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⭐ Advent Calendar giveaway ⭐

December! 🎁 Gift time!
Every day from December 1st to December 24th, starting at 10:00 AM (UTC+1), we'll be doing an 8-hour giveaway in Discord! Don't miss ➡️ today's surprise! ⬅️
How can you participate? Join us in the official Travian: Legends Discord server, accept the rules to unlock all the channels, head to the #advent-calendar channel, and seize your chance to win!

    Well Lemon.... clearly you thought it the right place to talk about it when you brought it up. You told me 2 sec after i joined the thread that i should stay away because you had a problem. you are so full of double morale.

    Perfect setup with 15 accounts for what excactly? and we did fine considdering the circumstances. wasn't us that gave up. ;)

    Personally i wouldn't have traded you the UT if i knew you held it, would have been easier to take it.... but you got some other artifacts that you lost instead. GJ, you really achieved so much....

    Here you state it again: "can't take a joke".
    You said the excact same thing last server when i called you out on it, after you talked trash and harrassed people for weeks, even though no-one had fun with it... and the only one truly crying about things is you, so what about you learn the rules of the game, and the responsibilities you have to stimulate good fun on the forums as a representative of travian?