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    Who said, we lost because of you.......

    I am personally offended that you attacked your own teams WW instead of enemy, NO MATTER WHATEVER THE REASON

    I played in that server only till arti release,

    and let me tell you, you were nothing but pain in our spam rooms, a little kid begging for attention

    let me make it clear to you "YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED"

    if you want team play, you need to start giving some first

    not just demand stuff like a little baby,

    Frankly after you got banned for "SCRIPTING" in early days, even I had little trust in your army of duals

    You expect us to help you after all the attitude you would show with whatever help we gave you... seriously noob get a life

    the fact that you admitting

    that you attacked us because of sheer frustration

    just shows what a cheap human you actually are....

    For your sake I would suggest to change it asap

    but I have learned some idiots are way beyond HELP !!!


    well you should atleast try bringing something new !!!!

    you repeat the same thing again and again.

    "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."

    ice is overly disgusted with cheaters due to PTPx2 we just played where literally bots won the game. I'm still currently playing and doing my best to chief and destroy the MADness but the sheer volume of bots early game crippled most and no time to catch up. So I see where the disdain comes from.

    I understand the frustration, But I myself prefer to plan my next move instead of whining about it.

    its okay to be sad, but no way its justified to throw your frustrations on Other Team.

    Adding on, can you grow up a bit La Mala Ice

    the world is never fair

    Crying so much about how ppl are cheaters etc etc... is so lame

    it makes me wonder "which planet are you from"

    Not sure why u want to insist that you SGR and "Angles" who are fighting "VICES the EVIL"

    get out of ur fantasy world, can you, world is not black and white

    Also explain how is it better to unite 700 ppl to play against 200, and call it fair in your own words

    will be waiting for your wisdom :p

    I am a she. I am new to SGR as a member, not new travian. I do know how to detect cheating, VICES are no angels. Also I do know people in both SGR and VICES.

    As I said in another post, this forum is pathetic. Cheaters, cheaters everywhere.

    No wonder we keep finding you here.

    Not quite, whilst it's very possible sgr and ten 'll may have an official confed in future, we are not there yet, even I don't know exactly what will eventuate moving forward.

    still the MR. I AM IN DENIAL

    Fails to answer what else needs to be done to not call it a merger....

    Its more like Ten-LL are using SGR

    Atleast Batman agrees to my point that SGR and Ten-LL have merged

    or rather SGR is using Ten-LL

    or else he would have made "SLIGHT CORRECTIONS" on my posts too....

    So its official now: Vices vs Non-Vices

    still waiting for them to decide a name for themselves

    maybe its taking so much time because of their huge numbers ......

    or SGR does not even wanna share name... ( more plausible )

    but seriously you would think they would come under a solo name before sharing something important as UT

    Politics and Diplomacy are also part of this game,

    seems Ten-LL leaders lacking quite a bit there.

    lol thanks for highlighting one of vices problem, vices like to blame sgr for literally everything, it's sgr's fault this and sgr fault that, forgetting players like cursed titans were quite capable of making up there own mind about vices. Cursed titans was not forced and willingly rebelled against vices off there own accord.

    Ofc if vices have members not happy wanting to support sgr, biased vices logic will tell you that's sgr's fault too. If you believe vices you would believe every player or team sgr speak with is not capable of free thought or using there own mind. In vices using ur own account or mind is against vices rules, What do you think fire strike, sgr have this sort of control ? Is it another one of obi wans Jedi mind tricks ?

    misinterpreted means everything is valid and can be excused in vices, players there don't need there own account or own goals everything is only attributed for alliance, they might as well give there pass on to there leaders and let them play, w8 they prob already do that too lol

    Sgr don't need to run the same circus a player can play there own account here to there own expectations and doesn't need to be used as a garage or exploited for another accounts gain, still it happens more then we like tho and its no good for the game.

    omg, I cant stop laughing

    you really are like Penguin

    I asked you some clarifications but you are so much in denial

    you just rampaged about the one thing from past server, ignoring everything about this server

    FACTS :

    Playing 700 vs 200, is not a tactics which should be applauded, it just shows how cornered you are....

