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    congratulations to a smart person and wonderful detection

    Nope, the poe-tah-toe is only repeating what others are saying in a fluffy unicorn way, everyone else is saying the exact same thing in a scruffy, mangy coyote way. Everyone knows how it worked and what went down, it's not a secret. They needed ML to survive the round so ML used them just like they expertly used their extensive amount of free resources, oasis bashing heroes, suicide armies, insane amount of no troop loss raiding, garages, extra defense etc... to win the server. People are having an issue with them saying "ITS won" and trying to take credit for the win. They did not win. They got their name on the ML sandcastle. If they worded it that way I bet most people would of just let it go. I like TurkC and enjoy arguing and convos with him but without ML they would have lost. Without them ML still had a great chance to win.

    What did you do? You are blaming on techs but almost until end game you were in the same quadrant with ML and you got rekt. ML captured artefacts. You didn't get any B.Ps. You lost your BP and lost the game. Spent your armies recklessly. If I had taught the game to 3 players in Cow you could have won easily. You meta'd with LoL, AoM and 3 other alliances. When you also got BK in your meta, I got scared for a moment and thought that we were gonna lose.

    In summary, you gathered all alliances you could trick, but you still lost. Now you are attacking istanbul as a scape goat. Stop being a leader Jaruby you can't be a good one. You sank your ship after many mistakes.

    I just went back and read my posts. I still cant find a single word from me bragging about anything I or we did. I didnt blame anything on the techs. I congratulated them for being so good at using them. They played a well planned out round and won the sandcastle race with ITS tagging along.

    I did however notice.....

    ---I made statements about your group not being the reason for the win and about your multis and bots.

    ---I also did say it was fun zeroing, chiefing and walling your hammers... but that really isnt bragging.

    I do not see how I am using IST as a scape goat? I will take that as a google translate issue because I am literally telling you IST had absolutely nothing to do with ML winning. I am impressed you somehow convinced them to allow you to share the win but I am in no way saying you are the scape goat.

    On a final note..... please set up a zoom meeting to teach 3 of us how to play. I would really like to win again.

    until the new server starts. cry,cry,cry.. :)

    What did you guys do? Really. Im not being snarky. I am curious.

    And about the new server.........

    The specialized tech game that ML can pull off is so unbalancing you are given no choice but to join in the BS or accept the outcome of the round before it even starts. ISTs multis and bots are so annoying it may end up with just you guys versing each other. Then you will see why everyone is saying IST was just there and ML really won the server.

    What are you talking about with the psychic ability and seeing how the round would end on day 10?

    #1... What forum war? There was like 5 people on here all round.

    #2... What war in the center did you win?

    #3... ML won, you were fodder for attacks nothing more. BUT you did get your name on the WW so congrats.

    I accept who won and who didnt. I am not sore or upset about it in any way. It's a game and there are always winners, losers, accusers and others who say they won. ML did what they do and won. It was nicely planned and executed (whether you agree with their methods is another story.) It was fun going after all the other stuff and not just throwing hammers at WWs because of the crazy defense. I enjoyed the majority of the round. I lost count the number of IST villas that were zeroed, chiefed and the number of offenses you had walled. You guys made for a fun round. Thanks.

    And how exactly did we support the ML/IST win? :D

    Didnt say you supported them. I told them they needed to thank you. Im just making sure you get the credit you deserve. You are welcome.


    ML and their tech accounts did a great job. If travian wont stop you I guess it's legal so good for you. Dont forget to thank the NUTs for your win. They didnt win it for you but without them who knows what would of happened.

    IST etc..... just held on to the teat that did the work and went to the forums to celebrate.


    Jesus, how much do you complain.
    If you cant participate in the contest, whats the big deal. The other 3k legit accounts on the server can. So let them. Its to make the server a little more fun for them. Why ruin the fun, just cause you cant participate.
    Dont need to cry about every single damn thing man.

    Why not? I can complain and argue about anything I want. I’m not mean, I’m not disrespectful, I just post for fun and everyone but you few stressed out anti me/DoH people get it. You don’t need to take the game so seriously, it’s for fun. The “not fair” is a joke. I don’t care if I can’t win a contest. I just wanted a title and the contest criteria was impossible for me to accomplish. lemon made a comment about it, I added to it. You joined in on your own.

    I agree, always crying for no reason like anyone give a about them ....
    Let’s not make them relevant by talking of them

    Weird.... I don’t speak to you, talk about you or even know who you are.... Yet you are the ones that can’t stop talking about me/us. Youre the one making the rude comments about me all the time yet you want it to end? Really?

    Have fun.

    Maybe this server won’t just be about Disney and ToH.

    Too bad it will be. That's all anyone cares about. I apologize now to the 500+ account, monster meta that will pull in 30+mil def, roll the WW in a few weeks that no one will even mention except in the congratulations thread they start. The forums will only be talking about Disney/DoH. That's just how it is. Sorry. Some will be real, some will be false but most will be taken out of context or fake just to fit someones agenda. Oh well. It wouldnt be fun if everyone loved us.

    Yes you did but there is no report or any description about what happened to prove it.As stated in my posts it must be also confirmed by other members of the server.

    So far the post above is fitting all the requirements unless you can show a report that happened before that one.

    I am still waiting on a PM from them anyway so you should have time to gather up what you need. :)

    As stated in multiple post this contest was unfair. The only peeps a certain account can chief that meet the criteria are Natars..... I asked about the natars and was told no so the only way aroudn it was to chief a villa from the top pop account on the server. That would need to be larger pop then when the chiefs were sent so. When cheifs get launched simming takes place then the pop of said player would be higher then the player who sent the chiefs. So I think that covers it for the contest.

    Jaruby is obviously trolling as he plays on thrawn and is top 1 pop

    No clue what you speak. That is just hoppycock rumors and accusations.

    Maybe Sinzey will let us know where he is hiding so we can go chief a village off him and get our title on forums as surely he must be on a top 5 account atleast :whistling: ?

    Didn’t know it was a secret.

    What are you talking about, this the best car ever and the coolest aswell!
    And yeah him and jonas are just 2 small scared chickens

    who’s Jonas?

    I just read it. I agree :( thought I read we denied him reins. Ive been up a long time.

    Stop embarassing yourself jaruby, it's getting awkward :rolleyes:

    I really dont care in the least what you say. That's not totally true, at least when you blather on there is someone here to ramble on with.

    Wow, what are you on about? :S

    I thought I read we denied him reins for someone else. Ive been up to long I must of read that somewhere else.

    This dude can’t accept they got defeated on this one, that’s sad to see :/

    Not what I said...... Got defeated. They did a great job. There was a reason it happened that way was all I meant. Taking nothing away from them etc.... etc.... I confused conversations.

    Im going to bed.

    daaaaaaaaaaamn that was below the waist

    There is a reason that all went down but as usual they will just say it's all lies or come up with some html edited IGMs and reports saying we denied them reins for some BS reason. No matter the reason it happened, even if they would of done the same exact thing it always gets explained as a negative. So no worries.