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    Hey brezzok man. Old is not always better. Your orcish ways and bot accusations (there is a difference between ingame and discord/google sheet bots) can not be tolerated, we will have to ask you to step down from your pickup truck and let go of your flip phone. AFK is a good dude, he did what he needed to do. You wouldn't blame a shark for eating a paralyzed defenseless fish, would you?

    But we do thank GOATS for being the laughingstock of the server. Every server gotta have that one meta that speaks about what they did good 7 years ago (which also very likely wasn't very good or competitive) while they get whooped.

    3 players deny your game style for over a month, you splatted top hammers(rank 1 and 3 top 10) trying to take some spawns down,

    at the end it was a fight of 8 players (4 still standing)+ spawns(which are useless anyway) against whole allay who settled in the middle.

    the efforts you put into taking us down cost you a lot(as i mentioned) and for what ? taking down 3 players which resettle in the boonies already ?

    don't want to destroy the bubble you live in, but its 100% not a win for you.

    What you mean "deny your game style"? We don't play a certain style every server. You have to understand that many of us have played this game for 10+ years and want to spice things up. We came here to aggro a big meta, this is our play style this server. Just like we had a different style against IKEA on last nordics, and an entirely different one against britts/russians/americans on anglo6 before that. Not everyone is all out about simming 19s and build a hammer in the woods, we have done that a million times before and wanted something new. I don't think neither Duat or GoW has in any way gotten huge permanent damage (other than to some peoples egos obviously), but I just I meant that we so far has achieved what we have wanted, which is true.

    We were actually very prepared to aggro settle way more accounts than we did, this has been a much better outcome simming wise than we ever could've expected it to be.

    Not sure about the ranks of the hammers since I really don't care, but I would say teched teuton hammers are very cheap to splat and in many ways fun. Never good to splat, but mistakes happen and it hasn't ruined or changed anything for either side really

    i'm sorry but didn't see Duat fighting

    I mean we have cleared out our area, got the uniques (granted we let you clear one of them for us), reality checked your leaders, made them get 99% splat rate and flee to the woods. That's all the fighting we need to wake up with a warm fuzzy feeling in the mornings for the next 3 years. Oh and also apparently helped motivate them to buy res and get banned for it, which was very funny.

    Hey we didn't lie. You think IKEA and Duat have some loving relationship? We absolutely hate each other. Purely a tough love kind of relationship. Just IGM our acc and we will set up Goats+Duat ops against them

    ok i like the attitude, now we all have "excuses" why we all want to attack GUNNERS and Nordics,

    Hardly need excuses to attack, no? IKEA landed in Goats quad and Duat in GoW quad, of course we fight. It is natural my love. We would've fought against anyone we landed with tbh, you were just unlucky we picked these two quads and not Gunners/TEN quads

    Edit: I will add that IKEAs backstabbing of goats was something even we in the duat leadership thought was next level stabbing. Very funny to watch from the sidelines, but also obviously very snakey. But we see why they did it after the molesting of PAX resources that Goats did

    its Peter Pan for you,

    breaking the NAP was the best thing you did for GOATS, better to find out how cheaters and unloyal you are for agreements on day 40 rather on day 100.

    an advise for you, if you break NAP do it on better timing.

    AFK did the only right thing and got revenge for PAX. We can not let backstabbings like that go by, it has to be harshly punished. Can't let the dogs in GOATS get away with war crimes

    Show me proof of the 4 meta zerg against you saravan.

    Without proof no one will believe you.

    And you still evade my question.

    Why wont you accept my fair terms? There is no zerg in the terms there are no techs in the terms. Just your meta and mine. Whats so difficult in it for you to evade the topic so much saravan?

    Well if you wanna do without techs we would have to even out the numbers as well. IKEA+Duat without techs would be less accounts than Goats or gow alone, by far. So top 50% of Goats vs. ikea+duat? I don't think Goats would be too easy of a target in that case tbh, maybe most would still be farms but atleast some would be able to fight back. That would give us some practice for our catas before GoW shows up for the real challenge

    You cant say you have no desire to be a part of it when you answer in the thread. HELLO?!

    I dont have a zero in my name here but I will still say that your logic is flawless. Those examples are exactly equal in everything and the entire server is indeed confeds with each other in one way or the other. God bless, I hope you run for office

    i would agree, only one server where i saw a lot of techs was SGR Vs Villians like 2 servers ago, a source of Multiple 1Mill + WWKs..

