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The blacksmith once again looked at the parchment a visitor had just given him.
There was nothing particularly unusual about this order – to decorate armor and a weapon with an emblem... ⚔️ #ShadowEmpires

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    Crannies are the most efficient CP producers in terms of resource cost. And they have the added benefit of protecting your resources once BP runs out. So, for the average player, that means you can settle faster building the crannies. If you have so many resources that CP is your limiting factor (i.e. heavy raiding, tech accounts) it can make sense to build for parties instead.

    I think there is another point being missed here. This has been about how a single account is sometimes a lot better than other accounts.
    Either because of duals or because of tech accounts. But this is not a game about how good any single account happens to be. It is a TEAM game that is about how well a team can do in winning a server. I have seen time and again where the "best" accounts on a server are irrelevant to this. And where small, low or even no gold players are on a team that uses what they are to help win that server. As an example: fnx mentioned above where they and a single dual made an 890K wheat count WWK. Even if they managed to do that without soaking up the res of more players to build or store that massive hammer (and well done, btw), a smaller, less active account that made 2 300K WWKs can have more impact on a server. Sure, they can only zero around a level 70 WW on most servers instead of level 95 or higher by the larger WWK, but they can hit two of them. Just a single example and those would both be considered top accounts on most servers. Another example featuring a smaller account: Say you have a player that barely uses enough gold to keep the bonuses and plus enabled with a 9C cap. They make 400K defense by end game. They probably never get noticed outside their team, but those D troops can come in mighty handy...

    There has to be some room for skills and game knowledge in the game.
    Let me start by expressing my admiration for your attempt to do a raid start with EIs instead of the standard troop Romans would use for it. (legos)
    If you have no tech accounts helping you, that would be extremely difficult to match the settling time of the average veteran.
    By my admittedly rough estimates, that would put you at least a day behind what with having to cover the cost of the troops, buildings and research. And the lost potential CP and resources that you are dealing with due to using your res for that instead of fields and buildings.
    Even using legos, a Roman raid start is harder than a teut or Gaul raid start.
    I do wonder about your unwillingness to continue. So you are a couple of days behind. You are obviously an aggressive player. Why wouldn't you consider staying and trying to steal a decent 15C for a cap?
    At a certain point, you have to adjust to the game. Not ask for the game to adjust to your preferred play style.

    Oases no longer respawn during the period where everyone is under beginner's protection. (5 days after server start on a 1X server)
    After that, they seem to me to respawn at the same old rate and for the same reasons. Example: in oases where my account is the only one raiding it, so long as I keep my raids under 5 troops, it takes longer for them to respawn and they don't respawn with as many or as strong animals.

    Here is my last try at this one.
    Did you put your CURRENT account name and server in correctly?
    Account name Com x3?
    The smaller amounts you mentioned are not gold transfers. They are gold vouchers and get claimed at the gold buying page. And those DO expire.

    There are many domains under dot com. Those countries that have their own domains such as the Netherlands ( cannot exchange gold with the main dot com for instance. And it has always been that you cannot transfer gold between domains. Also, the tournaments are considered to be their own domain as far as gold transfers go. I hope this clears up your confusion.

    Most folks seem to think my nickname is derived from MS Office. Couldn't be further from the truth. When I was about 2, my first sentence was "not deer, moose". My favorite TV show was Captain Kangaroo. And my favorite part of that was the cartoon Rocky and Bullwinkle. In one of their shorts, Bullwinkle climbs a mountain and shouts "Excelsior", imitating the more usual shout of "Eureka". When Rocky asked why he shouted that silly word, the reply was that it was an advertising stunt. For excelsior, which is a type of packing material made in sawmills. I shortened that to Excel. (Bullwinkle is a moose. Rocky is a flying squirrel)

    With oases not respawning troops during the initial beginner's protection period and the heroes regaining all health when leveling, raid starts will be much more common for all tribes. And those who do it well will settle ahead of those who sim. I say that even though I generally sim well enough to claim a 125% or 150% 15C cropper. I would suggest building enough troops early to carry 4K resources and hero bomb a few oases while keeping your troops busy raiding the oases others have cleared the rest of the time. Don't risk your troops and don't build too many until after you settle your second village. Teamwork is definitely worthwhile here, too.

    Remove spam filter?
    So we can be bombarded with advertisements and flaming?
    Not to mention that it would lead to various types of malware attempts on each of the players.
    All in all, I am against that suggestion.

    The main theme in this thread seems to be about cheating and Travian's enforcement of it's rules.
    The first points I want to make are in Travian's favor. They have introduced several new methods to detect cheating in the last few years. Unfortunately the latest one is more buggy than previous ones in my experience. They seem to be catching more, but also getting more false positives.
    As to the current most complained about issue (old rule 1.1 and the legalisation of "tech" accounts):
    Travian has made several changes to mitigate the advantage from using techs.
    On new servers, sitters from outside your alliance or it's confeds are not allowed.
    Oases will no longer respawn animals during the first 5 days of a round. And heroes will regain full health every time they level up.
    Travian has also created a new support system that in part replaces the MHs with a paid staff that all have a specific system with defined offenses and punishments to follow.

    I do have some ideas to toughen up the system and make it more fair for those of us who don't cheat.
    1) Those who use the dark web to access the game (Tor browser and the like) should automatically get any punishments bumped up a level. In the case of multi-accounting that would normally get a level 2 or higher punishment, a perma-ban would be appropriate.
    2) Bans that at present include the loss of population should lose actual villages rather than building levels in every village. And they should also lose all their CP except that needed to reach the number of villages they are left with.
    3) Villages that are safely farmed by only a single account or alliance and defended against everyone else should be banned and deleted or turned into Natar villages. And the farmers should receive a punishment.
    4) Bans that are shown to be wrong should return as much as possible to the account. Refill the warehouses and granaries. Put the building levels back. Not in the case of minor actual violations where it is decided that no actual punishment beyond the ban is needed. But for true false positives.
    5) Multiple bans during a round should get progressively steeper punishments. The second offense should get at least a level 2 punishment even if a level 1 would be normal for that type of infraction. 3rd offense level 3. 4th offense? Banned from the server.
    6) All dark web accounts should have their e-mail owner checked to see if that same person has another account on the server. Yes, this would require someone to look up the e-mail address and get a name from the account.

    I have played against alliances that had multi-alliances. All controlled and even played by a single person or alliance. One qual round we actually had 2 of at least 4 alliances banned for the entire round. But an account that never had more than 16 villages still was able to make 5 hammers with at least a 500K clear each and plenty of cats to hit a WW with. Luckily, that player and his alliance were not very good at using them. Didn't understand end game mechanics well. But it's still extremely hard for even good vets to compete against that type of thing.

    Just some random thoughts after I saw this thread. Hope they generate some discussion and/or action.

    The Travian FAQ states that NPCing is possible during vacation mode. However, when I try to get to the maintenance screen to do so, it does not open that window. Instead it takes you to the vacation tab under settings.

    Playing on Ang3. It seems that raids are not coming back full, even when there is enough res there for a full load. They come back 2 or 3 resources shy. I know it's a minor issue, but several players adjust their farm lists based on whether they get full loads or not.