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    This is Sandra

    and to help with the confusion

    Originally I played as GalaxySong for many years - and now I am a dual on DJ and a Song (I am the Song part)

    I want to thank everyone for the many kind comments that I received about my MMs. Writing the MMs meant that i was having fun playing with GOATS, and I enjoyed laughing and teasing with the team. This team gave me a good and satisfying server, and I will not forget.

    Thanks to all you endearing GOATS for setting out with me across the Travian waters. Together we went through, and not around.


    No jokes today.  

    I want to nominate Peter of Brezzok account of GOAT alliance on Com4.   Forum name is [ cwl ] Brezzok

    My dual and i came to com4 just to play with Peter. He lives, breathes, sleeps and dreams Travian and when he dedicates himself to being our leader, it is complete dedication. He is the OC who hits first and often. He leads from the front.

    In Travian we get to choose who we will follow. GOATS follow Pete into battle.

    Go Pete!! You are the captain of our navy.

    Sandra/GalaxySong/DJ and a Song

    Thank you for posting the MM. I learned a few things. The MM did look to be a long read :)

    But that doesn't negate what I said. What I said is this ONE thing - that EFF is not sending defense to GODS. It's always tempting to take credit, but we can't. Everything Gods did, they did on their own. Maybe you looked for a crumbling cookie and found a shield?

    I am on the team that sends both the MMs and the private anvils.
    The DC team has never defended Gods. And leadership has never asked us to do so.

    EFF is accused of supplying defense to GODS. As far as I know - sorry, that is not true. Can you show anything to prove that wild suspicion? An MM, a dead troop - something?

    Standing alone, Gods has done well and deserves credit for their own success.
    Are you frustrated that they continue to fight, and you have not crushed them? Perhaps this led to your specious speculations.

    Here is a fact, I am on the EFF DC team and we never sent them defense.

    On the other hand, I do agree that the server is small, but a lot of good players and teams have emerged and I offer that compliment to all.