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    To not say that i am some evil,i will give you the presumption of innocennes ,but you must answher one single question,and when you are not one of the leaders that knows about the bugg,ask your leaders,what whas the strategy of ruteam leaders to win this server,without any roolback ?

    I must answer, okay if you says so.

    I don't know what Ru-team leaders plan was, since I'm not a Ru-leader or off-coordinator. But what I think, they would use their biggest WW hammers and left over hammers to damage Dacia in any possible way (Uollas WW behind Union WW), but they knew that after Italians destroyed Union WW at 25th February that the chance of winning the WW race was small for Union. I don't know how big the biggest WW hammers of Union were which they didn't use yet, but I think Union would be very reliant of stealing Dacia Building plan for WW to win the server (they had only 2).

    why don't you tell us how the bug works? :mmm:

    Sending fakes to WW, caused the bug. Server can't take more than 10 fakes a minute at WW (because of a huge amount of defence in WW), after my 5th fake landed it already caused Event Jam (the more fake the more damage it causes, so sending 100 fakes caused 7 million def starvation according to Franscesco).

    Now you know that every server without rule for minimum troops to send fake to WW can cause starvation bug. (My advise is not to cause bug, I did it by accident, sure nobody will believe it from their perspective)

    Illustration below:


    I think it's not about who triggered it, yeah strategic triggered it and he plays in the russian meta but he is just an individual.

    But russians clearly liked the rollback so they could change their plan and increase their chances for the win.

    Uollas meta asked for the rollback to before BP release (It's in the first post of the Bug thread). Sadly the rollback wasn't executed very well the first time and from that point Uollas meta didn't like the rollback. Blaming Russians at any case is just pure slandering, since they had nothing to do with it.

    "Needless to say, we expect a rollback at the time the construction plans were unbanned, any other kind of rollback will only be a mockery from the moment that the damage we suffered for having had less defenses at the time when the enemy WWK arrived was much more important than it should have been." ~Nunnareskereeee

    Irony is that some leaders from ruteam have trigged that bug because whas clear for them that they can not deal with 3ww,after theyr plans don t work,maybe they have seen that they can decide who is the winner from this 3,but to win,chance whas very small ,but you know that better then me .....

    Leaders of Ru-team did that, oh nice information. Did someone tell you that, or did you do research by yourself?

    I think you are misinterpreting this. Rich players will buy no matter what the price is. So, even if it is "less items", it is more than enough for those players on the right tail of the distribution to buy what they want. Less items would really affect those players who play with limited gold. Think about helm of gladiator. More supply doesnt mean that players who play with gold would buy multiples of it, it means that those who play with reasonable gold, now can actually afford to get one, which would have been impossible otherwise. I really do not agree that people actually quit travian because there are too many ointments or cages on the auction.

    You should have read forum back when T4 released. Full of angry people who didn't like the auction & hero system who gave more power to pay to win players, and bots who sell items and transfer silver to the main account holders. Sure after years people accepted somewhat this, since they had no choice to go back to T3.6, and many things did get fixed like the unlimited usage of buckets. But at times when someone has to face a pay to win player who manage get 3k+ animals in the first two weeks, which wouldn't have been possible without bots providing the cages. It tends to be very frustrating, especially because animals don't have any upkeep costs.

    I don't have really problems with hero items like gladiator helmet, they're not too unbalanced for me. Maybe delay the release of the first tier gladiator helmet like they did with scrolls, would balance things out for getting your 2nd village on equal footing.

    Please please please - fix this. My account spends at least 1k gold per month, and still I cannot afford these items... How can someone spend 100 gold for breast plate that gives 250 fs? Not even enough for adventures after the nerf.

    We cannot buy ointments, we cannot buy books, cannot buy cages

    How is that even a problem, because of these botters there was a heavy influx of cages and ointment which made pay to win people even stronger, because of the high supply they could buy way more cages and ointments with their budget. Clearing oasis or players for a quite cheaper price than without botters, which made many people quit travian in the first place. So by having pay to win players to have access to a smaller supply of auction items will reduce the amount of items each pay to win player can get and will have. Sure it will make it harder for people to buy items for their hero, but at the same time free to play items get 10x more gold this way then they sell their items to get their gold club/ 25% res bonus.

    Less items --> less ingame pay to win power --> higher auction price --> more gold to free to play/ low budget players.

    italians don t attacks our ww,we don t attack italian ww,but same whas and with RU team and Prime PL,the delete proposal how much i know whas not from Dacia,whas from IM ,now to come about fair win in this server,i have only one question for you,who is the fair winner of this server ?

    Wait what? Russians did send hammers to Polish WW previous finals I was like 3 fields away from their ww :). Don't spread fake news.

    Hmm, forming opinion without knowledge? Not sure it is the best quality of a "strategic" leader of an alliance. Would like to see tourney guys to join regular servers - it should be interesting (as long as number of players will be comparable).

    Anyway, good luck to Emerik. Hope it will facilitate player's requests to be conveyed to TG.

    Considering average meta in tournament is 1k+ accounts, neither are they just a bundle of random players. I don't think any normal server can handle a meta from finals, you've 5 to choose from.

    I miss the old CM that knew what was happening ingame Tournament information

    Stealing plans in 1x is not easy since you require to control the area since you know exactly where they spawn.

    Exactly, it requires a lot of strategy and teamwork to do so, and it did happen in finals 2016. In finals you've more players available for shortwar, since small trainers are already reached limit by maximum possible wwk players with 24 hours trainer rotation. You pretty much already won the game if you get all Building plans, no ww hammer will make you win the game anymore, since you can't build your own WW.