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    /me scared

    in ally chat we spent some nice time talking about ketchup on pizza or on spaghetti :S

    We also talked about that noob that sent back my troops after attack, all together with 1 CATAPULT. Seriously? Phalanxes + druids + 1 cata + Hero, all sent back together :D When I told him that next time I want it all sent separetely , as the catapult was just to slow down the troops so they don't arrive too early, he said it was my fault for sending catapult as def :D Shall I defend that noob again in the future? :/

    Hmm, there is a few wrongs in here. First, There is a big Turkish community all over the Europe and almost all kebab places are owned by Turkish people and staff are Turkish as well. But still, the food is somewhat tailored for the local cuisine that it is very different. So, contrary to popular belief, in Turkey, kebab is often a high-end meal eaten in proper restaurants and not be mixed in weird sauces - unlike in most EU countries where it is used as “drunk food” or mixing in a pizza and stuff (even if both are run by Turkish)

    We have a Turkish restaurant at the seaside, not sure if It's original 100%, but when I ordered kebab they gave me a plate with some meat and other stuff, pretty fancy looking, nothing similar to what I'm used to call a kebab :D Looked on the menu and saw many foods like this, so after what you wrote I understand that in Turkey kebab is pretty fancy food :) In România u get a big Sandwich with meat, sauces, lettuce, and maybe spicy peppers if you want.

    I have never heard of kebab pizza before, to be honest ^^ But seems like a heavy food to eat...

    Btw I like shawarma more than kebab. Not so much bread ;)

    I was with you all the way until you said corn, and then you added ketchup and there's just no coming back from that.. that pizza is ALL yours

    That is a pretty common pizza in România :) Plus, at most of our pizza places we have sweet and spicy bottles of ketchup on the table even before ordering. 8) I did send some pictures on vices spam room, they said it actually looks nice :* But I understand that in some countries, putting ketchup on your pizza is seen as weird :D

    I like my pizza with mozzarella, ham, mushrooms, corn, olives and Ketchup 🤩

    TG should pay the poor mod of this thread better...

    Yeah I can imagine her waking up in the morning just to see 3 full pages of Olof accusing Obi that his skills suck and he only serves Coffee :D

    'How do you know my skills of serving Coffee are bad?'

    'I didn't say that'

    'Yes you did'

    Then another one saying 'No he did not, it's just SGR messing with Vices words'.

    OMG I died of laughter today, you guys are funny. :D

    Ha ha ha me and cris convinced you? :D Good boy ;)

    To explain to the others, we told them not to go on forum and troll the ennemies after we were given the UT because it wouldn't be fairplay. :)

    To give my opinion, TG did the right thing. And I'm not saying that just because I'm in VICES, people know I'm pretty objective. After executing correctly the attacks for UT steal , we don't have it due to a bug? It was nobody's fault for that, just the server's fault. And that thing was fixed by the developpers. BUT I agree this affected the meta too, and I understand why it's frustrating ... They probably wouldn't have sent The Grim knowing they don't have UT anymore. Also just the fact that they lost UT is bad enough , it's an important artefact... But you have to accept it, it's a war game....You loose stuff, you earn stuff and so on. WIN OR LOOSE, ALWAYS RESPECT.

    Also....I am Groot !!! :love:

    This is funny 😂 Make more like this 😁 It's way more inocent than what you guys keep arguing about 🤩

    Let me share something funny. A guy made a hypotethical conversation between me and leaders, knowing the fact that I use the sentence 'I am Groot' all the time :

    "Cris: teo how many troops you sent for cfd for sankets cap?
    Teo: I am Groot
    Cris: i think she sent 200k

    Result: teo sent 10k and sanket looses all his croplands"

    Erik: At least its Sanket (phew)
    Pratik: (cwl)

    Sending lots of love to everyone 💖🙏🤩

    You do realise that you are scaring the new players on the server with your neverending war? 🙄 Just think, you are playing your first com1 and want to enjoy it, and all you can find is people fighting over what happened last servers. Been there, done that ha ha. 😂On my first com1 I was in NE and first thing I was asked was 'Are you with Vinci?' and I was like 'Who' s Vinco? Oo'. The war between SGR and V cannot be stopped, but at least try to make the new guys feel comfortable with some funny ingame stories, what actually happens on the server etc. Be nice guys 😁

    Anyway, I just wanted to give my personal opinion. Both SGR and V are good alliances, just their style is different 🙂As a top player you have chances to enjoy playing in any of them. Depends on the players' way of seeing things, organising, speaking, priorities etc.It's really hard to explain, you have to be in both to understand the diference. You choose what suits you best. Just like I did.

    They both have a leader who really makes a diference, in V there is cristiana, she is my angel, I swear. She protects us like a Mother. And SGR has fnx, I have always liked him, It's well known. He is a very good organiser.

    How about you guys? What leaders you think they make a diference? And TEN, Lowlands? Anything NICE to say about the other alliances?