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    Hi I have a question about guidelines for banning and punishments.

    Last Birthday 2x server on .COM (the one that just ended) there was a player who was banned and lost ALL troops (whilst holding the biggest hammer in server) & 50% of all pop, and all warehouse/granary removed on his second offense.

    Yet there were players who were banned 3x times, and didnt have deletion of troops, and had total of 30% pop removed doing the EXACT same offense. (one of which was banned until thursday and was back to #1 raider by end of week due to this cheating BECAUSE he kept his troops after ban)

    Even his sitter who was doing the exact same time got nowhere near the same punishment.

    While I do not condone any cheating and have been a MH in the past, I think there should be some sort of "same punishment" for the same offenses which are clearly shown or something. Otherwise it just leads players to think there is biased behaviour depending on which side/alliance you're on in the server.

    I dont care if all get deleted, or if all get 30% - but for some to get 30% and others 50% for same offense and number of offenses, or some to keep all their troops and others to have all removed, seems idiotic to me.

    I dont really understand the problem here, there are advantages and disadvantages to both.

    & We're used to certain quads having strong early game VP but weak mid/late game due to bad artefact powers.


    For example, Horde/Marauder/Rebels have a lot more croppers & space to expand from, including neighbouring regions which will be opened too, and are closer to each other for farming/chiefing/conquering regions etc.

    You think an extra +100vp/day for the first week or two equates to much when late game the top 2 factions will likely have 2500+ VP/day each?

    Compared to the availability of good croppers, distance to enemy, better artefact powers etc?

    Also, with the way spawning works * shape of regions/map, some players in Empire/Dynasty are literally surrounded by Ocean and have 1/8th of the farms/oasis near them compared to players in other factions who are literally surrounded by players/oasis.


    If I had to guess I am assuming alliance victors would go something like this:

    Faction "whoever" has Won! Among this faction the top 5 alliances are:

    Top pop, top off/def points, top VP producer - If I had to guess.

    As for Zergs,

    They can easily work against you.

    Would you want an alliance holding a regions for you that lack a confusion or the activity/coordination to defend?

    An alliance could mass chief a region from an "average" alliance that lacks confusion while faking your alliance or something, and so, theyd be giving away villages/regions.

    Equally, i think youre gonna have a hard time trying to convince alliances that they shouldn't have artefact powers while you have them, and so, will be some in-faction fighting early/mid game probably.

    It is good thing that unique arts were moved out. No sure why balancing stopped there. It is kinda silly that one faction has boots from the start and another has 2 trainers in starting locations.

    I think its important to note that although you may start in a boots region, you will still be competing with other alliances within your faction to use Boots

    you may be unlucky and have another premade alliance start same faction as you, and you will both equally want it.

    Or you find that there is a "noob" alliance who will only want boots, and continue to expand/settle there throughout server until they get it, similar to how a lot expand in Aquelia/Medio around their spawn

    & ofc, if you kill these other alliances so that you can have boots, you're creating enemies within your own faction - and later on you'll want these numbers/alliances to expand into other regions so that as a collective you gain VP for your faction.

    I think thats an interesting concept/dynamic, dont you?

    OFC, once you have 1 of each "core" artefact, or the artefacts you want, you no longer need to have majority in any other region, and can simply concentrate on boosting other alliances within your faction, or going on the full on attack in enemies regions to deny them vp/artefacts - since it would go against your faction for you to have 2 small boots for example, you might as well let another alliance within your faction have the other boots, since as a collective you'd both gain the VP anyway.

    Are you serious?

    Well uhhh.

    Yes Egyptian caps are OP for income, but theyre useless hammers & so everyone who does Egyptian with hammer has massive risk of being chiefed in their non-cap and losing their hammer --- OR you get ghosted since tyou dont have auto-dodge --- This is a massive counter to it (especially on a 10x server)

    Slaves are cheapest yes, but theyre useless unless you're constantly losing defence, if those slaves survive more than a week on 1x speed then youre better off building ash wardens for because they amount they eat compared to how much they defend is rediculously bad.

    RC - While they have a strong balanced defence, they are the slowest defensive unit to train, cost 3 crop (with nothing to reduce it like roman), and cost the most to produce, and their travel speed is pretty average compared to others.

