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    Imagine how we felt when your friend Tinky made that little post and screamed cheaters. I see it's deleted now. I guess mods decided that it didn't contain the proof you claimed you had. Tinky, thank you again for pointing out publicly the absurdity of this server <3

    I rather think about how you felt when you could not even feed 4 million def the day we scouted you with zero crop thrice.

    And btw a lot if numbers in your post are simply wrong. A roman hammers needs less than 75 million/week to queue all buildings using trainer. Also if you started GB/GS day 60 and then queued everything with trainer you would have beaten my hammer from last round since you said you lost 15k from spiking. And you were not even close.

    That was a long post about my WW. For your information feeding -6,5 million (3,25 with UD) is not even hard for me. If you don’t understand that well you better learn how to plan properly. As I have said before SGR have scouted both of are WWs quite often and not a single one of those reports showed us being close to starvation at anytime.

    The simple reason for us being able to feed that much is that I planned for this since before the server started. That’s why we could stack that much def early which was a big part in us winning this server easily since all your small WWKs became useless.

    I’m really tired of these accusations. The truth behind our WW numbers are just a dedicated team and good planning.

    Yeah TG need to compensate more than 100 gold for this. I think we had 4 different players buying 1600 gold packages for WW alone before end game and now we got robbed of a fantastic climax that for me was the best moment I had in this game. Now we got robbed of that. I feel so cheated and would at least want our end game gold back. The 100 gold compensation is ridiculous for me. And it’s just not the gold it’s all the effort me, my sitters and our WW team put into this. For nothing. Com1 getting the same compensation as everyone else is simply wrong and TG need to address this or I won’t come back to this game.

    I understand that things can go wrong with servers but I also understand that it’s in TGs power to compensate me fairly when their product is not working. We really should get the same compensation as the finals players got when their end game was ruined because believe me when I say that we have a lot of players that put the same time and effort into this as the finals players did.

    18,6 million actually. I’ll try to dig the full WW reports from our chats later. Thanks for collecting those since these are what ”really” happened.

    If anyone is left in our team after another mess up by yours truly Travian Games GmbH :D

    I voted to just call it a day and let you finish without any interference from our side since the server has no relevance anyway.

    I actually agree with that thought. What’s the point doing it all over again. We all know what really happened. You had a nice OP showing some nice planning. We had a nice WW def. Why do it again?

    I just don’t know what you want investigated? TG claims to have solved the issue. I have no idea if they did or not since our WW have not run out of crop since I reported it day 195. There really is nothing to investigate because Im not stupid, I didn’t report a bug to TG and then abuse it.

    Ok, so you just accidently could not feed -2 million in your WW since we had 3 scoutings of you having zero crop the same day. SGR must be really, really bad this round. You should all be ashamed if you can’t help your WW better than that.

    Well Vices WW haven’t had a single second of starvation since day 195 when I submitted my first ticket to TG about this so it’s not like we had any real advantages here.

    Vices may have a decent dc like us, but you still don't have the balls we do

    I agree your DCs are courageous. Im pretty sure our DCs do not have the courage to let hammer after hammer through at our uniques assuming fakes.


    OMG that cat is a cutie. How can anyone dispute it’s wisdom? :love:

    Vices suck, bunch of gold whores who go whine about everything and nothing. At least SGR and TEN are making ops to make this game interesting. You guys just sit on your rears and do nothing all server. If not for SGR and TEN this would have been another server with just building wwk 250 days then splat. You call us a meta, yet you guys recruit 300 people pre server, big booooooo. You guys are ruining this game not us. Offcourse we are not as organized as you guys, cause we hope the alliances will be smaller, your chicken recruiting pre server forced us to ally with TEN. I really hope the leaders tell us to mass delete, you guys can attack eachother then with that UT lol

    I think I prefer Batmans takes to be honest

    To be fair I didn't expect vices to be gifted back ut nor did I evaluate the impact that would have on our operation which would have been adjusted very differently had we known ut would end up back in vices hands, there was no communication with us or even hint from tg this would be the case.

    So the actual scenario that was eventually played out ended up affecting us in the worst way, we got the short end of the stick and received a far greater setback then we believe a roll back would have had.

    If there is not a decision that fairly adresses the situation for all parties involved. Then vices might just find on this round they are left playing with themselves.

    If losing UT was that bad for you and your OP then maybe you should have told Ten to have some def there. Because you do realise we would have moved it out of TD for the OP to some village not under attack? And you do realise The Grim would have been a pretty bad WWR?

    Uniques are actually moveable did you know that? tonzofgunz

    So after you make tens of new accounts named mokona 1, mokona 2 etc or grim 2 and spam our players from there with non sense he gets banned, that player is new to TEN and i can see today he got unbanned without any population loss so maybe your pathetic leaders that go into vacation mode when they are attacked have anything to do with this hehe, its Vices kiddie style anyway and i wont be surprised at all.

    Should i bring to the light to your newer players what you did with squanchi, the player that i took my cropper from? He did add Vices players to sit him and you gave him gold and he was also receiving weird reinforcements from bot accounts, obvious troops from adventures and things like that.... I respect that guy because after we battled it out for that cropper he told us everything and didnt listen to your desperate attempts to convince him to enter vacation or demolish his other villages so he can block that cropper ...When even a player that lost all his troops to my attacks and his cropper and got helped by some of your players decides that you aint worthy i think its time to have that discussion among yourselves, its time for a change in your attitude and i am not talking about this game but how you will evolve as a person in life from now on.

    Man I don’t understand a word of what you’re writing. You should probably drink a glass of water or two before sleeping.

    Yeah we deffed some player named Scuanchy and yes we did not put much effort into it. I have no idea why that would be wrong in any way.

    ”He told you everything” - ok, great for you. He was not in any of our rooms, he was not someone we knew and we shared nothing with him that he could tell you.

    Finally if someone told him to do a Fnx, so what? People tell each other stupid shit all the time. It’s not like we really cared about you taking that cropper or we would have defended it for real.