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    We might have experienced something similar. We had some transfers that we expected to use today, but they just take us to travian homepage as well. We presumed that they just weren't valid, even though we expected them to be so.

    Last winter comx we experienced that the utc +1 timezone got changed to utc +0 when we changed to winter time. So things got bumped 2 hours.
    @Templar Knight Is this something the management can also keep an eye out for? Last time they just let it play out with a new timezone implementation, but it is quite disruptive to gameplay.

    In that case TK, i would like to elaborate on point 1 and 2. :)

    Cancellation of marketplace shipments is an important implementation both for beginners and experts in travian. I believe that it has never before been implemented based on the fact that it was important in the earlier versions of travian that you could not hide your res from the enemy that was trying to raid you in the early game, by sending it away just before hit, and then just recalling it, like you would normally dodge enemy attacks on your village. But with many of the newer changes like 3-6 day beginner protection, it is no longer important that you can hide res from raiders anymore.
    It is actually important to implement this UX-feature, since players regularly experience a high amount of frustration with the system. Players type in the wrong town names or coordinates, and end up with vital ressources being shipped to enemies and so forth. Even sending all cap merchants to a town 10 hours away. (Not fun seeing your rs destribution dissapear for 20 hours, and the only way to move res would be raiding ones self. Anyways, these things should still be bound to happen, since i would presume the best option for implementation would be a 2 min cancellation timer as it is for sending armies. But it would help players a lot in generel, and make the game more fun for new players as well.

    When we are still on the subject of the user experience of the trading, i would like to take the time to emphasise a request for a land timer for the market place.
    You have the feature for launching troops (not that i am saying the system protocols are at all the same), but for merchants you only have the travel time displayed. It would be highly valuable to have the landing time as well in some form.
    Players miss it, when they are trying to res boost their new towns, time crop to defensive locations, or just to boost fx trainer artefacts.

    Speeding up the merchants on fx large boots artefacts is a feature that is not overpowered in my opinion, it would just increase the value of the artefact a little bit, and highten the value of boots artefacts for both offensive and defensive accounts.
    It will make the defensive accounts able to trade more for increased res to their accounts, and they can sustain their defence at allies locations.
    Likewise can offensive accounts maintain their crop-levels better in their offensive towns, or move around inc ressources from raids.

    Thank you for your time.

    Ability to cancel shipments... duh.

    speed artifact should speed them up too. Still don’t get why they go normal speed but everyone else speeds up.

    New artifact for merchants to increase merchant carrying capacity.

    1. This has always been lacking. And yes, has never made any sense that it wasn't implemented, because people keep messing up, and it hurts accounts a lot.

    2. Yes this is very wierd, since i also expected it first time i had a speed artifact. And i trade A LOT on my accounts, and it would make great sense to keep accounts running a lot better when you have hammers running or feeding the defence.

    3. No need for this one. It will be a another pointless artifact, though i do understand you wanna optimize roman accounts fx, but travian already optimized this part by making merchant capacity upgrading a possibility as an alliance bonus upgrade.

    don't try to hide your shame bud :p everyone knows why you refused hahaha xD but yeah you can keep chilling in your mary go happy land or whatevs.
    also in frustration you missed the last part :p get your glasses on AT did accept which I guess is more worthy than Heroes YD or DoH but then they had to cancel 1 week before :) so yeah ...

    squirrels has no shame... damn you are cray cray man... how can you store a whole different reality inside that brain of yours. :O

    So you were on a server with everyone, and yet when you challenged everyone for this round noone knew who you were and ignored you completely... i hope this helps clarify your delusion.

    The young boy was in reality a girl in disguise. Just like Aria Stark traveling the dangerous roads of Westeros, this young woman traveled the furthest outback of the internet. Here, torn between eternal conflicts of the community and the desolate wastes of the game worlds, this lost and bewildered soul found the beacon of light, the lemon among the thorns, the torchbearer, the man so hot he sets cities on fire, and who is so fluffy that you are gonna die!!!! She was last seen, fleeing across the rooftops, carrying this forsaken worlds dearest treasure...

    You shouldn't build phalanx and druids together based of a statement that it will give you a "good" unit combo defence point ratio.
    Druids are awesome, but if you just wanna build phalanx, then you shouldn't feel preasured to do otherwise.

    Phalanx are still massively versatile, has low upkeep, and are easier to build.
    they are easier to spread out over towns for defence, sniping and to mass at important spots.

    Depending on your team and your function inside of it, you can always create druids.
    Be an active player at important times, or have good sitter coverage, and you will be able to defend close range attacks, or if you spot real attacks late when enemy are doing operations on your team.

    Druids are great, but don't feel preasured to make them, it is up to your roman colleagues to rectify for your "a little lower" defence against infantry. But then again, mass phalanx can fight anything.

    Last round people got good at sharing all numbers. Keep it up people.
    And just as a reminder:
    All data can be shared from reports. Without permissions and so on. So post all you want. :)