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    you should learn to congratulate, always an excuse since the beginning of the game.

    People have congratulated ML plenty on discord, though playing sketchy they are gentle guys that has gotten the praise they deserve.

    Istanbul on the other hand are the classic school bullies, cheating on all exams, harassing and annoying everyone when people try to learn and have fun, and even though istanbul failed both theoretic and practical applications at the different exams through the semester/server, you still expect praise and straight A's !?

    Nahh man that's never gonna happen. You guys failed so hard and got a hell of a beating when people had enough of listening to you.

    And for some reason ML decided to carry you here in the endgame. God knows why, because they didn't need to go through all that trouble.

    There is a reason why you guys have not yet given an example of something useful your guys have contributed. And also why you have been quiet for a month here on the forum, and you should keep it that way.

    Tech accounts do NOT determine the output of the server. Despite the plethora of plus accounts, the better strategy will win the server. 9 out of 10 cases justify this - so I think "why was tech accounts enabled" is an unnecessary question. Travian Games made the game equal, I think that’s what happened.

    Ofc they offset the balance of the game, are you kidding me? :D

    1. They boost hammers earlygame, midgame and lategame, and give an advantage over def players any day.
    2. They increase amounts of natar in arti villages, forcing regular players to loose way more units and even fail on arties with a fair made hammer.
    3. They increase str. for ww hits. (not that this has that much of an impact, since low lvl hits on ww wins the game)

    9/10 the tech team would win.

    Do you like to play against tech with out tech?

    yeah you are right, they need to change things.

    Change it so you completely remove all capabilities of gameplay during the deletion period.

    Stop giving people the ability to delete their account and run around with a hammer until the last sec.

    Or the ability to keep building defence and spiking farming until the last sec.

    Either you play, or you quit playing, there shouldn't be a middle ground.

    Another great functionality to have, is the ability to add farms even though the town that owns the farmlist is not selected, as well as the ability to remove it.

    Many times 1 person is on the account and moving around simming and so forth, and another player is adding farms from map or inactive lists but it gets blocked when the primary dual is not in the farming town, it's a little silly that you have to create farmlists for all towns to get around this issue just to be able to add farms.

    Sometimes you also want to remove a farm that has turned yellow or read, and you need to access the town it belongs to, to remove it, and then you annoy the duals.

    If you can make changes to optimise these workflow and behaviors, that would give some added value as well.

    wait? you haven't seen the reports in here and server chat? I thought you knew our hammer size, but it must be hard playing the game when you are blind...

    What meta op? :D like are you serious......?

    Pros are making team up to fight kids :D than guys this round is not for you keep calm and eat your Nuts :D :P:P:P

    i think you misunderstand me. we don't need them to fight 300. i think 20 vs 3 alliances is fair enough.

    Our communication only consists of memes and a ILS report every once in a while. So don't worry

    But we can give 300/FL coalition some breathing room if you would like? You know, so you guys can get settled in all right, and have some tea parties and get to know each other.

    LoL and DN hiding their secret teamwork, name a more cowardly duo.

    aahh yes, The Almond Alliance has been revealed


    Call us nuts for getting a little support from old friends back and forth, but at least we didn't do a team up with everyone.
    We made NAP to fight 300, you deciding to try and do stuff, just forces a reaction. can't really blame us for that.

    It for sure should be possible to move farmlists from town to town. it is a very tedious process that takes hours to complete. It makes it very hard, and discouraging to relocate which town should be main raid hammer.

    Thats the point, if you want to play offensive playstyle, then "you have to make them yourself". Not simply clicking raid on inactive players endlessly and brainlessly. That's why monotonous activity that requires 0 strategy should not be rewarded at all on a strategy game. You've made a good point there. :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    raiding itself is not a meaningful engagement. Interacting with inactive players? what?

    compared to raiding, spiking is a way much more meaningful interaction because you hinder the growth of your enemy.

    Raiding inactives is not even an interaction at all. :D

    It sounds to me you don't play offence. You should always put yourself in others shoes.
    I ofc add inactive farms, but I am mostly for cleaning and killing enemies to gain from them before they show up on inactive lists. that boosts me the most at any point in the game.
    Me cleaning accounts, and then have spikers sit and inserting random units a few days later is just terrible. You didn't make the farms, and you didn't do anything to change the gameplay. I should keep what i kill. If anyone else finds them, that's fine. That doesn't mean that there has been no gameplay towards making them. in my honest opinion, people should not be able to delete from the game, which would increase the amounts of farmable accounts. Just remove the 0 pop ability to stay in the game with the last remaining town. (i'm not sure why that is a thing at all).

    I have played 2 servers now on comx with massive Tech using (I do it myself from time to time). And when you are a normal fair playing raider, you sit and farm and farm and try to catch up, but then people sit and def your farms and you lose hammers, while the techers keep raiding for free and don't lose any. How does this behavior and gameplay mechanics help fair play at all? none at all, i'll tell you that much.

    Hospital seemed like a nice add on, since it also does what bandages does, just only res costly. It's a fine inclusion, and you don't lose the entirety of your hammer and can regain the opportunity to use your hammer again faster. Very important since the servers have become shorter and shorter through the years.

    Extra reward from raiding actives compared to inactives just benefits tech'ers even more. It's not doable, nor is it balancing for the game.

    bots is surely a bad thing for the game. But there are other and more effective ways to hinder it, which i think TG has gotten better at handling. I might be very wrong on this point though. :D since teching has become the norm now instead.

    You wont get people to enjoy playing offence by reintroducing spiking, and you wont be increasing the player base by making it harder to grow your account.

    I'm really not sure why you are not pleased with the current state of the game as a def player? If you are in a decent ally that works together there is plenty of things to do, to keep yourself occupied.

    The wave builder e.g. has made it a alot easier for lesser capable players to do combined opperations across their team, and by doing so, there is more aggression on the playing field already.
    There is sure things to optimize, but i am out of time for now. :D

    I'm with IaaOkeoke. I've never engaged in deliberately spiking farms (as far as I can recall). I've been on the receiving end from time to time. Not a big deal ... you loose a few troops, and trying to track down the spiker livens up the game for a bit.

    But not being able to reinforce anyone that isn't in your alliance or confed seems like a terrible rule. What happened to the "enemy of my enemy is my friend" principle? The Machiavellian plotting and scheming? Maybe I'm just a dinosaur from an earlier age, and have to accept that Travian isn't the game that it used to be.

    You can just make a temporary confed with that enemy of your enemies enemy behind enemy lines.... or how ever we should put it. ^^

    I do feel that people are raiding more intensively now, on comx right now farms are really dry. raiding a 700 pop town gets you almost nothing, since people are more aggressively pushing the raid buttons. but if they were real farmers, they would have done that none the less.

    Now we blissfully don't end up getting cut in troop counts over and over again, and if you want better and newer farms, then you have to make them yourself. that is also an art form, and forces people to be more engaging against active players.

    BlackBlade people could and can always avoid meaningful engagements, unless spiking was a meaningful engagement? :P

    Personally i don't feel there has been any change of gameplay that makes anyone feel left out compared to before. But i am sure up for any changes that would provide optimisations for warfare. The wavebuilder feels really nice, and you get around issues with browser malfunctions when launching. I am a bit appalled that it is not included in the standard gold club though. since it is a necessary feature of the game and in principle runs along side features like raid lists.