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    In all seriousness, they have tried something similar in some special servers. It's called "troop merging". The first modifications to it they had to make was exempting siege and chiefs from it. Because it allowed you to chief from a single village. And to build the slowest troop types to build in several villages, thereby offering you the opportunity to overwhelm just about anyone from next door with little or no warning. It has consistently been panned as a possible addition to the main game as gold intensive and unfair to the majority of players. So when we say we don't want it, it HAS been tried and found wanting by the vast majority of players that have given their opinions on it.
    And I have to say, that if I saw that kind of attitude in a player on these forums with that tactic in place, you would not last very long. Because I DO know how to adapt and change.

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    That rule, as written, was a nightmare to enforce, or even to interpret. And it was usually invoked by someone that was losing,or that took it literally. Taking that rule literally, you could not help your teammates with anything. Because it took away from your own account.
    Point 2: Tech accounts and vacation mode are separate issues.
    Now on to the basic assumption your whole post is about. And that is the assumption that tech accounts are bad things.
    An actual tech account is an account played by a real player for the benefit of a team or of an individual account. Some people just go crazy when others settle village 2 ahead of them. Well, I've got some news for those players. You can settle late on day 5 or on day 6 WITHOUT using a tech. Which means only a very small number of players will get ahead of you if you are good at your starts. It also sounds like you want to keep the rest of your alliance from helping the laggards get out the door. You want to see outrage among the player base, you just go ahead and change the rules so you are unable to do that.
    This is a TEAM game. The teams that are best at helping each other out are the teams people want to play with. And they tend to be the teams that win.
    Learn the game. Find a good team. And I think your opinions will change.

    Is this so slow for everyone else that it keeps timing out? Took me 12 minutes just to register. And I've timed out 4 times waiting for actions of any kind to happen after I click anything.

    The private farm type of tech, or one that sends all the res to a single player has pretty much been dealt with with recent and soon to come changes.
    However, accounts have always been used to help someone get to village two faster or to garage troops. This is being looked at, but for now those will remain as "tech" accounts.

    I have no problems with tech accounts being used to reach village 2 faster or to garage troops. I do have problems with private farms. Especially since they have to be confedded or in your alliance now. Any of my players that try that will be told not to let the door hit them on the rear. Good raiders do not need private farms.
    As far as garaging goes, if 3 or 4 players in an alliance want to brag about the biggest hammer, I am fine with that. They can only knock a WW down once. Whereas if they were all hammers, they could knock it down 3 or 4 times. (if they are good enough)
    Many artifacts and hammer villages and capitals are protected with standing defense. Much of which could be considered garaging help.
    I guess I'm trying to say that this is a complicated issue and there are many viewpoints on it. Travian is starting to make large strides in dealing with cheats. The new punishment system for dealing with multi-accounting/sharing of passwords, for instance. They have made some changes to identify and to stop people from using outside programs inappropriately. And more changes have been announced even if you have not seen them yet. The new system for dealing with punishments has made it far more fair. Bots and scripts are recognized far more often now than in the past. Etc.
    Most of the players that I have read complaining about techs, are either obviously not yet good players, or they are directed against things like private farms that most all veteran players dislike.

    First point.
    How bad are your players that they cannot land at specific times, or within a second or two? That is a very basic Travian skill. I would suggest you go defense until you master it.
    Second point.
    Sharing passwords is true multi-accounting. And anyone that does it deserves whatever punishment Travian metes out to them. Reputable leaders would not do it, nor allow it in their alliance.

    I find myself in the unusual position of wanting to defend TravianGMBH for their efforts on the recent subject.
    If you go find and read the recent posts on the changes coming, you will find that they ARE preparing some changes to address "private farms". And until that happens, what do you folks think an appropriate punishment is? Sure, some of you like perma bans, but until they implement the discussed rule changes, I happen to think that taking all their res away and reducing their size by 1/3 is very much in line with previous punishments for the more egregious rule breaking such as true multi-accounting. And, not incidentally, takes away all the advantages the rule breakers got. I've just skirted or even passed the line on "discussing bans" so this is the last post on the subject that I will make.

    Once upon a time, on a server far far away, after T3.6 was introduced, it went thusly:
    Up your fields the first day to get between 1,000 and 1300 resources per hour. By the end of day 2, have 120 CP per day. Keep growing the CP till it hits about 140 to 145, make your settlers, settle. Two fairly standard modifications. 1) buy a glad helm. 2) make troops and raid.
    Good players settled on day 7 or 8. A very occasional player settled on day 6. Usually someone with a glad helm.
    Most of the complaints from those days were about players spending gold to buy a helm. And from raiders that wasted their res on troops to the point they could not settle as fast as others.
    Fade to today.
    significant changes:
    Oases do not regenerate animals for the first 120 hours.
    Heroes regain their health when leveling.
    Heroes hold the task rewards.
    These changes significantly tilt the field towards early raiding.
    Let us say that there is an account that has 3 players. If all 3 make an account with the intention of joining the main account fairly early, here is how it works. On day 2 the main account needs enough troops to carry 4K resources. All 3 heroes open oases for the main account to empty. All the points go to hero strength when they level. The main account throws their first party at the end of day2/beginning of day 3. They throw a second party at the end of day 3/beginning of day 4. If they have managed to build settlers during this, they are a great boost in raiding as settlers carry 3K res. My rough estimate is that if you can raid 150K or a bit more, that will allow you to send settlers sometime during the 5th day.
    Of course, you have to be good at the same things the better players were back when T3.6 was a thing.
    Here is where the tech complaints come in. If you don't quite get to the point of settling by the end of day 5(120 hours after server start), those two accounts can feed the main account quite a bit (for that point in the game) of resources.