    Batman or any other Non-Vices members cant explain their merger, or as they claim why its not a merger yet !

    Batman will do anything to avoid the reality / commitment

    Batman will just spoil the forum with bullshit

    Batman is in denial

    Batman is actually Penguin in disguise

    Batman belongs at Arkham :p

    I am still daring you to answer the merger question

    and diets thing too,

    else go throw the posts about your pride / moral / and whatever non-cheater / tactics

    all of your bullshit claims out of forums

    Lets see how much integrity you really have

    In case you want to dwindle again let me repost the 2 questions

    1 ) : explain what else you is pending between SGR and Ten-LL that you are not calling it a merger.. They shared Ops, They sharing UT

    2 ) : why is SGR not sharing diets with Ten-LL if its all for the same greater good and making best usage of available arties

    As an individual player in TEN, in MY opinion, I'm not seeing a benefit - We just let SGR use UT but haven't yet given us anything in return (diet please!?) But I've been told that winning the server with 700 player meta is the #Benefit

    First of all I would like to thank you for coming forward.

    Dude its SGR we are talking about, they would have given certain perks to only some of the Ten-LL members

    only those who they really need to get UT

    I mean all are denying a merger, means there will be backstabbing,

    Last server Cursed Titans, an account we helped grow by sharing Trainers and Resources from allys to help train more units

    backstabbed us under the influence of none other than SGR, many claim they were SGR before even joining us, but who knows....

    I mean I expected them to atleast share diets, but m guessing your leaders dont have even that much negotiation power

    As a fellow player have some pride and you can always demand justifications form your leader

    they are not your boss who just think of their fellow players like pawns to cast off...


    i am a heavy gamer, I play dota a lot for past 10 years, I never find it fun winning even 5v4 games

    and I know all good gamers feel the same.......

    so I understand your concerns with going 700 vs 200,

    but thats no reason to give up the game....
    We would gladly welcome you to join hands together and play against us,

    but just be careful to not be used unjustly and you should be able to feel the part of the team in their success too ( which should have included sharing diets )

    "An account must always be played for its own benefit. Accounts that exist solely for the benefit of other accounts may be permanently banned.

    Man seriously get a life :

    Accounts always play whats best for their meta,

    or perhaps this notion is lacking in SGR and TenLL hence losing so badly

    There are so many examples :

    ARTI collection, Def calls, Res- calls etc etc ....

    players always play for benefit of meta even at the risk/loss of self account's benefits

    because these players understand that they benefit themselves by actually keeping the meta first, not themselves

    why dont you spend some time in finding a better name for your merger, calling you "Non-Vices" seems very similar to a racist classification.

    Sounds like a storm in a tea cup, vices having the lions share of artefacts ofc sgr and ten ll will try to maximise use of artefacts they have.

    Does this mean SGR and ten 'll have joined a confederation ? Not yet, however sgr and ten 'll should be commended on using the tools they have at hand to put themselves in a stronger strategic position.

    I think these tactics are quite well played tbh, wether or not ten 'll and sgr merge in future remains to be seen. I certainly don't see anything wrong in it or why it shouldn't happen, vices have a clear advantage and are stronger then they were last round..even if they don't have as many members spanning 2 quads like they did last server.

    vices have come here boasting they would take on all 3 quads and they brought the team to do it, so why not?

    u really are in DENIAL

    Can you explain what else is left to do between SGR and Ten-LL to not call it a merger yet?

    FACTS :
    SGR + Ten-LL doing joint ops

    SGR and Ten-LL sharing arties : UT is shared openly, so diets must also be shared to park troops

    It is a Merger !

    There is no tactics here, since we beat you ppl so badly at arties, playing together is the only choice you guys have.

    No one said it should not happen, we are just wondering why are you ppl being so shy about it

    No Shame in admitting merging the entire server to fight Vices as early as day 100 :p

    admit it,

    TEN have surrendered itself to SGR, and now its only Vices vs Non-Vices

    haha, yeah thats what I am goona address you ppl as "Non-Vices" until you actually come up with the name of your merger
    @Batman do answer my question
    Can you explain what else is left to do between SGR and Ten-LL to not call it a merger yet ?

