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    Not sure why you are devoting 70% of your thanks speach to us but just want to clarify a few things. First Sanket and James didn't play with us for the entire server and wahtever they say to Amar that has nothing to do with us. Second claiming that we used all quads for def when we didn't kind of is shittalking. Third we (or I at least) are very happy that you left it turned out to be the best thing for both you and us. Fourth I don't think anyone promised Rune would play with us at least I didn't and I think I was the one that talked with him from our side, Fifth I hope you enjoy your retirment and if you come back for some reason and we play the same server I still consider all of you as friends.

    Since you count gunners lost catas, shouldnt you include the 12k catas WWK DND lost?
    Or does that not fit you narrative?

    I was not aware we even had a WWK. If we would have had a serious one we sure would have given that account trainer at some point during the last 1,5 months

    You know that everyone is attacking Gunners because your diplocamcy sucks and made everyone hate you right? There is no zerg we are just attacking you for our own individual reasons. And you are right I'm really stupid and I guess you are also a much better player than I will ever be since you were skilled enough to be invited to Gunners. In fact me pointing out that your OP-hammers are not that great (overall) considering your many techs is just me being jealous.

    Just wanted to say I'm proud of the rank & file @ Gunners as well as HQs!

    Xtremely proud.

    Awesome off/def against all odds!!!

    Against all odds? Dude you came here with at least 5 wings most of them techs I wouldn't describe getting decent (not great) OP-hammers under those circumstances as against all odds

    I will never play board games with you for sure. As soon as something goes sideways (aka “.. as soon as they were not winning..”) for you, you Zerg the other participants and completely destroys your playing to win just to deny the strongest opponent another victory. Sounds really childish to me and I don’t like to play card games with such a people tbh. But I also know from experience that when people play their best game solo against such a player, they lose, so I understand your Zerg. It’s okey. You only tried to not let the strongest guy win. It’s okey. That is a childish way to play, but it’s okey. It’s not honourable at all, but it’s okey.

    Chicken sound and out etc etc etc. <3

    If we wanted to deny the strongest opponent their win we would have been part of the combined OP against DUAT/IKEA. The reason we are going against Gunners is because we don't like you that much.

    As you might have seen we gave our ST to Ten today and I can hereby confirm that we will share our trainer with them for the foreseeable future. We decided to do this for several reasons. First, our goal for the rest of the server is to do what we can to make sure Gunners don't win. Giving one of their opponents a better opportunity to build decent EGHs is a good way for us to mess with Gunners. Second we are also grateful to Ten for helping us out the last few weeks and want to reward them for their kind help. But for me the third and most important reason to share ST with Ten is that I empathise with them. I'm sure most of you are aware what happened to Tens Small Trainer a few days ago. Gunners took it from them with the help of what looks like an infiltrating dual on one of Tens WWKs. I have heard a lot of people call this a dirty move and it was a dirty move but I think a better word to describe an at like that is childish. The act is in fact so childish I would be ashamed to even be part of Gunners. I play a lot of board games with my kids and early on when they where still in pre-school that activity was no fun since they always tried to cheat as soon as they were not winning which lead to a lot of conflicts. But in time as they got older and wiser they learned that losing is part of the game.

    But in Travian it seems like a lot of people haven't learned that. Their action of stealing a trainer from TEN via infiltration reminds me of when I played Monopoly (I hate that game but the kids like it) with my kids the first time and one of them moved one of my hotels to his street and claimed it was his. The childish behavior of people that frankly are old enough to know better meant that Tens chances of winning the server were clearly diminished and honestly I think they deserved better since their only fault in this mess is trusting the wrong person.

    Does this mean DND and Ten are now confed? No. As far as I know Ten are currently doing a joint OP on Duat/IKEA and I have zero interest in that besides me wishing Eric and my other friends in Duat well when defending themselves.

    This is so confusing. I think Duat have more players from Vices than DND have so why are Vices plotting against Vices?

    Gow will win jokers prize again, ten might actually side with jokers this time, win will be either goats or gunners, not sure yet where teams like, duat, ikea or dnd will fit in, I doubt these teams are quite big enough for a solo ww race win, looks more likely these teams could play a king maker role by endgame.

    Disbanded will not under any circumstances play a king maker role.

    Imagine how we felt when your friend Tinky made that little post and screamed cheaters. I see it's deleted now. I guess mods decided that it didn't contain the proof you claimed you had. Tinky, thank you again for pointing out publicly the absurdity of this server <3

    I rather think about how you felt when you could not even feed 4 million def the day we scouted you with zero crop thrice.

    And btw a lot if numbers in your post are simply wrong. A roman hammers needs less than 75 million/week to queue all buildings using trainer. Also if you started GB/GS day 60 and then queued everything with trainer you would have beaten my hammer from last round since you said you lost 15k from spiking. And you were not even close.

    That was a long post about my WW. For your information feeding -6,5 million (3,25 with UD) is not even hard for me. If you don’t understand that well you better learn how to plan properly. As I have said before SGR have scouted both of are WWs quite often and not a single one of those reports showed us being close to starvation at anytime.

    The simple reason for us being able to feed that much is that I planned for this since before the server started. That’s why we could stack that much def early which was a big part in us winning this server easily since all your small WWKs became useless.

    I’m really tired of these accusations. The truth behind our WW numbers are just a dedicated team and good planning.

    Yeah TG need to compensate more than 100 gold for this. I think we had 4 different players buying 1600 gold packages for WW alone before end game and now we got robbed of a fantastic climax that for me was the best moment I had in this game. Now we got robbed of that. I feel so cheated and would at least want our end game gold back. The 100 gold compensation is ridiculous for me. And it’s just not the gold it’s all the effort me, my sitters and our WW team put into this. For nothing. Com1 getting the same compensation as everyone else is simply wrong and TG need to address this or I won’t come back to this game.

    I understand that things can go wrong with servers but I also understand that it’s in TGs power to compensate me fairly when their product is not working. We really should get the same compensation as the finals players got when their end game was ruined because believe me when I say that we have a lot of players that put the same time and effort into this as the finals players did.

    18,6 million actually. I’ll try to dig the full WW reports from our chats later. Thanks for collecting those since these are what ”really” happened.

    If anyone is left in our team after another mess up by yours truly Travian Games GmbH :D

    I voted to just call it a day and let you finish without any interference from our side since the server has no relevance anyway.

    I actually agree with that thought. What’s the point doing it all over again. We all know what really happened. You had a nice OP showing some nice planning. We had a nice WW def. Why do it again?