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The spurts of flames threw weird shadows on the Smithy walls. The walls, which contained evidence that Shadow Empires have already been forged in the world of Travian... Curious to know more? Follow our teaser story!

    Fixed spot for main building? Why? Don't try to hardcode limits on how we are able to build our own villages pls.

    Also it feels very rushed to implement the new UI on already started servers. Doesn't make any sense to "remake" the game in the middle of a round to me. Why not change it as new servers start? I imagine this change will lead to a whole lot of new bugs (something we already seem to have plenty off). I fail to see what good this will do

    You are taking a part of a terrible propaganda. You are not Loffe's dad, I am sure he doesn't need you to hold his hand. Let him speak for himself. Seems like mindless propaganda went too far and backfired. I am told that you are not even in the server. So, I will just quote this:

    Besides, I didn't wanna go into this but I wrote to Loffe first to soothe the hostile environment. After he started to insult me by calling names on Skype - I just reminded him who he is talking to. Besides, I personally favor zeroing players who openly admits to teching, spiking, bad-mouthing his own alliance/leaders and not having any ethical standards whatsoever.

    But I have seen the chat logs with my own eyes so I am not sure how it is propagande mateey. I do play here though, why would I be writing in the com1 forums otherwise? You seem to have very reliable "sources" my maybe not so well connected friend. I don't hold his hand, that would be a bad idea. I bet he would give me a rash or something. I just like to call out noobs that think they are hot stuff.

    Like, just listen to yourself dude... "Reminded him who he is talking to" loool. Just like people writing IGMs saying one will regret doing this or that. They just never ever deliver. So many SGR people being loud when they are being pooped on in game.

    And it is always just as fun seeing how people react when we question their skills, it just feeds more energy to keep it going ya know

    Too obvious of a bait. I will give you C- for the effort though.

    Bait? I don't need to bait. I know you are mediocre from how you react to Loffes messages. Easy to tell when poopy players feel threatened and starts with the "I could zero you at any time" kind of stuff

    Ah, now this explains why V players were telling me that you are such an idiot and I shouldn't take you seriously. :sleeping:

    Come on Obi you are better than this. We know your skills as a player is mediocre at best (it is Ok not everyone can escape the bulk of the bell curve) - at least show us something exciting in here. I have heard from S players that you really aren't the kind of guy to go off like this, I am terribly disappointed at you

    Wasn't SGR supposed to be a good alliance? Seems a lot like every run of the mill collection of average/below average players you usually face every server, just that there is several hundred of them under the same name on com1

    Why don't both sides just agree to play however they choose to play and not be hypocrites blaming the other side for something they themselves are doing as well? Ground breaking stuff, I know.

    I am glad it is over. It has been exhausting spying on you. Sifting through all those chat logs almost made me go crazy.

    Good round, good luck in the future!