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    Thanks mate , i really enjoyed the fight at the 12 33 BP spawn zone. It was not easy but i manage to do some damage in the area with help from our danish troublemakers from ExodusDT. They helped me a lot ... and maybe sometimes I reached their full potential and pulled them to do their best and they met my expectations.

    Many congratulations to every single person who finished the finals, regardless if it was a friend or an enemy... it was intense for some of us.

    Congratulations to ML for the victory !

    Could you asnwer to question - anybody hittted your WW becide us?

    nobody. Why should they use bullets on us? You have used plenty without reason. Maybe if you had save some, others would have been force to send but you chose to do everyone's job for free :)

    Good luck, i believe you just lost the round with this action but it's only my opinion... let's see what happens next.

    yes very salty, band/power didnt even have ww on qualis we really cared about that win so now its revenge

    Also have dacia/smurfs even sent any good wwks to others then union?

    Yes we have sent several in NE. Uollas can confirm. We use a Xerox machine to multiply our hammers but I believe it went on paper jam or something.

    Not manipulated but not all.

    showing them all don't make them "the greatest" as this is their goal to look like on forum :)

    ML did had a good war this round way more than Uollas meta.

    I am the kind of person who is realist and study the possibility's of the server and even if we knew chances of success in hammer hunter are pretty small we did give it a try. When travian changed the tournament square speed it's almost suicide to attack on long range . The only team who can attack on long range and cover op to 80-100 targets are the Russians , no one else can do this kind off ops. Uollas try something similar last year but cannot be counted as major OP as they involved / targeted several tech accounts. Still it's risky and each single mistake can lead to failure.

    If you have 15 attackers and you target 25 tagets at this point of the server i don't know other but we can defend them ALL.

    TOTAL DEFF POINTS UOLLAS ---> 36.000.000 | Top 100 alliances

    TOTAL DEFF POINTS RUSSIA+DACIA/EXODUS+PATTANZA ---> 34.000.000 | Top 100 alliances

    more than 3 metas all together.

    ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Nothing more to say... choosing the perfect alliances in order to be above. Pathetic!!!

    You are speaking about a war on 2 borders , what war ? you where fighting our tech accounts ALL SERVER. I remember you did 2 ops , one on hammerhunter off village that we didn't knew it was attacked until last 2 hours and many deff was on the way, i have told him to change capital but he didn't listened. And the second off when you crashed all on Wicked's off village in NE. Remind me please, did you attack something else rather then tech accounts and secondary villages ? NO. From where the hell did we get deff points if we are doing a great war with the greatest meta who don't attack us?

    What border you are talking about ? we are already at 25 35 deep in NE with villages so please be kind and show us where did you mark your borders.

    Don't get me wrong my friend but denying the truth it doesn't make things more shinny. By now like everyone is quite sick of this silly propaganda.

    Start playing travian and show facts as they are if you wish to regain your credibility.


    Another Exodus hammer say goodbye, maybe they wanted to do a last off operation, but they are losing every hammer like this

    1. Tot Eu - mini hammer

    2. CrazyPeople standard army

    3. Robert1 standard army

    4. Nekros standard army

    I know you usually call a small army a hammer but 100k clubs and 30k tk looks like hammer to you, still is medium to small offense army at day 95.

    Congratulations anyway for a good job, if people like to sleep what can i do ? They have been warned several time.

    DACIA is going to fall apart if they continue like this

    Dacia , who is Dacia ?

    they lost their arrogant fight against UollasL

    What did we lose ?

    so in short next finals they will much smaller group..

    Next finals we will be even more stronger, wait and see.

    beside that they are loosing one of their alliances

    If you refer to Dacia T i can only tell you that their influence and support in "Dacia" is less then Vodka had for Uollas so loosing nothing is not a problem.

    Something else ? Ahh.. we have lots of patriots now, they are half italians now. Let them be!

