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    Hello, could you pls. think about making mass message within ally look differently then single message?

    This way recipients could see its meant to all and sender dont have to use MM (mass message in english, HZ in czech, etc.) and sometimes they forget to do that (or on purpose...).

    Also sometimes CLEVER members fake MM but send manualy only to few picked ones.. that thay have to "all" contribute and send resources, etc.

    I think new icon or system marked different type of message would be nice to help us all :-)

    Also as in web-mail, outlook, etc. you can see recipients (To, Copy to..), not hidden ofc.

    This part would be nice also.. so recipients see who was included to "INFO".

    Thank you

    Martin, CZ


    one more idea today..

    I play Travian long time and almost in every ally at start we do push... (help slowers expand, rebuild aftere catas, make catas due to hostile neighbour, etc.).

    We always do that with our merchants and reply to leaders, fill tabs, forums, google docs, etc.

    Am getting older.. would be nice to have such menu in alliance just like Bonuses are. You would contribute resources and leaders would decide (function) who and how much can download and also others can see where it goes.. Leaders could easily see flow and how much who sent... and who did not or ho receive and beign farmed, etc.

    I think it would be cool add.

    Thank you

    Martin, CZ :)


    just an idea... as i can see on map, where my DEF is (village, oasis..), it would be nice if i could click on that shield and send them home, add more units or mark my annexed oasis/village and send reinfs there with some quick integrated "pop up" window... so it dont fwd. me to rally point menu..


    Martin :)