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    Just like to add some thoughts of the challenges in learning/teaching travian

    I play many multiplayer games and the key to learning them was watching others players play.

    It is the best approach.

    but in travian its difficult to do, the community is so big and wide spread

    The only way to connect with experienced players is via 3rd party messaging apps

    like Skype, Slack, Discord, Travian Forum, etc etc...

    Next the game is so long, if there would be a quick game season just a month long for new players it will help a lot ( 100x100 map)

    No new player would want to wait an year to experience different stages of the game and learn it

    It will be easier if we can just learn them in a short duration,

    Game is learnt by trail and errors, a year long duration for that kills the number of trials and errors a player can do.

    One of my fav. game rite now "Auto Chess" has a lot of novice type game modes, it really helped me grasp the game

    Another thing is You Tube videos, I learned a couple of new games via watching you tube videos,

    Dunno if Youtube has much travian content,

    Well I am sure Super Meta would want to send the OP again, and this time since we know hammer sizes, we will be more prepared.

    also you guys better hurry with your attack re-plans and execution

    rumors has it, Vices has some excellent ghosters !!!

    Yeah how vile of us to lose barely 10 levels of WW against the Super Meta

    All hail those mighty WWRs and WWKs

    The Game (including Natars) enjoyed so much, they decided to give you guys a do-over.

    Maybe you will do better this time.

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    Bravo for coming forward and sharing your true thoughts on SGR.

    for a moment, I actually believed it was sarcasm !!

    and you are right, no one cares of SGR, but since they are allied with pros like TEN,

    we like praising them for their achievements.

    WW Starvation bug was impacting all servers all WWs, you just got caught cheating


    and what choice does your OC have, Our DCs are so pro

    only those hammers who hit feeders have some chance of coming back alive.

    Rest just become dust !

    Well there were a lot of attacks and Cris will sure share them soon,

    We caught a lot of hammers, The Grim was very close, 97% or something. Toooooo OP. he alone has 600 K + off points

    More than any other alliance combined (including his without him)

    <<< weekly stats >>>

    Super Meta Total Off points :

    2300 K

    Vices Total Def Points :

    3200 K

    Well, you quoted multiple people and claimed hypocrisy so...


    how is it any different from your team members calling us "Cheaters" since arti release.

    and I did refer to "Batman" as "he", why dont we move this to pvt then, its pointless clogging this thread.

    My dislike wasn't for op on feeders (I have no idea about the OPs going on, I was inactive due to RL). It was for the other part which signals that you guys don't know how to win. I always tried to give props to enemies on their successes, in private or in public. I would suggest taking a humbler approach if you would like to gain some respect from other alliances on your win.

    On a more serious note, Vices seem to have a more organized approach to design their WW hits. In general, a better coordination. Ghostings were just a cherry on top.

    I just pointed it was disliked by you...

    I did add How Batman defended their OP hits and then dislikes the same thing in our posts..

    not sure why you got offended...

    Their last OP on me took me by surprise....

    It was on my 24th village, the attack came from 227 tiles away and I didnt even see it...

    I only realized it when I went to the village and saw upgrade time is 40+ hours

    Shocked as to what happened, I noticed MB is missing from village center..

    and then I saw the horror...

    they attacked a village so low,

    I could not even comprehend.

    I guess these noobs took "hitting below belt" literally ^^^^^^^^^^

    So Super Meta

    Please share your thoughts on your 100 days of struggle between Arti release and plan release.

    we captured most of the Arties....

    You guys made a big deal about it, and it was the reason you decided to get united and fight us

    Would like to hear your comments on the "BAD Choices"

    I guess you don't know fire strike a good dc actually defends systematically based on a target most likely to be hit, as opposed to who is the favourite player at the time, so you know they can kind of kill and stop armies from returning. I won't say more then this tho I don't want to give your mature brain or dc guru to many ideas on how to stop us, Sgr love how vices defend too good job


    we are outnumbered 3 to 1

    still our DCs are doing better job than yours

    while yours lost 3 uniques even though we are 3 times smaller than you


    3 x Number of attacks well defended by our DC

    3 x Number of accounts your DC has to use for CFDs

    3 x number of times you lost unique arti

    our DCs are clearly 27 times better than you

    now noobs like you dont go dare comment on our DCS...

    Actually its clear you are just talk, the facts of the game clearly states other wise

    so cry all you want

    all its making me do is laugh...

    and if you think at day 190 hitting feeders are so important, then go ahead ....

    clearly you ppl are noobs because the only arties you have in numbers are Confusions and Fools