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    Thanks for a nice Topic with beautiful reports and useful information.
    NewOrder did a great job as a deffensive side, but what's about attacks from NewOrder?
    Would they be the same victorious as they were in deffensive.
    I would like to see more attacks from NewOrder to conclude my point of view about this team.


    1) I don't really care.
    2) D from bad name is Daiva, leader of Alliance Nova, my dual. And she left BAD group, because Buch (from BAD letter B is kind of a
    3) your information is
    4) yeah, wonderfull. Check nicks zero , euphoria, gaja ;) in ru / com qualifications and finals

    I dont know who told u such peace of , i repeat. Ru Team would not give anyone a chance to win . Last final was like a simple ru server. There were no competitors, a game of one-goal .
    You can relax and forget about win and easy game :)

    Are you fool? It's a question.
    How can you say something if you dont know anything at all ?AT ALL?
    What kind of nonsense did you write?

    1) Nick is Man's name
    2)THERE WERE , THERE IS AND THERE ALWAYS WILL BE BAD [Enola] !One of the strongest Russian teams. (D from BAD is gone , wtf? :D)
    3)I am officially one of the members and representatives of Ru Team , my information is 100/100 right.
    4) you can tell everything u want , but no chance for everyone next final.

    Turkish speed has just end. Tournament beginning time is just perfect. Turks are coming very strong. Probably at 60th day everyone will accept the winner :)

    Last year I heard the same about Turkish , one of them wrote in Russian forum about their great plans and power , but...
    They were suppressed and dismantled by Ru Team very easily :D
    Let's talk about real things , no chance for Turks against Russia -.-

    Hey , Safiren , very nice work ! Thanks for the interesting observation of common qualifications. It is always very interesting to read such things , especially connected with tournament.
    Unfortunately, there is no interview from Russians.
    What do you think guys , will Ru Team become the best again?
    I recommend you to post this theme in ru forum also , cuz there are a lot of active people there.

    Regards :)