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    There is absolutely nothing strategic about farm spiking. it's just something trolls do.
    It should never be reinstated again.
    It sure sucks you can't instantly reinforce chief targets, or other smaller aspects of gameplay, but it is worth sacrificing for not losing your hammers because of trolls that thinks spiking is cool and adds any form of value to the game.
    You can still chief and be a noob and spike a chiefed farm, nothing holds you back from doing that. But at least that is all they can do for now.

    Learn the game, and there is way more strategic values to be focusing on as a player.

    You can keep making as many palaces as you want, and nothing happens to the settlements you make after you take down the palace in a town.

    What some people do is to build a palace and make 3 chiefs. Then break it down and make another palace in another town and make 3 chiefs here also, and so you can continue, but it's a litlle time consuming.

    But then you have a main hammer with 3 chiefs, and then you can follow that hammer with the 3 chiefs you build in another town, which then ends up conquering the town.
    Then you can re-chief it with a lonely chief made with a regular residence in another town. and then you can re-build your chief in the town that still has the palace in it.

    By doing this you can easily send 6 chiefs with just 2 waves that you time together. (just don't lose the chiefs from the first hammer that you made 3 chiefs in, then you need to rebuild the palace there to remake 3 chiefs, it can be tedious, and a good way to avoid this so to have your chiefs follow your hammer in a second wave together with the cata pults, and just have 1 cata with the actual hammer so the timings match together when you send your waves)

    Encalud I realize you are jealous of us :) we ISTANBUL big chance for you. Keep watching us, you are learning the game. :)

    You haven't reinvented the game, actually it is the ugliest tech accounts i have ever seen to this day.
    The rest of us are living in 3030.... come join us.

    And many of the primary off accounts are also staying low pop to have increased firepower due to cp advantage. so less golding of new supporters.

    As long as techs and multies bring shiny $€£ in TG Office, nobody will fucking move a finger about the issue.

    Fairplay hasn't been their priority for a long time already. And by the looks of it, it never will become either.

    Actually the way many are building techs this round is without gold. TG don't get any money from those players. The gold is only spend on their primary accounts. This does not increase the amount of paying players and therefore no increased revenue. So far they are just losing paying customers as this thread shows.

    Can you moderate the person saying cry cry cry all the time then? because he doesn't love you like we do.

    Edited: And i see you did, isn't that wonderful.

    We understand your return, we feel your pain, and we applaud your decision to say enough is enough!

    We wish you the best out there in this crazy world, who knew this in game one would be worse.

    Is breaking the game mechanics helping the game?
    Is posting self-entitled "fake" reports contributing to a good viewing experience for the users?

    It's easy not to get banned using ff's. That doesn't necessarily make it right, or something to cherish.

    And i honestly get the dude, when he gets censored for commenting on the issues at hand.

    Yeah the other thread seems to have been blocked.
    So i guess you can continue the debate in this thread instead.
    As always i would love a reply from the CM, along with the mass moderation. Because this is something that has a high impact on gameplay.

    Ridder Huma Is there any estimation or development concerns in regards to implementation of the ally defence limitations to be included on comx, and if not, is there a possibility of a solution to mass spiking and game disruption for all your players trying to have "fun"? :)
    I have been afk for a few servers, and i feel like i have returned to a hostage situation here. :D