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    The hero's superpower is Charm Nature Animals :rat::wolf::bear::elephant: . The hero charms animals in oasis equal to their hero level. Basically, it acts in the same way as cages but no cages are needed. If the hero is level 12 and there are four types of animals in the oasis, the hero will charm 3 of each animal and the animals will follow them home and guard the village the hero was stationed in.

    Syllabus, Finals


    If the issue is helping new player with onboarding then let me suggest a couple of other off-the-cuff ideas about how to communicate with new players. Getting them into an alliance helps, but only if the leaders are willing to help them.

    1. Give new players an option to receive ongoing ingame messages with tips and links to content in the help files or forums. About four years ago, I made some videos for our alliance about some simple things like what to check when you are under attack instead of just panicking. I looked at them recently was surprised to see that people are still finding them and watching. To me, this is a sign that there is still an interest in the basics but my personal experience is that finding information on the forums or help files is not easy if you don't know the questions to ask.

    2. Encourage the use of the ingame forum for alliances with better instruction on how to use the forum and sample files to use to populate. I remember we had stuff on not being a farm, early account growth, inactive raiding, and alliance courtesy (for chief villages, overbidding on auction, cleared farm, etc.)

    The underlying issue for me is how do you change the attitude of some players when it comes to new players? If some basic information was easier to access, it would prevent a new player having to ask a question only to be mocked by other players and never actually getting an answer.

    I like the idea of considering how new players could be better mentored and supported in the game so I would like to add a couple random thoughts.

    I don't know if this has been suggested before, could the medal system be used here. For example, the obvious one is a veterans server. You have to have a veterans medal to play. There could be a bootcamp medal for newbies to play a training server after which they become a recruit. Recruits can play regular servers as can veterans.

    Recently, I played an Arkheim beta server. In Arkheim, you are immediately placed in a group. To steal an idea from that experience, could newbie be placed in a quad and an alliance.

    Or another thought, could all alliances be required to have 10 spots for recruits?

    I am a Gaul and my words of wisdom are "you can trap your friend and you can trap your enemy, you can trap your friend's enemy and your enemy's friend, you can trap your friend's friend and your enemy's enemy, you can even trap yourself! But keep track because a full trap traps no one else, friend or enemy."


    Tourny Quals Server

    The troops were standing on the battlefield waiting for their arch rival to arrive. It was already late but no one even thought to go to bed. The history will be made today!

    White stone walls of the nearby city, hidden among the huge rocks were hardly seen in the last rays of the setting sun. Only a moment left till the battle begins and the hero with the long red pennant fixed to his pike already moved forward on his brown warhorse, to say.......

    "Oy, lads, be on the ready!"

    The hero looked over his men and women, fine soldiers all with pride! "We have foiled the fool's attempt to steal our treasure! It was moved moments ago to a friendly village!"

    "Huzzah!" cried the troops!

    "Our stores are empty, there is nothing to steal! The chamber of our treasury is level one, it's destruction is of no matter! A horde of druids and hueys will arrive on the second for our arch rival cannot send waves! Let us away! For the enemy has travelled for naught!"

    The arch enemy arrived too late and having found nothing, retreated! His following forces were routed by the hero's fine calvary! The enemies losses were momentous and the hero's few!

    "Learn to send same second waves, my evil friend, or my treasure will be forever out of your grasp" whispered the hero for why would he give advice to the enemy, for the lesson was taught if only the enemy would learn!