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    Totally out of topic but i have another topic in mind

    1. The two new tribs, huns and egyptians should be implimented on all domains.

    2. Considering huge advantage to Egyptain defenders noone in their right state of mind would play gaul defender. So proposal is to add a bonus building to gauls to give them a chance.

    3. Balancing for huns, bowman and maraduar wwk will be insane. So to counter that and give romans/teuts a chance should remove bowman and add a def unit and/or decrease siege attack power only for huns to give back the edge to other two tribs.

    PS: I love my fast druids so i am thinking a bonus building adding speed and/or reducing cavlary training time for gauls. Open for suggestions.

    Foregt attacking the friends in this scenario.

    Consider 2 wwk accounts that you plan to attack. The goal is to destroy the wwk village.

    First wwk have 25 other villages, second only have 1 village the wwk itself.

    You attack the first guy, it maybe a chief or hammer train to do a 0 pop. If you succeed the hammer is forever gone. It cant bite you anywhere.

    You attack the second guy, since its only one village it cant be chief attempt. You do a hammer train. You succeed. The village is 0 pop but the hammer is still alive and its going to bite.

    This is considering you succeed in taking the arti in wwk village and completely destroying it.

    Yes, there's one thing we agree on. If techs stay, I don't see a reason to eliminate "invincible wwks". They just want to play. Why would you remove their troops and change rules again?

    You can counter 4 friends and wwk by attacking them. You croplock a friends cap thats 120-200k resources/parking gone for wwk or try to chief the wwk itself and the hammer is gone and thats your reward for attacking.

    Invincible WWKs cant be countered. Even if you plan a train and 0 pop it the hammer stays so there is no reward and with alliance help it will bite you later.

    This is a war game.

    Having said that anyone who decides to build a WWK builds it to ses that one statement "Wonder of the world has been destroyed". How they want to build it is completely their concern. If they have 4 friends who want to help them then why are you so keen into ruining the game for those 4 friends and the WWK acc itself.

    If you and so keen on raiding just build multiple working hammers and use them. Use them to harass those friends.

    Everyone should play the game in their own style. They want to play sim city for 220 days to 0 the WW on day 221 its their choice.

    You want to start training clubs from day 1 and raid for 220 days your choice. What if TG implements a rule tomorrow about raiding which says you can only raid 200k resources per day,would you approve? (Ohh wait, someone tried something like that and got trashed)...anyways...

    You cant implement a rule just because you do not approve that play style.

    :) You seem a bit obsesed with them and all that without even playing. When did they claim that? Anyway, that wasn't my question. I asked why would they have to merge against YOU. Who are YOU?

    And "yet" part suggests that they united against YOU before.

    We are groot..!

    lmao Clockie, SGR has zerg party on every round :D

    Aye...its called no trolls party...8|

    I don't see anyone. Just read the forum. And if you're not playing, why would SGR need to unite against you? :/

    Because thats the only gameplay they know, merge with a possible enemy, use all their resources/arties etc etc and then claim they won the server single handedly.

    3 ally in NE and 2 of them already declared


    All of them need to do OPs before arties to clear others....correction SGR and AD does. The 3rd ally in only here to help :)

    On side note- How many croppers did cousins took where SGR guys were walking?

    You are wrong tinky. Taking arties or hitting cap does not come under OP catagory.

    Sgr op catagory is hitting feeders till last day of the server. A player called Titus tried to hit 39 villages of Criminal minds on last day. What an amazing OP that was...!! Killed 46k def of rank 2 defender for just 140k lost offense...*clap*

    LOL dude you made a mistake there trying to beat me with reason. I guess no one has seen that happen here lately.

    If you call OPs of 5 hammers "meta-wide" then cool. congratz for earning noob rank. If you think dodging the critique of having a million techs with a shrug then congratz, you are a garbage person ruining the game for hundreds of players. Choose the one which pleases you and your team more.

    all travian servers together wont have a million accounts at any given time. So unless you have links to all the million techs we used just can it.

    And i agree its useless to beat you with a reason. You are way too dumb to understand it.

    Because he is alcoholic? :/

    Obi got that one right. Did not get my morning Coffee liqueur.

    Why are you so angry, little ducky?

    The server will be officially over any minute. You won! Enjoy! Make a party with friends. Don't go combing forum for old posts and spreading bitternes. You missed a thread or two, by the way. :S

    Spreading propaganda and bitterness is SGR tactics. And i missed a few threads but other "tech" accounts of mine were there so dont you worry...!