    If you cant, you will just prove my point that you are in DENIAL

    and should change your name to PENGUIN and go live in ARKHAM

    UhhOhh How could you admit the 1st scenario when the propaganda is all about Vices cheating and SGR playing the good guys ?

    As for the 2nd scenario. Maybe that's just trainer rotation lol. I guess UT rotation doesn't mean merging at all haha Big rotation though

    can you elaborate whatever it is you are trying to say!

    I stated the facts
    UT has been taken by SGR, it was with TenLL, so that means they must have stolen it

    poor Ten, trusted them and became the fools

    NEW Update from ARTI Rotation

    UT which has been with TEN-LL so far, just taken by SGR

    did SGR break the nap, did you guys @TenLL got played for fools

    so sad TEN-LL trusted SGR will adhere their nap

    but got dumped

    what else could it be, after all they have been screaming their lungs out that they have not merged

    its just few attacks here and there.... @Batman

    @SGR members : nicely played man, I was hoping the backstabbing will start around day 180s

    but u guys did it at 127

    Congrats on you 27 days NAP!

    lol yes it's just a few attacks, a few attacks from sgr, a few from Fox, a few from ten and a few from lowlands. Hardly the whole server Imagine if these alliances really did send the kitchen sink tho, with the level of crying from just the few attacks we are doing now it's probably a good thing we don't have a confed or a large scale op, imagine how weak vices would sound on the forum then ?

    List of lame topics

    # How VICES are all cheaters

    # How we beat Villians last round

    # We are not merged but still doing synchronized OPs

    it seems you guys are so scared by ARTI results,

    the realization that you can lose the game as hit hard on your head.

    and hence you have started coming up with excuses in advance.

    well cry all you want about how good we are at cheating,

    its obvious cheaters will think all players cheat, because they are noobs who dont know how to play better

    and then there are some ppl who come in forums and make a scene for it....

    and expect the other party to just sit and listen quietly.

    GET some life and stop demeaning forums with same lame content day in and out.

    Rumour has it vices are spending gold like it's going out of fashion, artworks, cp and gold for golding up villages, now if sgr and ten 'll did happen to merge there is a chance vices may lose. And vices second loss in a row would be a very costly one indeed.

    You pool soul, if alliances could win just because of gold, it wont be a game anymore....

    it takes skill to even use gold in right way

    and you think we will lose if you 2 merge.... go ahead and merge deeper

    anyway you need to share Diets to feed troops from your imaginary hammers which have not splatted yet....


    shed some light on your fake propaganda,

    if we Vices still remain stronger on day 200, would you still fight us only or dare to break the nap and back-stab for greater gain

    Geez vices, at least cry merger when there is actually a shreed of evidence to suggest something official. A few attack here and there on an enemy that is in a stronger position is not something to cry about and does not equate to the whole server being against you!

    a few attacks here and there? seriously

    you guys doing a JOINT OP

    I hope you can atleast agree to that

    and have you seen any attacks between SGR TEN and LL

    no.... then yes its literally the whole server has united against Vices

    Now listen, you seem to have entered a mental state of "DENIAL"

    in this state, your mind will do anything to deny everything written by "Vices" members here, no matter how sound it is

    and then you post lame content like above....

    For your sake, I hope you actually dont believe it....
    because if you do,

    then you should change your name from "Batman" to "Penguin" and go live in "Arkham"

    Adding on to the "Enemy of Enemy is a friend" propaganda from SGR and Ten LL

    how long before you start sharing arties with each other?

    TenLL has only 1 LD, while SGR has 2 SD and 1 LD

    are you seriously telling me Ten LL wont get to park at SGR diets ?

    or your plan B is #SPLATS

    Posting on latest updates about Artefacts

    Vices have 35 arties, SGR and TEN 26 each

    and as we all can agree, Confusion arites and Fools are least desired

    so if we ignore the Confusion and Fools (even unique fool)

    Vices have 32 arties and both SGR and Ten LL have 16 each

    its clear SGR is high on confusion and fools, perhaps that was the reason they could not see even with Unique Eyes

    and LOST IT :P