    Congratulation Uollas for the armys you caught on oasis/capital/sleeping beauty accounts.
    It's not yet over till the fat lady will sing ;)

    strange how ciccio says villages taken do nothing while he was so happy last year after catapulting fields on some russian accounts and talked how much damage that do for meta supporting

    You mean the biggest off action in travian history on secondary villages and tech accounts? They invited us to the party we refused :)

    and yes, you are going out of mind, you started to see uollas everywhere like your leader Emerik, and this, will cost you a lot, people are going out of the meta, internal problems, artefacts, and more and more and more

    You are getting wrong information's my friend.

    Our job ( Exodus ) was to secure BP area and the center of the quad after 2 years some people where saying that we like to sleep up in the safe area so we came down to hold the border of course i see uollas ,wallace , hck , NOA since your are the closest, i must be blind to see something else.

    who is leaving out meta ? Camorra and his followers ? Congratulation , you will have more farms next year. People who didn't do nothing for several years are complaining about people who really did something ?

    1. we played for the victory, we united 900 players for the same purpose

    Tell those who you left to die this , i also hear several players from your meta complaining you are sitting ducks and you where like this from day 50. Mourinho style, everybody in the back we play defense.

    for us is a victory from the beginning, you have a loser type of mind, and all finals is watching this

    I do hope all finals is watching this , they will understand everything beyond propaganda.

    people say to me that you never shared reports to your players in bad situation, you share only good

    All reports good or bad are posted on the conference where everyone has access. Your informations are wrong again.

    You gave me some advice's... allow me to give you only one: Don't believe everything you hear ;)

    No my friend i am not going out of mind , i see you come on forum to post reports ONLY when you want to look good that we lost some shitty army's that people asked us several time , get me rid of this army i have the other one and i have problems feeding them both but you consider it a victory :))

    You where ironic because it bothers you a lot.

    Ah, Warsong + Piromanul conquered 3 villages at day 85, well done


    Best post ever !

    Warsong -

    Piromanul -

    I believe you forgot to put 0 after 3 then you will have the correct number of villages we conquered from your meta and we are doing this since day 50 but as i was telling you later you are BLIND to see reality.

    When i founded my off village in 30 Dec. just before peace in the area you had:

    1. Fu manchu - mixt player, Roman that have partecipated in OP : lost 8 villages and capital ( respect for this guy, still playing)…Player/409-Fu-Manch%C3%BA

    2. Haha - ofensive player from Uollas - first attack on me after 5 days in the area

    then : 4 villages destroyed includind capital + 3 conquered.… : account dead

    3. emigratis - ofensive player from Uollas - lost capital with 40k clubs and 10k tk

    Lost another 7 villages….11/Player/1024-emigratis : account dead

    4. crazycat got his cropfields down to 0 and i didn't finished the job in the area, more will come.

    With our Danish Friends we deleted : Hot clubs capital, unkas capital , Biankone

    Wait... you didn't know about all this ? Propaganda is not working very well in the last period of time...

    You left your players to die literally in the area so you can focus on WW from day 50 !!?!? Sad... very sad !

    I swear i heard this from people who are tired of the emerik's war against uollas, and i swear that a lot of people are tired too, of course emerik's players :osd:

    People who are tired about Emerik's war against Uollas ? Since when it's Emerik's war ? It's only your imagination.

    Also i had some chats with some players from your meta complaining that they where left alone to deal with attacks since you are too busy planning endgame , wait... i forgot you started planning about endgame since day 50... very sad.

    What really bothers you is that Exodus is fighting you from day 1, ITÆQUILA that separate from your meta is fighting you too and you didn't had the silence necessary to build 100 WWk like last year. If you ask me what chances you have to win this round well in Romania we have this word : "sansele de scapare a porcului de craciun" i will translate it directly in italiano : "le stesse possibilità che il maiale ha di scappare prima di natale" .

    For the future remember these words : il silenzio è d'oro ( Silence is like gold )

    very very slow... you need 15 mins to ask for deff on a single attack in the middle of the night ? Come on... do you really think somebody believes you ? You had access directly to defenders account and you immediately sent defence , good job.

    I would like to show you this kind off reports but since the great Uollas meta is fighting our farms / tech account and crashing even there it's useless to expect reports like this right ?