    Ash warden - They have +5 more defence in total than Phals but take more than an extra 2min to produce, Spears have the same total defence than them and 2mins quicker to produce almost...

    My point is that Egyptian units cost more usually, and take longer to produce, with minimal added defence

    and if you want speed, you've got the slave, which - if you're in a sluggy war with an alliance can be useful if you keep losing your defence and need some QUICK, but theyre cheap and worthless

    its like comparing clubs and axemen.

    hey hey ---

    How about that little confed between TO3 (now xmCx) & DBD ? :)

    DBD was finally getting somewhere with boots and delphi etc and now they give it up for a confed to avoid a fight ---

    So who are the strong alliances this server? I gotta admit, theres a lot of new faces! Most of the bedlam crew is waiting on the normal speed server later on, so theres only a few of us playing this round.

    Heathens are the same, less than 10 of us joined this server although not playing under that name or our usual names for this, was intended as a little fun server during lockdown.

    As for strongest alliances, well so far two alliances have got Boots, I imagine the longer they have those compared to other alliances should propel them forwards a bit.

    Hi again Disney Princess :)

    Nice to see some familiar faces.

    Im just having a chilled server during this pandemic chaos, and waiting for 1x, but I will still try my best :)

    A few Heathens are kicking around, but nothing organised as an alliance

    (Should probably change my signature on here)

    I find it Ironic that a lot argued for this server to be less than 200 days long because "servers are decided long before that date"

    yet, the difference between 180 days and 200 days here could have meant a completely different victor based on current VP leads, and the current rate of regions changing hands and such.

    Heathen & Pagan 950k def points

    TH & Company 320k def points

    Say what you want about us, being Bedlam dogs, or not winning this round, but at least we continue to fight and enjoy the server. We won last server but it was pretty boring, this server is a lot more fun/entertaining and full of action, for us, that's enough.

    TH/Company did a good path of VP without the need for much action it seems, or simply lacked competition.

    Im actually very eager to see what happens when they do have to start fighting for regions.

    hmm well maybe someone forgot to read the mm im happy to show you reports from last night were a player chiefed a village and defended immediately no message or anything then when messaged about this he reads and no reply so seems some people do not pay attention to MMs

    idk you always get the 1/2 loosers who dont care just a scummy move

    Let us know name of the player.

    Unfortunately some players need teaching more than others.

    Sure, friends like cookie for example:)

    Sometimes you get players who want to get their own way or the high way, we have a motto in heathens, it goes "alliance > player"

    if some player wants to try to blackmail us to get their own way, theyre on their way out.

    Also, a lot of deletions are people joining other accounts as duals/triples.

    As for the case of Cookie, let me explain something:

    He was under attack on two villages 1 tile from each other, he was told that he should forward all that defence to the next village so he can defend both (since the attackers didnt time their attacks that well), and if he cannot, to ask for a sitter.

    He did not ask for a sitter, instead of sent back all defence once the attack landed (resulting in some def starving overnight) and went to sleep despite the next attack landing 15mins later. (i mean, come on, you cant wait 15mins?)

    He lost that village to a chief

    the enemy that held massive standing that he could not handle, built catas, and was attacking him very well for the next few days until he delete -

    He was demanding that we run an OP on the guys cap and smash the guy or he delete.

    From our point of view the situation that he had found himself in was of his own doing, and we were not going to ask anyone to suicide their hammer on an egyptian cap that was an obvious attack (even without the enemy having scout artefact)

    As much as we appreciate the stuff he did for us while he was in Heathens, you cannot also just use that as a way to get your own way after you create a situation of your own doing.

    What about England and Corinium, is it also yours? Heathens failed to secure storage masterplans in Apollonia Pontica, so Corinium is like generous handout for your future vassals.

    There was no hand out, we didn't ask or anything for the region.

    If it was such a handout I doubt we'd have invested that many villages there as we coulda taken it easier, we expected competition for the region.

    Gotta get that storage somehow :p

    Also, I like how we get flamed for being useless and such, and losing etc.

    It seems everyone likes to attack us thats all. We're too busy building defence troops for anything else! :D

    Also, yeah, Web have been attacking is alone all server, but so have COM early on at the same time, and now TH and others join in.

    It's all alone, but when multiple alliances are attacking you, even without coordination, its still a massive pain