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    My question is simple. Since they recently introduced the new reining restrictions, will it still be possible to rein a WW if you are not in a confed with the alliance holding it?

    Well, the link to the forum post works now. And it has a link to the AskTravian episode which works. Unlike the link to the AskTravian episode in the in-game announcement. :)


    Just received an announcement about the AskTravian episode on WWs. However, the link is not working and the forum thread referenced at the end says I do not have permission to view it. :)

    Playing as Spring on UK4

    This thread started when someone asked for clarification on a rule and it's consequences on the Pandora format. In my opinion, Staff did a wonderful job in answering that. Including direct answers to examples.

    So now we know what the rule means in practice. Since then, this thread has been a mix of folks arguing about what the rule SHOULD mean or complaining about what it DOES mean.
    Shouldn't that convo take place in another part of the forum? Like the ideas section maybe?

    That would allow browsers to see the important info here without it getting lost in the speculation and complaining.


    Thank you for the clarification. That seems quite straightforward and easy to understand. Should make for some wild and wooly servers if there are multiple groups that plan ahead properly.
    I don't think it will be newb friendly at all.
    On the other hand, journeymen players that try to use this may run into serious problems. As chiefs as early as needed to use these tactics can be problematic.
    Looking forward to seeing how this all plays out.


    AN old bug resurfaces. The notice in game about the no starvation period has no way to remove it from my account screen. And that period has been over for hours. UK4.


    It is my understanding that they made some changes a week or so ago. It should no longer be possible to do a 0 loyalty chiefing in your own alliance or confed. Withthe exception of artifact and WW villages which are always chiefable.

    Yes, non-gold users can be quite helpful. As an example:
    I know one player that never has more than 20 villages at the end, but provides well over 100K D for end game and supplies her WW with well over 100 million resources, often topping 150 million.
    Good anvils easily surpass the troop totals, but few, even among "top" accounts ever contribute that many resources to a WW.
    She is first and foremost a team player, which makes her far more valuable in my eyes than, say, a top raider.

    Standard shorthand for making yourself an unappealable farm is, spend down, cranny up and dodge.
    Most, but not all, farmers will not continue to farm if they get no resources, lose no troops and kill no troops.

    I like this general idea. Of course, we have the questions section of the forum which covers some of it. Given that Travian is not about to spend the resources to create group chats when apps like Skype, Discord and Whatsapp are out there, perhaps there could be something similar set up by veteran players for those platforms? A place where all questions are welcome and newbies can get a little help? Assuming that such a thing is desirable and doable, it would certainly help if we could get at least provisional approval by Travian for it so that they could be advertised with some sort of notice in game so the newbies could find them. I suspect it would take a little time and perhaps some training for the volunteers before such approval was forthcoming.

    So. On US1, our info box says truce will start at midnight tonight. But all the info we've received so far, in the posting for Christmas truce and here on the forums says that it starts at noon tomorrow. Would be nice to know which is accurate. Right now would not be too soon to clarify this.


    Dear Mark!
    I am sure you've heard the news: our Emperor set friendship with the Egyptians! I invite you to join me on my travel there!


    P.S. Talk to the messenger, he'll tell you all the details!

    Excelsior US1