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    I already sent you a PM. Now hook me up! :)

    Yes you did but there is no report or any description about what happened to prove it.
    As stated in my posts it must be also confirmed by other members of the server.

    So far the post above is fitting all the requirements unless you can show a report that happened before that one.

    I am still waiting on a PM from them anyway so you should have time to gather up what you need. :)

    Tell them to give me a shout in a PM here on the forum and will get them all titled up. :)

    Dear players

    On November 5th, we are going to update our current forum software to the newest version WBB5.
    Since this is a complete new installation, we will have to close the forums for 4 days.

    The Forum will be offline between Monday, November 5th until Thursday, November 8th.

    Why are we doing this?

    • The current version WBB4 will not be supported anymore at the end of this year
    • We want to keep up to date with our used software and the security standards
    • The new version will improve the performance of the forums in general

    During the maintenance phase, you will still be able to reach us via IGM and in other channels.

    • If you have issues with your account or want to report a bug, please, send IGM message to "Support", "Multihunter" or "Admin".
    • If you want information about upcoming game rounds, know what’s new or just chat, visit our official Facebook page:
    • Getting bored and just want to chat? You might find fellow players in unofficial Travian Discord, driven and powered by the community! Join link:

    Your Travian: Legends Team

    From previously Patch 177.2 on 18.10.2018
    - "Raid' is no longer set as default when logged in as sitter
    - All tribe specific buildings are deleted when village turns into Natar village.
    - Starved troops and troops gained from adventure can now affect the offensive strength ranking in the statistics.

    Bug fixes: patch 177.4
    - When having villages with different tribes, switching between farm lists with different tribe troops is working properly again.
    - IE11: Statistics 2.0: No more Blank page is displayed instead of Statistics
    - Now the Troop upgrade buttons are always greyed out when there are not enough resources
    - Marketplace: Longer Village names are not cutshort when too long
    - Low res: Instructions: Pictures for the buildings are now being displayed
    - RallyPoint: Farm List: Now its able to open all Farmlists
    - Rally point: Regenerated troops always shown as account tribe when on the way
    - Combat simulator: If nature troops are added as reinforcement the attacking spies die.
    - Combat Simulator: Alliance bonus is working correctly
    - Statistics: Long numbers no more cause an overflow in the "so far" Culture Points progression chart
    - Safari: RTL: Paginator is displayed correctly now
    - Copy and paste coordinates in game is now working without any problems on every browser.
    - IE11 and Edge now have a correct scroll bar in dorf 2

    This update will be applied to all com servers on 31.10.2018 at 14:00 GMT+1

    Downtimes of 5 minutes are possible but not expected

    Hello tkrist_COM

    Here is a link to that server >>> Nordics 6
    There is no pre-registration so you will have to wait till that server goes live to join it.

    Be sure and also watch the forum of the domain for that server as
    they will have an embassy and more information after it starts.

    Good Luck and hope you have a great round!!!


    Dear Players

    Travian will be updating the firmware of the firewall on October 31, 2018.
    These updates will occur between 09:30 till 13:00 GMT +1
    This update will affect all Travian related systems apart from Crowfall

    What does this mean for you the player?
    Since the firewall must do a failover in order for the update to be complete, there will
    be short timeouts for each system affected. The timeouts will be roughly 1 minute in nature
    and only occur twice per system.

    The last update went very well with hardly any interruption and same is expected but still best to be informed and prepared.

    Thank you for your patience as we continue to improve
    Your Travian Team

    Hello Enlightened

    I have played since the end of 2007 and have never seen that listed as against the rules or something to be banned for.
    In fact it has always been strategy for hammer builders to park sections of their hammer in various places. ;)

    When we ask "When qualification registration close?" nobody answer our question...

    during the trx qualification registration are closed..
    travian should be think about players not just a bot accounts..

    The qualification servers normally run about 10 days.

    This year Travian let it run 26 days from June 13 till July 8, 26 days in total for com.

