you explain again what happened?

    I thought i had made it bulletproof. my bad. :D

    Here is what i have changed it to in the original post, i hope it brings more clarity:

    1 account from our alliance made a trade in the marketplace with a random enemy account on the server. Then a 2nd account from our ally raided the random enemy account after the trade had been made with the enemy (the 2nd account is also the sitter for the 1st account), and when the raid landed he got this warning in his report, resulting in a fight, but no ressources gained from the raid.

    It literally says "Sitting or usage of the same computer". So the 2 accounts are connected via a type 3 connection.

    Yes, the 2 accounts from the same ally are connected through sitting.
    The 3rd account that got traded with and then raided has no affiliation with the other 2 accounts, other than a minor trade, before being raided.

    After further consideration it also means:
    At some point we can't raid let's say 10% of the players on the server.
    Or it can mean that people can exploit trades, by accepting a trade from us, and then they have immunity from us for 2 weeks, without us even knowing.

    Hello community and representatives

    So we just came across this newly enforced rule today:


    Why did we get this?
    1 account from our alliance made a trade in the marketplace with a random enemy account on the server. Then a 2nd account from our ally raided the random enemy account after the trade had been made with the enemy (the 2nd account is also the sitter for the 1st account), and when the raid landed he got this warning in his report, resulting in a fight, but no ressources gained from the raid.

    Picture taken from the 2nd poster in the thread

    What does it mean?
    It means that if you make any trades as an account, or any account that you sit, then you can't raid the account which were traded with for 2 weeks.

    Why do we care about this?
    We as a group have been left quite speechless regarding this anti pushing feature, since it counteracts some of the most basic core functions in the game.
    And can result in some heavy downsides at different points in the game. So let me try and narrow down the main concerns.

    It's pretty simple to be honest:
    We love trading. We add hundreds of trades to the marketplace every day.
    Example: 500 clay for 1000 crop in earlygame and 6000 clay for 12000 grain lategame.

    Why do we do this?
    It's millions of ressources earned under the table, and it also helps feeding the hammers.

    So why are we bringing an attention to this?
    Both off players and the def players do this trading, and we have 0 control over who picks up the trades. And apparently whoever picks up any trades from us, is given a 14 days anti raid shield.

    Likewise there is no information about a trade has been done with an account, so at some point we might see an interesting farm, and then we go clean it, and as soon as we lose thousands of troops clearing it we will get a notification that we can't raid the account. =O Just imagine that for a second =O

    Then imagine 3 accounts in a sitter grid, whom can't control or see any of this information.
    How are we to circumvent these downsides to trading?

    So far our only solution is to completely stop trading with anyone on the server, which just means less relevant trades for the low gold users on the server, and we are left with an old feature of the game that has become completely useless.

    Was this a planned outcome of the antipushing rule?
    And can anyone share any light on the function in general, like when was it even implemented, and how do you feel this changes the flow of the game?


    Hello Fancy Summer Nerds

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    A few alliances have formed so far, and in that regard, we feel that the alliance banter should start to begin.
    If you feel like having some extra fun, share some reports, throw some nuts and memes towards the enemy, then that is the place to do it.
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    I was wondering if i was the only one who have encountered this bug...

    Any ways to fix it?

    Unfortunately no. We have to wait for a fix. We can't get rid of it by clearing cache or anything else related to personal hotfixing.
    I'm starting to get used to it, but i have upgraded the wrong res field 3 times now. ><
    This is the closest i have gotten to information regarding the issue:

    I haven't seen any news though. :D


    BlackBlade   This wonderful thing. i guess it originated from anglo, so you are aware. not really a new thing apparently, but for some it is. Unfortunately i know lemon, so he spreads it like wildfire. ;(

    So to people reading, don't touch the + or - sign.

    Will force you to keep the display of structure and field lvl's that you can see on the picture. That is not something you want to have. :D stay safe out there.

    When you decide to roll out bugs, at least inform people on the servers about it. -.-
    And please fix it before the weekend. ;(