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    The gold is in the red chest.
    The first two statements are correct and the last is false, fulfilling the condition that atleast one of the statements be true and atleast one false.

    I am not aware of any friends who may be there( I don't make many friends , actually :( )... but if there aren't any, I can always try make some new ones, can't I? ^^ I sending you my skype id via pm.

    The Teut lied in both cases. The gaul was the thief and the roman innocent. This answers the 1st question as to who lied
    The Gaul was correct in saying that the roman was innocent and the traveller forgetful. He spoke the truth in both cases.
    The Roman was correct in saying Gaul was the thief and the Teut being innocent. He spoke the truth in both cases.
    So the Gaul is the actual thief. This answers the 2nd question

    Okay, I now do recollect one of leaders saying that, we will have to wait till artis, to see how the talks with your alliance progress. I had no any inkling that the person we talked to was you, and so just assumed it would still be that other guy, whom, atleast I mistakenly thought was one of your leaders. We so badly did wanted to prove a point by doing well with the artis, but unfortunately, for various internal reasons, some of which you might be well aware of, things didn't work out very well for us. You guys on the other hand did an amazing job! Kudos to your team.
    The only thing now left for us was try make some daring steals if that were possible, and we succeeded in some and came a cropper in atleast one that I can remember for I had a minuscule part in that failed attempt, and I was very disappointed.
    This is just a game, bro.. nothing beyond that. Please do allow us our small moments of happiness which we share out here on forum. There was never any intention to offend or hurt, so shall we bury this issue once and for all now?

    The only diplomacy talks you guys had, was with ME.
    and this was the convo we had.

    listen, if you are talking about diplomacy it has to be talks with a leader, right?
    enric is our sole leader.....
    you did not talk to him.....
    hence what is proven? that you are wrong.

    If you are not sure then why comment? Just to make the other person look bad?

    We fight against many alliances on a daily basis. It really isn't personal with any of them.

    First and foremost, let me make it clear that I am not a leader, either big or small, in my alliance. I am merely a foot soldier and a small one at that. I didn't come here to make any personal attacks or insinuations on any one or anybody, nor was I here for an argument as you seem to suggest. Like I said in my post, there were certain events that I was aware of, and of course, it pained me to see that a dear friend had to apologize, even though she didn't have to if she so chose. That was the only reason I wrote what I wrote, despite being told to stay away - nothing beyond. I didn't see anything offensive in what I wrote there, but one can always pick a fight if one chooses to. I do have the liberty to say what I felt I needed to say and I see no reason why you have to take it as a personal comment on any alliance or person including you, Blaze.
    If you look at the quotes above, you will see that, you, Blaze said that all diplomatic talks were held with you and you alone, so wouldn't that mean that you are a leader of some sort in your alliance? But then again you say that all diplomatic talks have to be conducted with a leader and that would be Enric only. If that be so then why did you engage in any diplomatic talks in the 1st place? Either, you overreached your authority or maybe our leadership were foolish to have even talked with you. In any case you proved my point that even if that evidence was presented to you, it would be trashed on precisely the point, that it was not with Enric, so not a leader. You are right - Enric never passed such a comment on our ally, atleast to my knowledge ( for as I said, I am no leader) but it was another, who may or may not be a leader of any standing in yours. Not allies have the names of all their leaders on their ally page, just a a few are mentioned and others work in the background.
    @ Kit - No dear, we are not the ones making or taking things personally, atleast the way i see it. Perhaps a NAP or confed agreement didn't work out.. so what? Life goes on.. Clue was just creating a post detailing our story and was merely saying that despite our circumstances and the fact that some allies may not take us seriously, we are proud of what we have done thus far, wins, losses what ever. She has even issued any apology, so shouldn't it end there rather than try pick something that you could even remotely consider as tarnishing, or smearing the image of your ally and stuff?
    I have nothing more to add on this topic but if you guys chose, you are free to fret and fume , rave and rant. I can't be bothered to reply, see?

    Listen up son, I don't have to prove anything to you. I know some facts and I put it out there. To believe or not to believe is your choice. No amount of ranting and raving can make me divulge that information.... atleast for the moment. Just maybe, I will get in touch with you once our association with this server ends. Nice try though.;)
    As for blabbering, you should take a close look at what you write sometimes ^^

    P.S. If you think the name of your ally and and you have been so badly maligned, take us to court, kid :D

    So Clue has chosen to apologize, just as she said she would. Sigh! She certainly is being the bigger person here, no doubt. She's apologized not because she couldn't produce the required evidence, but because she wouldn't. She chose to value her friendship and friends much much more than scoring a point here. I am not so certain that I could ever do what she just did,that is, swallow my pride and apologize, when I know I am in the right. In the years that I have know Clue, I have always had deep respect and admiration for the person that she is, and that has just grown manifold.

    I am not sure that even if she did produce that bit of evidence, Blaze would have accepted it, because his ally page lists just one leader, which I assume is him. He's so full of himself that I guess nobody else in the ally counts.. But unless I missed something, nobody ever suggested that he personally made those remarks that were made, did they?

    Anyways, what had to said and done is done, so let's move on now.

    P.S. Perhaps I should not have been making this post, but I just couldn't resist. Sorry!

    Well, if you are confused about the 2nd link, it just maybe that Clue posted the wrong report -post does mention a whole lot of reports, all in a mess. Am sure that will be corrected. If my memory serves me well ( I am getting on in years, so maybe wrong on this one :p )I think I did see that hammer or some other of the same player die somewhere.
    Coming to that last link about chiefing, it would make sense, if you look at it this way. The attackers had set about with the aim of chiefing that particular villa, right? They failed in that attempt , didn't they? Lost a hammer in the process as well. Conceded that the villa took some damage, but still a chiefing was prevented, using whatever means available at that moment in time including, maybe, hero with tablets. Attackers' objective thwarted, so victory for the defender?

    I don't know if any of you are facing this problem, but my auctions are all haywire..the time remaining for the auction to end, for each item, shows 0:00, right till the end of the page. Another event jam?

    Auctions - event jam

    Now, how am I supposed to complete my daily quests, I wonder? Not fair !!!! ;(

    Is there a doubt about this comx being the worst ever? The moment they announced maintenance time which over-lapped with the artifact release period on ComX, I had a bad feeling about it. It was said there would be no down time initially, but later was changed to 15 mins between a set period. This only heightened the fears of some goof up happening during the arti release. How they proved me right!! I dunno if any one of you got gateway errors like previous time, but I saw that as well.. :| Now we wait for the artifacts to be released. Maybe someone swept them away into the dust bin while doing the maintenance.. perhaps we should look there !!

    I too agree that the framing of the riddle was a bit flawed or atleast confusing, when it came to the division of bread bit... had me bamboozled:lol: However, everyone got the same thing to work with, and some did come up with the right answers, so no complaints and congrats to those who got that right :). Just enjoy taking part..winning gold is just a bonus ;-)