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    Im sure throughout the server it'll be used on many things, scrolls and arts for instance.

    And well, it was only them bidding against me on each helmet really. The proof is the fact the 2nd went for 300k higher than the first, since no one else was competing but me and them and after losing the first I got a little "scorched earth" on them :D

    If I spend, you spend!

    It is unfortunate that I must type this but I withdraw from this server, and Heathens along with it.

    We feel this server is already lost for us, the Russian alliance is too much for it.

    it is weird that TM, nor any other alliance, thinks they have a chance.

    This message is not at all influenced


    Today I was approached by two Russians who told me to not play Travian anymore

    Ofc, as a self respecting man I insisted I had never heard of this Travian that they were talking about, for I know such shameful things.

    Later that day, I was approached by 4 Russians who told me that they have big support as they have the power of communism and manpower on their side, and that it would be in my best interest to stop ignoring their warnings.

    I'm not gonna lie, it's a bit worrying -

    Hold on, someone has knocked on my door, brb.

    1. The vote was about duration of the server, not speed. The Speed has ALWAYS been 1x and the core memberbase of birthday servers come from this speed, since the first few were not 2x speed.

    2. The 2x speed server comes AFTER the 1x server. This has been the case for the past few years.

    ==> Basically, the 1x server will end after 180 days, leaving 180 days for the 2x server (although it wont last 180 days) until NEXT birthday server.

    This has been the case for a LONG time.

    So no, please do not insult ELE, you are the ignorant one. There are people who want servers for both speeds, and guess what? There are servers for both. Yours just come later, as has always been.

    If 1x is too slow for you, thats fine, you can wait for 2x to come later, but do not assume your opinion is what everyone wants.

    The fact that 1x over-populated the 2x server by 3x as much last year says that you're clearly in the minority when it comes to what speed is wanted.

    But that doesnt matter, because whether you want 1x or 2x, there will be a server for it this year, just the 1x comes first.

    elf , the big map only requires 4k pop to unlock too, unless that has changed for this upcoming server? It was that was last year (definitely) and every year I've played (to my knowledge). Last server our alliance took control of 44 regions at the end and I dont think it would have made any difference if it was the smaller or bigger map really.

    And yes, I would hope that most if not all alliances would save some players capitals for the more important out regions, for example we had 3 players with capitals in Carthago for Unique boots in Africa. And people would make off villages, merge troops there and attack from there too.

    I think its important to note too that the reason international server is bigger map is also because of the amount of players/alliances that join compared to local domains and so although its bigger, you also get almost 2x more players involved.

    Well, im playing on different domain, and all the region servers are great, well after they changed the map form 801x801 to 401x401 its much better. 801x801 every ally was in their region and quite nothing interesting happened, but the change to 401x401 map caused that the regions are much faster captured and the true battles can begins right after.

    Strange you say that considering the 801x801 maps had greater statistics in terms of losses of attack/def points by a large amount -

    I mean, its not "much" faster, sure, you might be adding a few hours for settlers to region new regions, but they still require the same points to unlock the next and such - so im not sure how much time its really adding in the grand scheme of things.

    Each to their own though, both maps are generally available so no point arguing about it, whoever prefers which can choose the domain of their size preference in the end :p

    @everyone who is complaining about the speed being 1x.

    This has been the case with Every birthday server that starts in September, and the 2x one starts once they one has ended. The 1x Speed has been fine for what, 5 years now? So why is everyone complaining about it. The days has already been reduced from 200 to 180. Please dont forget that Tournament Squares and Merchants are still 2x more efficient/faster even on 1x Speed servers, along with Haste artefacts for ALL alliance this means catapults and raiding etc is still extremely fast, faster than a normal 3x server where only a couple players have haste artefact for example. (Since Tourny Squares are 500% speed and then 2x haste for all players in alliance...)

    Please do not change this, A LOT of the normal players who play this server every year enjoy this speed.

    So those complaining that its "changed" for the worse, stop comparing this to the 2x server that comes later in the year.

    Sorry ELE, didn't realise :)


    more often than not the winner of a server usually have players, or a large group of players, who can abuse gold, and I imagine some of the people moaning on here are abusers of gold themselves, theyre just moaning because someone is abusing gold on a larger scale than themselves maybe?

    I mean personally I've bought CP helmets for 3k+ gold, merged hammers costing 5k+ gold in a single day etc.

    There is always someone who abusers it more haha

    As a pure outsider in this server (except viewing on account of friend), and as an ex-leader and ex-member of TM (and yes, I am a gold-whore too, who will happily spend what is necessary to win), I will say this:

    While MAD may abuse Gold (more than some alliances previously seen) - lets not pretend that TM isn't shy of abusing gold either, and that many of TM accounts have the view of almost limitless gold, where they'll continually add gold whenever theyre low. And in the past when other alliances have complained of the gold abuse of TM against them, I find it ironic/hypocratic that now TM may cry the same of another alliance simply because they do it more than them.

    Travian is pay to win, its almost rediculous to assume or think that an alliance of skilled players who purely do not use a single drop of gold can beat an alliance of average players who spend 500+ gold a week these days. So the flame about who has paid more for their victory is pretty rediculous, when if you scour through previous forums and find other alliances stating the same about TM is just silly, just that this is on a different scale (i.e. an alliance has spent more than TM for once)

    Regardless of who is better alliance, or has better players, MAD seems to have won, and whether you flame them for using more gold, believe it or not, this is the viewpoint of many alliances who can second, third, fourth etc, compared to the alliance who come first, who have usually spent more gold overall.

    Hey there Frozen Angel, you seem to have the incorrect idea about Heathens and their recruitment.

    Heathens started as 10-15 players from previous birthday servers who were allies & enemies alike in previous server, who's plan was to actually join an alliance when one presented itself, unfortunately, right off the bat our alliance that we made at the start was rising more than others, and we inadvertently became an actual alliance, to the point where we had to decide a leader and such since we hadn't planned for it.

    We strictly stuck to NW and a little into SW, and we more or less didn't take any players who went against that for obvious reasons (so this still leaves a lot of players over the server/regions, and thats if we took 100% of best players in our dedicated region, which we did not)

    There was a META in NW and SW, MINIOS, which had more top accounts at the time than we did. So at best we took 50% of best players from 30% of the map .. maybe.

    Our recruitment was purely based on team work and their willingness to follow settling/chiefing orders as well as participation in OPs and were told this from the get go, and told that they would be removed if they didn't tag along.

    We had many top accounts who didn't want to join simply based on this, NAGIBATOR for example wanted lots of villages around his cap, Quincennce wanted a 150% 15c in another region, and I remember there was a player who didn't want to join because we required all alliance mates to use discord and he refused to join - speaking of which we also had one of our best def accounts eventually leave because of discord, and we had #2 account in game leave the game because he got fed up of us dictating which region he would settle/chief in next.

    We only have top accounts now because we fought, and overcame others who had quit or lost due to lack of teamwork in my opinion. There was many good accounts out there outside of Heathens.

    Just for some information, on .COM server (which is nearing its end now) 8 of the top 20 accounts hold Egyptian caps, only 1 of those actually having majority of their villages Egyptian (quite a few started Egyptian though)

    So the general trend is start Egyptian, then chief the main race you want when you can and spam villages from that it seems.

    So although Egyptian caps dont hold a majority of top 20 accounts, it holds a high %. I wouldn't say a massive nerf is required, but maybe a little something.