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    R4C shaping up quite nicely. They know how to sim and also how to organize proper oops and build troops.

    The only problem they would probably face is how to take along those allot of newbies with them. I fear all the power and hopes lies in those original 5, 6 players.

    R4C does seem to know how to properly oops. :/ Those 5-6 original better have superhuman powers.

    Would you consider these hats unisex?

    Also, I prefer a "one of a kind" style... Can you imagine my hero showing up to a battle, only to find out Locke Lamora's hero is wearing the same one?

    Do you offer fashion advice? I'm afraid Hulk's hero may attack in his pink lace high hat, when we all know a battle bonnet, with just a hint of pink, is more appropriate.

    What's this I hear about TDE napped with (and planning to confed) the already huggled up MM? Word is they're planning to secure the SW and SE so they can war with the north.

    Forgetting those 'mericans (who are not really 'mericans)?

    You're right, crunchie. There's a lot more to happen before we see what's what.