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    I kinda miss the old bantering folks from last server at least there was something to keep things lively and in good spirits.

    Any ideas on how we can get people to do that here?

    Well quite a few players from !BE! including the leadership team were moving to a different server so you didn't get much resistance there. About 10 players deleted or left after we announced we were leaving and that was before your OP started....

    So I guess you can give half the credit to Bedlam's attacks and half to the start of final's server. ^^

    Yes, I was interested particularly in how Web and TH were quietly securing regions while the other top guilds were bickering among themselves. Should be really interesting to see how things work out.

    Yes, haven’t forgotten, and already working on it. Leaders of top alliances should expect a questionnaire/interview within next few days or so, just working on a map first. I’m not satisfied with the usual RoA maps out there, at least for what I plan to do.

    Hey, glad to hear it. I was working on a rankings draft as well, just to pass the time. If you want I could share it with you to help speed up your task. I've added the stats of most of the Alliances as well as a couple of wild cards.