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    The architects unique secret

    - This artefact gives your village additional protection against catapults and rams. It makes buildings and walls ‭‭5‬×‬ more stable.

    please check this from your tc. UA effected buildings too. not only walls.

    How do people build WWK's and not know this?

    I didn't think that part would be taken literally. But okay, i will actually bother explaining:sleeping: Narcos and mugiwara were ghosted (both were settled in far our in the boonies) in oases. Narcos still had some rams elsewhere, so he managed to launch. As for CT... we know how it turned out... Fainting Goat and Foley were not intended to be WWrs (is what I am told, correct me if I am wrong) but they had to turn the hammers into WWrs. You can tell from the sizes and compositions (FG had some catas and I know they were able to make a bigger WWrs if they intended to from the beginning) although they both were very decent in the server's standards so props to them. We had our fair share of getting ghosted too (some of WAn Taz and Geko's rams, Fai's account etc.), so I do not know why you are so bothered by this. But sure, if I am missing anything else, I don't mind correcting myself that "all except ...." as it was not the point of my post.

    P.S. Still waiting for the 50k rams vanishing.

    I typically build a WWR every server. Depends if leadership wants to use it as such.

    We weren't one of the main ones but we were ready to fill in the spot.

    Also seeing Vs + SGR both give up techs and stop accusing one another of dirty shnanigans will be the day Foley gets a Michelin star...

    Hmmm so 5 year timeline to eliminate all techs? As a tech myself I feel betrayed.

    this is why the game is so toxic.

    how about people who play the game to have fun.

    all that

    "tHiS iS wHy ThE gAmE iS sO tOxIc"
    So merging the whole server and singing we shall overcome in a choir is your definition of fun?
    O boy :/:/

    He beat me too it :(

    Anyways who plays this game for fun? You must be lost.

    Wasn't SGR supposed to be a good alliance? Seems a lot like every run of the mill collection of average/below average players you usually face every server, just that there is several hundred of them under the same name on com1

    Somehow they won last round though