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    Hey mate, whats up my ninja, long time no speak.

    Yes i agree, i don't know why i try with this game sometimes, i do love it in comparison to some of its counterparts in the genre but they are just too incompetent and other games tend to run there product in a more reliable sophisticated manner. Browser games are a whole different thing to apps and games i understand this but they just keep up or they are heavy handed in MH judgements and this keeps players off. I've been banned before because my GF was running a def account for me and i cant tell you how much this me off, and that was me, ive done dodgy stuff in the past in game that i'm not proud of but getting banned/deleted for something that was legit and above board reeeeeally lost a lot of points for me when it comes to TG. So although i say i love the game I'm seriously thinking about hanging my sword up (FU dave clubs are for chumps, Gauls FTW)

    Yep agreed bro, i still haven't bought another batch of gold atm and I'm just making use of the 30 free gold, but i want to plan for the future meaning searching through the crop finder to figure out where i'll be settling but i don't want to have to buy more gold to be able to get gold club. I'ts nothing for me to go through 2k gold in a server but considering the incompetence and poor planning I'm very hesitant to add more gold atm in case they decide to do another roll back (there's also another issue involving the map).

    I love this game in comparison to some of it's competitors in the same genre and i've been playing this game since 2008 (link below), but sometimes i don't know why i bother because of BS that we have to put up with. This has been a technical issue, and i can understand the predicament that the TG team is in, so i do have some empathy and respect for them. However the frequency of these problems is growing and the 'heavy handed' response from the MH is something that I've battled with for a while now too, and i keep wondering why I/we bother playing....anyone else playing mobile strike atm ?

    FERRARI - Players - (2009) - Getter-Tools (there was one before that but i cant find it)

    I agree with everything said above. CM if you read this i vote that you guys re-start the server again. I have used several insta builds already and reeeeally want to get that crop finder and therefore gold club, i am waiting for my gold transfer link which hasnt arrived so you are forcing me to buy MORE GOLD. Ponzi scheme indeed. get you stuff together TG. crash the server > send ALL the emails with transfer links > announce the restart

    Yep another stuff up from the TG team, its 3 hours into the server and i still havent got my email for the gold spent before the crash and if it dosent get to me soon im going to have to buy more gold. In addittion to this i have a separate dispute with the team over gold transfers from com80 (closed beta) but thats a whole different issue. I think these cvnts are just trying to milk more money out of us

    "restart the server tomorrow 02.02.2018 at 14:00 UTC." is what it says however the prior restart was UTC + 1. Can i get clarification on this. Even prior to this happening there was a discrepancy in that the web page stated 01.02.18 0400 UTC, but here in the forum the moderator stated UTC + 1 meaning an hour difference.....get together ninjas