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    Yeah, like half of the world also has R W B, smart thinking.

    So what. So do USA,UK and AU. The others can go there too if it hurts your feelings so much.

    What else beside language that they have already taken off the table do they have in common that would work for a name? Fish n chips?

    Maybe we should call it Mel Gibson? Or maybe Mad Max sense he is Aussie and you can watch the movie in all three places. Oh but no. Everyone else can watch it too so that doesnt work. Maybe the joker server after Heath Ledger?

    This is my final submission.

    This is based on the color of ALL THREE flags. Blue, White and Red.

    So .RWB or .BWR or .WRB, or .BRW or .WBR, or .RBW what ever works best for the game mechanics. At lest this one has something to do with all three domains equally. I dont know how the other countries order the colors but red white blue speaks easily to me.

    sigh...... server delay might mean I have got time to play comx after all.

    *Mitmate thinks instead he might have another go at the shower drain blocked with hair..... well he hope it is hair?*

    I turned this thread off and it showed up on my watched list again!

    See you tomorrow @Mitmate

    .es is España or Spain. And I highly doubt most would be willing to learn Spanish if it is called .es.

    I realized that last night. But I still
    Like the name so I left it.

    How about....
    “Also Know As”
    America, (United) Kingdom, Australia


    America, Britain, Australia

    It is for now but a new language pack will be added at some point in the future. I didn't find the announcement that clear as to when the merged language pack would be added. I think we won't see it until all existing game worlds end from AU/UK/US... which won't be for at least a few months. I think Us1 was the last start on Aug 7, which would put a new language pack around March 23rd. (230 days later)

    It is suggested something will happen when the first joint server is up but it doesn't specifically mention a new language pack (which is what we need)

    Could we get some clarification on this? @sommerfuglen_NO

    Exactly. Why is it so difficult to get an official spot for all of this?

    Just kidding, but for real......."English" is the best name for it, I dont know why you are so against it. It makes total sense. They are merging BECAUSE they are the English speaking servers. But sense English seems to be off the table my official name for the new domain is.........

    "English Speaking Servers"
    Travian.ES or ESS which ever is easier "English speaking"
    ESX or ESSX for speed. I like that.

    Whilst I have my own thoughts, that part of the conversation has already been outlined in the server announcement. It'll happen once the existing game worlds for each of the separated domains has ended.

    Given we're all posting on UK already, perhaps a gentlemanly agreement to continue posting about the combined server on UK will suffice? :)

    No problem, jaruby

    Create a thread, and I will make similar with redirection-links to the other domains until we also have a merged domain here on forum.
    Then all will know where the discussion-thread are :)

    At the moment, it could be an idea, to choose AU, UK and US under Settings too, then it's also easy to subscribe to a thread or threads you want to follow.
    Let me know if I can be any help here.

    ^That also works. :D

    As I am sure you have heard I have al the domains set already, I was just hoping there was an easy spot for everyone involved to go to start the discussions. I would start it up but I didnt know where to put it. UK, US, AU, COM. I am not allowed to start a thread in all of them anymore so I guess Ill just wait until the newly named area is opened I guess.

    US appears to be putting together a team for this server as well. If all the teams stated they would join do, it is likely there is going to be some overlap in quads. Fun times!

    How will we know this without a merged domain place to discuss on here? We need a section on the forums to get in trouble on.

    I don't know how others. But I am tired from you) you think it's fun talking about comx every day here, but it's not.

    Well good thing it starts in 2 days so you wont have to hear from me for awhile. Or maybe you will sense you guys are so much fun over here. I love how no one but Mitmate can even be civil.

    PS.... I have turned off the watched tab for this thread a few times but it keeps showing up when you guys post. I just see someone "posted" and then I respond. I dont pay attention to the thread for any of them I just read and respond. I think travian must want me to keep posting.

    Nope not coming, even if there's cookies and milk waiting.

    This one is going to start soon *fingers crossed....*.

    They are combining the servers so not gonna happen for awhile. Might as well come to comx.

    Begun?... if this alleged S1 server game was star wars film, Yoda would still be a twinkle in his great grandads eyes.

    Like I told ya before you would be perfect for comx. It starts in 3 days. (Monday, Oct 8th)

    I'd check TG pulse then.... there is only 28 days left in October. If they want players to sign up they have to hype it up too, most players have the concentration span of a fe....ooooh look, shiny...

    Sounds like you are perfect for comx. It starts next week. Only 5 more days.

    And @jaruby you can unfollow a thread. These folks are definitely into slow servers.

    Ya I know. I still dont get that either. Maybe they should try a speed server to see how good they actually are? Ive tried the snail servers a few times. I do not have the patience for the travel times.

    Because @jaruby has a very unhealthy addiction to comx. He can't see that some of us play .uk or .us only for a variety of reasons. I think Crunchie needs to find a cure for this unhealthy addiction and make sure that it gets into jaruby.

    See even the people that work for this stupid company know it’s an unhealthy addiction. I’ve been saying so for years.

    Ps... I don’t care in the least what servers people play on (except usx) but if I can make comx a better server by reminding people it is the best of the servers I will do that. Servers are better with more players. You should get that.