    But com has been a relatively quiet non tech server.. No thanks to Duat and IKEA to drag that in this server

    You are wrong if you think techs hasn't been used regularly on COM servers before. Might have been stealthier since TG didnt "officially legalize" techs until recently (and it seems like most com players try to call it other things or hide the usage), but I have played various servers here since around 2012-2013 and I have never been in a large alliance that hasn't used techs. I didn't start to think about using it myself until I realized its potential on a com3 back in like... 2015? and have seen techs on pretty much every large server on this domain since then.

    Just because many of the players on this server hasn't done it personally or known what to look for before it was talked about more doesn't mean it hasn't been here since forever. The last year or two it has just been made clear that techs doesn't break the rules which has made a whole lot of more people use it.

    Not saying that IKEA and Duat didn't help it expand even more this server, they probably did. But it is hardly like COM has been some sort of safe haven for tech free users the last 5 or 6 years either if you actually check the top accounts on the most competitive servers

    Especially considering that the community has largely "devolved" to hunting for every possible exploit. I.e. as soon as the private farm announcement was made, I had someone contacting me to find out how they could continue private farming without risking bans. Some communities still strongly dislike techs and police themselves (.fr and .de), but that is certainly no longer the case for .com.

    Yes. I would definitely prefer playing a game where no one had any techs at all, but as long as it is a part of the game I won't be the one to stay away from it and be at a disadvantage due to some kind of unwritten rules. If they don't clamp down hard on teching there will always be large amount of players that just instantly find a way around the changes (as with this new patch)

    The private farm type of tech, or one that sends all the res to a single player has pretty much been dealt with with recent and soon to come changes.
    However, accounts have always been used to help someone get to village two faster or to garage troops. This is being looked at, but for now those will remain as "tech" accounts.

    I think it will still be a long time until they can deal with techs efficiently. It will be really tough to be able to fairly detect and get rid of accounts that only feeds diet villas/garages troops/boosts at the start and so on without massive effort of the devs. So many different ways to tech that I can not see how they would be able to implement rules that covers it all without potentially screwing over a lot of regular accounts as well at this point

    Bat Man has chosen the path of the light and concluded that Duat is indeed a clean alliance. Not a surprise for us actually playing in Duat, of course. But nice to get the recognition we deserve on the forums as well

    I'm just amazed that you are fighting over who was in Russian market ally and how long but no one bothers to report the ally that sells resources. Is that the next legalization TG plans for us?

    Many people have reported it to customer service and gotten the answer that the report is forwarded to the rule enforcement team. But what they do after that point isn't something anyone in here has any knowledge about

    That makes sense and I only heard about our team Gow using the Russians, and even then I had no idea how the system works. Although our leaders say Duat use them to and that it’s a normal thing amongst teams now.

    interesting how widespread it is and if your not wrong, it’s not even localised to any one country...

    Hopefully tg can look in to this situation further and maybe make a new guide for those not in the know like me, so us old fashioned noobies and the newbies can learn more about it and keep up :)

    Duat uses our own techs, not bought resources. We have made clear to our members that we would not accept anyone buying res, villages or whatever else anyone seems to be offering to sell people on this server. I don't know why all of sudden people are trying to claim we do it, but I guess it might have to do with it being evidence out there that proves that several players of other alliances in fact does do it. No names mentioned

    Fixed spot for main building? Why? Don't try to hardcode limits on how we are able to build our own villages pls.

    Also it feels very rushed to implement the new UI on already started servers. Doesn't make any sense to "remake" the game in the middle of a round to me. Why not change it as new servers start? I imagine this change will lead to a whole lot of new bugs (something we already seem to have plenty off). I fail to see what good this will do

    You are taking a part of a terrible propaganda. You are not Loffe's dad, I am sure he doesn't need you to hold his hand. Let him speak for himself. Seems like mindless propaganda went too far and backfired. I am told that you are not even in the server. So, I will just quote this:

    Besides, I didn't wanna go into this but I wrote to Loffe first to soothe the hostile environment. After he started to insult me by calling names on Skype - I just reminded him who he is talking to. Besides, I personally favor zeroing players who openly admits to teching, spiking, bad-mouthing his own alliance/leaders and not having any ethical standards whatsoever.

    But I have seen the chat logs with my own eyes so I am not sure how it is propagande mateey. I do play here though, why would I be writing in the com1 forums otherwise? You seem to have very reliable "sources" my maybe not so well connected friend. I don't hold his hand, that would be a bad idea. I bet he would give me a rash or something. I just like to call out noobs that think they are hot stuff.

    Like, just listen to yourself dude... "Reminded him who he is talking to" loool. Just like people writing IGMs saying one will regret doing this or that. They just never ever deliver. So many SGR people being loud when they are being pooped on in game.

    And it is always just as fun seeing how people react when we question their skills, it just feeds more energy to keep it going ya know