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    I wasn't present in game for some months and what i see now, after some updates game has lost its balance. Adding new tribes with features of Waterworks and Command Center have almost ruined game in many ways. Some players are exploiting bonuses from oasis by settling down on 15c fields only, such accounts are on Tournament 2020 servers now. Huns needs only 2 villages with 20 lv. of Academy and Command Center to take over enemy village in 1 attack. People lose villages like crazy with no time to react.

    I don't even mention this brown interface, where building are really hard to recognize, which is nightmare if you sitting 2 friends accounts with other tribes.

    I haven't seen good and clever change in Travian since a long time. And those changes should happens in strategic game not just new paint and addition of tribes with crazy features.

    You try to combine graphic parts made by few people which don't match each others. different colors, different styles, different contrasts and saturation. New interface looks just wrong. This game is pure mathematics game and you should keep it simple. Specially for those who open it on small displays.

    LordTurek_PL if they start official announcement about bug and rollback situation from explaining that some evil players have destroyed server, in my personal opinion it's just a statement how unprofessional those people are.

    Only purchased gold is transferrable. From what I see on those screenshots (might be wrong, but looks that way) most likely players purchased 200 and 630 gold respectively (or received it as vouchers) during game round, and they can transfer that amount. If it's not the case please, advise them to contact Support.

    So tell me what for you gave 500 gold to those who didn't spend money but lost a lot of time and are frustrated now? To use 500 gold till server end? Are you serious?

    About using gold for the next Tournament.

    Usually the Gold transfer links are disabled for Qualification and Finals, therefore we cannot promise - yet - that they will be usable on the next finals. However, due to the current situation we need to rework completely the T&C for the Tournament, and also we received multiple requests on that and we will keep that in mind. I will (as usual) come back to you with every piece of news about that (myself or via Community Managers) in the following weeks.

    Players who didn't buy gold, have received +500 Gold on account and they can't tranfser any Gold to other server (no such information in Delete account option) so they can only use 500 Gold till server ends. Joke?

    You will be able to use it on qualification. They are working on a solution for next Final.

    How you get such information Safiren ? Can you link source pls? As far as i see you are not a member of TG.

    Hi. I believe we can come with some statement (intermediary) quite soon. Some of you know that there is a meeting currently happening after that we'll have some news. Sorry for keeping wait and thanks for your patience.

    Can't you see that rollback problem it's only top of mountain. Players are frustrated about what TG represents from last months or year, and there are far more issues than only problems on final server. Read statements and demands of alliances leaders.

    Players destroying their own WW or refuse to build on it, other sending 5000 fakes to trigger the starving bug again. A lot of accounts on delete.

    Can you plz calm down ppl? This server is lost but at least let us finish it with some sense for dignity.

    Even if you are angry on TG for a rollback that screwed the endgame don't make it worse.

    Safiren . They have what they deserve.

    I am 100% with you, i have the same feeling. I spent real money here and i want to be treated like customer not like trash.