    I am not sure what is was for other domains so cannot say about trx domain.

    More answers on Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: How can I take part in the Tournament finals?
    A: Players who successfully passed Qualification rounds this year, as well as previous year winners, will get the right to participate. More information about terms of participation can be found here. The reg keys to all qualified players will be sent till 1st of November 2018.

    Q: What is Wildcard raffle?
    A: Those players who somehow missed Qualification round will still have chance to win key to the Finals in our Wildcard draw just entering their email into the special box on Tournament page.

    Q: When will Wildcard raffle end? How do I know that I won the wildcard for the Finals?
    A: Wildcard raffle will end on the 12th of November. The wildcards will be sent to the chosen emails on the 13th of November.

    Q: I took part in Qualifications, and won a medal for that. When can I get the medal for my profile?
    A: The medals are currently being created. Players, who took part in the Qualification round and will register with the same email after 1st of November, 2018, will get option to put Qualification medal in their profiles.

    Q: I am the winner, when will I get the prizes?
    A: Some gold vouchers have already been sent away and will be sent fully by the 1st of November, 2018.

    Q: Will there be a key giveaway events on forum and Facebook, like last year?
    A: Since we received quite a number of complaints last year that we give too many keys to the Finals and therefore make Qualification round win less significant, this year giveaway events will be minimal. But yes, there will be some contests where you can win the key to the Finals.

    Dear players!

    The long awaiting event of the year now has the date!

    Tournament Finals 2018 will start on 15th of November, 2018, 13:00 UTC!

    General information about the game world:

    Start Date 15.11.2018
    Start Time 13:00 UTC
    Version T4.4 (3 tribes)
    Map Size 801x801
    Speed 2x speed
    Beginners protection length 3 days
    Beginners protection can be prologue 3 days
    Artifacts setup ~04.01.2019 ~ approximate
    Construction plans setup ~23.02.2019 ~ approximate
    The Natars start building WW ~20.03.2019 ~ approximate

    NOTE ~~ Any "approximate" date might be changed at start or prior but will only be by 1-2 days

    We can’t wait to get this battle started and are looking forward to seeing all the great players and alliances from around the world fight for glory!
    Who will be crowned the champions of Travian this year? Take part in the Tournament and it will be for you to decide that!
    Visit our dedicated page to find out more about the Tournament Finals and take part in the Wildcard raffle!

    Your Travian: Legends Team

    Dear players!

    We're happy to announce that Com3 server will be restarted on October 25th 2018 at 08:00 GMT +1

    General information about the game world:

    Start Date October 25 2018
    Start Time 08:00 GMT +1
    Version T4.4 (3 tribes)
    Map Size 801x801
    Speed x1 speed
    Beginners protection length 5 days
    Beginners protection can be prologue 3 days
    Artifacts setup 02.02.2019
    Construction plans setup 13.05.2019
    The Natars start building WW 02.07.2019

    Sharpen your swords and string your bows, the fight is right to come!

    Do not forget to follow the updates on the upcoming events on our Monthly Calendar HERE!!!

    Your Travian Team

    I guess the only solution for that case would be a better communication from TG, which was referred and discussed multiple times. Yet again, what do we have here? A post factum post about crucial game changes and 0 comments on our complains.... Communication is getting better and better... I see...

    Since there is still a lot of debate going on in this thread I thought it prudent to listen, learn and then add what I can.
    I have not added this thread yet to any weekly report since it was still some activity going on in it.
    I am keeping an eye on it and most likely add it to next weeks report. I did however add some things from this thread to my report for this last week.

    So the thread is informative, being watched and will be added to a report soon

    Let me add though that back awhile ago, players were pretty vocal about getting pre-existing bugs fixed before adding new features.
    So Travian did listen and is really doing a good job by addressing some of these lingering bugs.

    So progress does have some drawbacks and this thread is a good one to point that out. :|