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    I think the best suggestion I've heard about this whole Gyp cap thing is that you can only hold a capital with the tribe you start with!
    As for all the complaining about the Egyptian start I have a couple of things to say about that...

    I was a top Egyptian in au19 (Phoenix) - 2nd to settle if I remember correctly but I was active and used gold. The hero resource bonus was helpful BUT came at the cost of FS which is something I tend to use more especially because I usually play Roman. I'm not that heavy on gold so wasn't buying ointments to compensate for all the health loss doing adventures and it made clearing oasis much harder.

    HOWEVER... I strongly believe that the AlexTurner account (Teuton) could of settled before me. We spawned very close, struck up a friendship early and started sitting each other. He was a top raider early and the res from his raiding more than outdid my hero resource bonus. I believe it was simply the fact that he was more focused on troop building and didn't pay enough attention to the timing of being able to settle. I strongly believe this would be the same for a Hun account - look at the top raiding stats early game!!

    I am willing to bet all those grouching about the Egyptian cap and start ability don't want to play Egyptian themselves and are probably highly active players. The Egyptian tribe is a good tribe for less active players which can balance against those that are more active. But of course they have their downside of expensive troops and not the greatest off or speed so probably aren't a 1st choice for more active players. That's good balance.

    Now quoting ELE...

    I don't have that much problem with Egyptians having by far the best capital, that alone would be ok. After all we all know WW must be built on teutons account and everyone is fine with it. Egyptians however have the fastest start as well so they are not only have best capital but best chances to be first to best croppers.
    Majority of competitive servers will ultimately be Egyptians with all other races hard to find.

    It is kinda easy to make Romans and Teutons competitive - more powerful brewery and capital HDT for account can do it.
    Egyptian hero bonus should go to Gauls so they have best chance to croppers. Huns can live without capital advantage - they have the only hero with somewhat useful skills after start and chiefing power (maybe drop the cost of CC a little).

    ... I disagree that Egyptians necessarily have the fastest start for my reasons above and think if they lost the hero res bonus they would absolutely have the worst start because they have the most expensive troops (I don't count SM's!) Perhaps - and I only say perhaps - Gauls could get one too. However a good Gaul can get TT's out raiding early so can also be a serious competitor in the raiding.

    So now I'm going to put the shoe on the other foot and grouch about Huns. Just as the teuton clubby is often considered OP'd I think the Hun cavalry is OP'd and needs to be curtailed in some mix of being slower, weaker and less carry ability!! I think the Hun hero ability is OP'd and should be removed!!! Take that Huns!!! :p

    Now back to my first statement I will add that part of the reason I think this has been prompted by my reading through the thread which is nitpicking about the rules of multi's and friendly chiefings etc etc bla bla because everyone wants a Gyp cap!! This is a recipe for a lot of cheating and dubious play so that's why I say only being able to have a cap of the tribe you start with would be the simplest and best suggestion. You want a Gyp cap? Then start as a Gyp!!

    This is relevant to all versions and I have put this forward as a suggestion once upon a time but I'm reminded of it playing this beta so...

    I would like to be able to change the home village of the hero wherever the hero is or at least at the village he/she is currently reinforcing at any time - NOT just when you send the hero!!

    I've possibly found a bug...
    I'm looking at a scout report on a village of someone in our alliance by someone who is not in any alliance and they didn't lose any scouts but I can see the report and the number of scouts they used!!
    I can give a link of the report if needed where appropriate.

    We are confused with the stats - perhaps they aren't working properly?
    Specifically the Off/Def one
    Attached are the stats for myself and a fellow alliance member
    We thought the number in the "Alliance" showed our ranking for Offense within our alliance but comparing these two this doesn't seem the case so is this an error or do we not understand these stats?

    Thank you

    Interesting point about managing different tribes being "too chaotic and stressful"

    As Flawless pointed out, this will certainly add a different level of strategy to chiefing decisions which I personally will hugely enjoy but for those who might find it too chaotic and stressful it will severely limit their chiefing options UNLESS...

    and I offer this as feedback and a suggestion...

    Perhaps we could have the option of keeping the newly chiefed village as the tribe it was or switch it to our original tribe? BUT... I do like the idea that you are forced to keep the new tribe.

    PS - I would like a beta key please :p
    Is there a limit to how many are being given out?

    When Heroes are equipped with a weapon, in regards to the defense aspect of it does it give the bonus to both infantry and cavalry defense. For example a Light Hammer of the Paladin gives +6 defense so would this increase each Paladins Infantry defense to 106 and also it's Cavalry defense to 46 giving a total of 152 or just increase it's overall total to 146?

    Now that I'm logged on with JahRay_COM I can't seem to find any information on au servers anywhere.
    Before I log in I can change the language to 'English (AU,NZ)' up where the 'Login or Register' link is and information comes up about au servers but logged on I can't find any - why is this?
    I thought this was a merged Forum now so I don't understand what is happening here.
    Please advise

    *Looks like I found the information I needed here: A new forum is coming!!!
    So I went to my settings and added the AU/NZ :thumbsup:

    Is it possible to demerge troops that have been merged or would you have to merge them back into the village they came from etc?
    Also - how do the smithy upgrades affect merged troops?