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    yup u got the problem game need more players and they have to stay playing till the end... the development of the first village is very slow usually new players dont use to raid as they have still to learn how to play so after 1 week they are still with low production a few troops then raiders start raiding their villages at this point there are 2 ways to survive 1 is building cranny and cranny till become cats time to destroy 2 is quit game ...i think will need better help at game starting more tasks can help + resources + deff troops and less time to build up village at this point they can have a chance to survive starting getting fun playing game ...hero adv can give more deff troops too

    scattered empire is the best travian version ever played and all things added were fun

    - artifacts could be used by anyone in the alliance after region were conquerred
    - cauldron help not top raiders players with instant troops and reso
    - fowarding troops to all alliance players without retunrning back to home is very fun
    - merging troops id helpfull for all players to made a decent hammer to use
    game dont get boring as is needed a great team play to settle new region once last one is taken then wont get boring