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    This is funny 😂 Make more like this 😁 It's way more inocent than what you guys keep arguing about 🤩

    Let me share something funny. A guy made a hypotethical conversation between me and leaders, knowing the fact that I use the sentence 'I am Groot' all the time :

    "Cris: teo how many troops you sent for cfd for sankets cap?
    Teo: I am Groot
    Cris: i think she sent 200k

    Result: teo sent 10k and sanket looses all his croplands"

    Erik: At least its Sanket (phew)
    Pratik: (cwl)

    Sending lots of love to everyone 💖🙏🤩

    You do realise that you are scaring the new players on the server with your neverending war? 🙄 Just think, you are playing your first com1 and want to enjoy it, and all you can find is people fighting over what happened last servers. Been there, done that ha ha. 😂On my first com1 I was in NE and first thing I was asked was 'Are you with Vinci?' and I was like 'Who' s Vinco? Oo'. The war between SGR and V cannot be stopped, but at least try to make the new guys feel comfortable with some funny ingame stories, what actually happens on the server etc. Be nice guys 😁

    Anyway, I just wanted to give my personal opinion. Both SGR and V are good alliances, just their style is different 🙂As a top player you have chances to enjoy playing in any of them. Depends on the players' way of seeing things, organising, speaking, priorities etc.It's really hard to explain, you have to be in both to understand the diference. You choose what suits you best. Just like I did.

    They both have a leader who really makes a diference, in V there is cristiana, she is my angel, I swear. She protects us like a Mother. And SGR has fnx, I have always liked him, It's well known. He is a very good organiser.

    How about you guys? What leaders you think they make a diference? And TEN, Lowlands? Anything NICE to say about the other alliances?